Digital Media in the Hands of Kiddos

In the 21st century, from toddlers to school going young kids are digital media consumers. The digital media might be TVs, electronic games, computers, laptops, iPads, tablets, and smartphones.Digital Media in the Hands of Kiddos

The age babies must be taught manners, values, and other rituals to practice them whole life; they are handed digital media devices.

This is a horrific fact and most of the parents have serious reservations about their kids’ use of such devices that turn them into robots rather than creating a dignified and responsible citizen.

Though the use of such devices carries its benefits and negative transformations too but literally we will just highlight both the results and will put up few solid and practical solutions that parents can implement to meet the better outcomes.

“Our Kids’ involvement in digital devices is turning them into many different creatures; not necessarily for better in comparison to their digital devices-stricken counterparts”, a parent added when he was requested to share remarks.

Benefits Associated With Engaging in Digital Devices

The digital media is not only restricted to games, computers or other devices but the now kids are so smart that they are more familiar with social media apps comparatively to their elders. Let’s consider what benefits the digital age is developing in the young minds.

The smartphones and other digital devices prove handy in providing mental satisfaction and relaxation to the kids. Never make your kid a bookworm rather let him/her explore more and more with a thirst for pursuit creativity.

This is a fact that computer education and expertise in handling digital devices have become a dire need of today. Digital segregation leads to havoc and such impoverished kids lag behind in producing performance and excellence in their studies.

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When the kids are supplied with computers, they are given indeed online teachers and consultants who let them shape their careers and personality too. The use in certain limits is always awe-inspiring.

The socialization plays pivotal roles in personality development of kids and young children. Keeping then in touch with social media and various social media apps comes helpful when it comes to taming the kids.

Possible Concerns Attached with Use of Digital Media:

A number of pertinent and harmful results have been reported owning to kids’ use of digital devices. Have a look at the few, please.

The most prominent and dangerous impact associated with kids’ use of digital devices is health concerns. The health of a kid is impacted in a variety of ways. Vision problems, skin infections, backache, mental stress and others come on top.

The brain of a toddler accepts what it’s fed. It becomes very effective in gaining lesson of every eventuality and environment as well. Keeping kids engaged all the time on digital devices is what the kids’ experts recommend avoiding.

When a kid spends most of the leisure time on computers, laptops and cell phones, he becomes physically weak as he doesn’t have enough time to play, exercise and develop healthy habits. In short, the physical health of the young kid is badly affected.

Consuming a lot of time on the internet and digital devices, a kid develops such habits that impede his concentration in studies. The reports on kids have revealed a deep relation between concentration issues and use of digital media.

What Can Parents Do?

We have designed a number of recommendations for the kids’ health that parents can practice ensuring their kid is safe even using the digital media devices.

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Excess of everything is bad. Parents got to establish rules in the house and specify a certain amount of time when the kids will spend their time on computers and other devices. Proper check and balance over the regulations are always necessary.

Another factor to be considered when parents want to spare the kids, they must ensure that the social media apps only for adults are not installed on their kids’ phones. However, various spying apps would let parents check and monitor the activities of kids and they can delete the unwanted programs as well.

Looking for the alternative to digital devices like engaging kids in sports, games and healthy activities is very much needed for better personal development of your kids.

don’t buy the kids extra digital devices.

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