Darr@The Mall Review : Horror That Horribly Gone Wrong

Pawan Kriplani who has earlier been the part of Ragini MMS has nothing to offer with his new horror flick, Darr@Tha Mall. If you compare these two Pawan’s movies, Darr@The Mall fails to impress. Movie is a complete disaster in terms of story screenplay and the acting of course.

The story of the movie revolves around the Amity mall. After series of deaths here the administration puts its shutters down. On the contrary, owners of the Mall still believe that mall is not haunted so they re-open it and employ Jimmy Shergil to look after its security. The deaths continue to occur even after Jimmy takes the responsibility of the Mall security. On the eve of Mall’s re-launch mall owners throw a party. The horror starts here. During the party, one of the owners of the mall is killed in mysterious circumstances and other two share holders along with their kids and Jimmy Shergil are trapped inside the mall. Now the spirits start killing these people one after another.

If you too are curious to know who these spirits are and why they are on the killing spree, you have to visit your nearest theater. Here is the complete shot on Darr@The Mall Review.

Except Jimmy no one else leaves his/her impression on you once you come out of the theatre. Even Jimmy has failed to create the momentum he is known for. Nusrat Bharucha has just played that role she got the signing amount for.

Pawan kriplani utterly failed to bring horror in the movie. The movie has a few spine chilling moments but as a whole the movie seems a crime scene investigation rather a bloodshed horror. Pawan obviously would have made all his efforts to place the things in the right basket but he utterly missed the pulse.

Obviously you can’t match Darr@The Mall with Raaz, a movie known for a perfect blend of music and horror. Darr@The Mall has nothing in the terms of music or song that you would like to remember once movie ends.

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