eBay acquires ecommerce analytics platform Terapeak

Noted e-retailer eBay reportedly acquires analytics platform Terapeak at a disclosed amount. The company was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2002 and offered deep data insight to merchants around supply, demand, and pricing. The merchants used the data to find out what kinds of products are selling well and the optimum prices to charge.

eBay Acquires Terapeak

The platform offers multiple subscription options including a trial period offer as well. Besides its trial pack, Terapeak offers three core pricing tiers:

$12 / month “Research” plan-

access to years’ worth of sales data and price trends for millions of goods

$10 / month MySales Pro:

Offers more limited access to sales data

$3.58 / month SEO Pro plan:

More about optimizing your products for search engines.

Terapeak offers seamless integration of eBay, Shopify and Amazon seller accounts and easy tracking of sales through a single dashboard. Using the tool, merchants can also compare the performance of products and categories across marketplaces.

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Bob Kupbens, vice president of B2C selling at eBay, said in a press release:

“Nearly two million sellers currently manage their eBay business on Seller Hub. Expanding Seller Hub to provide additional capabilities from Terapeak will help our sellers be even more successful and enable them to more effectively manage their businesses on eBay. We are committed to being the best partner to our sellers as we look to create the most powerful selling platform. The integration of Terapeak’s functionalities into Seller Hub — from sales history and performance enhancement opportunities to price guidance and comparisons — will continue to help eBay’s merchants scale their businesses on eBay.”

Once the acquisition goes live, Terapeak would be integrated into eBay seller hub.  eBay Seller Hub is a place where eBay merchants can access sales and inventory data relating to their accounts.

eBay Buys  Ecommerce Analytics Platform Terapeak

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