What Is The Difference Between Chrome And Chromium Browsers

Not less than hundred times in a week while using Linux, this question crosses up my mind. Questions like: Is chrome and chromium different?

If it’s not, then why both were evolved separately? And if yes, which one is more powerful and utility rich. I have search the web brutally and left with some interesting interpretations and facts about chrome and chromium.

Why Chrome Is Different From Chromium?

Interestingly, chromium is an open source web browser project that provides source code for the chrome browser. You can therefore rightly say that Chrome is based on chromium.

Chromium is available across Linux distributions’ software repositories and a completely open source. In the nutshell: Chromium is the open source project and base of Google’s Chrome.

Users can download chromium directly from any Linux distribution’s software repositories. If you use Ubuntu Linux, you can install Chromium from the Ubuntu Software Center.

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It also offers regular security updates from the Linux distribution’s software repositories. It’s easy to use chromium on Linux but on Mac and Windows it’s quite challenging.

Crash reporting feature is something that distinguishes chrome from chromium. Using this feature, Chrome sends Google a report in case a crash occurs.

Chromium however lacks at this feature. To trace the bugs, chromium still uses traditional ways.  Another disappointment with chromium is that it doesn’t have any user metric that chrome has.

This metric is very crucial since it’s used to send information to Google how different parts of browser are used and on the basis of the reports received Google decides further action.

Chromium has several features which are entirely dependent on Google’s servers and by default enabled. It’s the favorite choice as a default browser on Linux open source operating system.

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