Do Not Use Special Characters In URLs: Google

In a recent webmaster discussion thread, Googler John Mueller recommended webmasters not to use special characters in URLs.  He suggested avoiding commas, semicolons, colons, spaces, quotes, etc. in your URLs.

He said that Google interprets these URLs easily when they are used in XML sitemap files or normal links, but it goes confusing when they discover the links via HTML.
John Wrote:

I generally recommend avoiding special characters like commas, semicolons, colons, spaces, quotes etc. in URLs, to help keep things simple. URLs like that are often harder to automatically link (when someone posts in a forum or elsewhere), and hard for us to recognize correctly when we parse text content to try to find new URLs.

When they’re linked normally or submitted through a sitemap directly, they work as expected. However, when we try to recognize the URL in something that we crawl as a HTML or a text page, then we’ll probably “guess” them wrong — which is fine, since we’ve probably already seen them through the normal links & sitemap usage.

Do Not Use Special Characters In URL

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