Email Marketing Strategy for E-commerce Business

The idea of starting your own e-commerce store came as a surprise! It literally took a lot of time to actually conceptualize the idea. So, thinking about starting with an e-store and actually implementing the idea, all seems to be a pretty difficult task.

Email Marketing Strategy for E-commerce Business

Email Marketing Strategy for E-commerce Business

It is an entirely different ball game. So, you better get yourself hooked up with the finest Email Marketing Strategy, which will work really well in addressing your successful e-commerce growth.

Email really holds the power to attract more customers towards your site and address your needs pretty well. E-commerce can only turn out to be a great business if you are well-aware of the steps to take. For that, monetization plays a definite role too.

Effective email marketing for help:

 Enriching sales via email is always not a cakewalk. However, with some promising ideas, you can actually make your marketing tactic works. For that, you have to tailor the emails as per your client’s needs. So, be sure to check the measures pretty well if you want to stand out in this hefty competition.

1. Start by personalizing email:

 As per the recent survey from MarketingSherpa, personalizing Email Marketing for eCommerce have resulted into 750% higher growth CTR with better revenue for the e-commerce site.

  • The first step for personalizing email is by addressing customers by their first names. In case you fail to have this data, just address them in a familiar tone.
  • You are asked to personalize subject lines. It helps in addressing 29% of open rate with 41% higher click through rates, when compared to the non-personalized options.
  • Try avoiding some words in the subject line. Some examples are free, bonus, winner and more.
  • Try personalizing content within email by just segmenting customers into some distinct groups, based on previous site’s behavior. You can tailor-made content based on segment.

2. Campaigns with a quick win:

 Once the email list is right on its place, you have to make way for the people. For that, you need to work on some of the promotional email campaigns for engaging people and get them buying.

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You are always invited to try out the “welcome email” campaign, for generating sales all the way right from the first point till last. Subscribers are known to go through welcome emails more than any other promotional email. The rate is around 42% more. (Email Marketing Strategy for E-commerce Business)

It is vital to make the most out of this statistics. Through this campaign, you will be able to encourage subscribers to get something new for them, or just to check out on the available options at least.

3. Importance of cart abandonment emails:

 A recent record from BI Intelligence has revealed that around $4 trillion worth of items will be abandoned by online shoppers in their carts.

But around 63% of that loss will be recoverable. So, other than considering that abandoned carts are for losses, you can actually try incorporating email marketing for reducing that abandonment.

With the help of automated software, it is easier for you to setup some rules, which helps in detecting the time when a person click checkout but never come back for confirmation. After detecting an abandoned cart, you can always send emails to customers asking them the reason to not proceed with order.

Do not forget to ask if they are facing any issue while shopping. If you ever get any feedback, use that to improve the current value of your business.

4. Start segmenting your lists:

 In terms of email marketing, buyer’s list is the vital list to get your hands on. While trying to access characteristics of the list, you will come across so many discoveries and insights.

  • You will understand that these people are already ready to spend some money.
  • It will also prove that they have well based trust on your brand’s name and have shopped earlier.

However, for making the buyer’s list even more attractive, you might have to go for segmentation. By creating a segmented list depending on people and their interest, you can ramp up the current ROI dramatically. To top it all, segmentations a well-known Effective Email Marketing Strategy. This can also help in increasing the present open rate to a great extent.

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5. Try to add social proof:

 E-commerce business is known to leverage social proof on their official websites and also linking it with the email marketing campaign. Showcasing the number of people use or bought your item can always help increasing sales at a significant rate.

The reason for this positive action is quite simple. People are known to trust people more than machine or computer generated software. So, if they can get a clear idea about your e-commerce source from your previous clients that will trigger the more to be your new customer soon. For including social proof, you can try:

  • Displaying customer’s numbers who recently made a purchase upon getting consent
  • You can further display of the user-based reviews
  • Try to display video testimonials for addressing the growth of your e-commerce strategies well.

Simple steps for effective results:

 Following these simple and easy to use tricks will actually help in the successful growth of your e-commerce business. If you need some more information in this regard to make right choice, all you have to do is log online for help. Make sure to understand each point distinctively and ask during any queries. Once you are sure, you can make the final move.

Email Marketing Strategy for E-commerce Business

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