Content Marketing Strategy to Run a Successful Travel Blog

Being a travel blogger is quite a satisfying experience. The stories, photos and the encounters that you collect are all worthy assets as they enhance your life in a variety of ways and you can also enrich the lives of others with them by sharing and blogging provides the ideal platform for that.

Strategy to Run a Successful Travel Blog

But as there is cut-throat competition in every aspect of travelogues on the internet it is imperative that you succeed in standing out.

Research shows that the consumption of the digital travel content has witnessed about a double digit growth every year. The correlation between the amount of travel content and their popularity is hence quite evident.

Getting the travel blog is not an impossible task but you have to sort out some strategies instead of trying them all with the hope that some of them work for you.  In order to succeed ensure that your basics are in the right place.

Here are some tips that will help you devise the right strategy. Take a look.

Create a Library of Photos :

When it comes to promotion, the travel blogging has an advantage over almost any other industry and that is the fact that it is extremely visual. The radiant streets, deep flamboyant colours and enticing local foods – all contribute massively to make travel photography breath-taking.

So make the most of these photos by creating a library. You can create a structure ahead of time by creating folders and subfolders on the basis of the year of travel, within which you can create subfolders based on months and destinations of the travel like “August_New York”.

Then export all your photos to the respective folders. You can create a very different social media posting plan with such diverse shots. Now, suppose u have written something like “10 Things to do in London as a Solo Traveller”, you can try a number of titles for this like –

  • Photo Inspirations to Travel London Solo
  • How to Enjoy London to the Core
  • What is Irresistible about London for Solo Travelers
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You can imagine endless possibilities with these photos that are bound to keep your audience hooked.

Pick a Niche :

Previously, it was super easy to maintain a blogging platform. It was simple to maintain a general budget travel website. There was ample scope for you to cover a plethora of topics and face very little competition as there were only a handful of bloggers. But the scenario is completely changed now.

There are thousands of bloggers and the competition is super tough. Focusing on a niche helps you to become an expert and makes your audience always turn to you for a particular kind of information. So you can focus on niches like solo travelling or travelling on budget. You can only go deep once you go narrow.

Turn the Blog Posts into Videos:

If you are still not sure to give your travel video a heads-up, don’t worry. Even if you don’t find this to be intimidating it can be quite a challenge to take videos when you are enjoying the trip. But videos are slated to cover 82 percent of the internet traffic.

So you must try travel videos if you don’t want to get left behind. But for that you do not have to turn into a video expert overnight and invest heavily for drones. Instead you can use what you already have like, photos and just a couple of videos, for any channel that you want and enhance your travelogue’s visibility.

Invest for Your Blog :

For the initial period, spending money is not worth the risk. But after some time, it is always advisable to start investing wisely. According to your budget, you can start investing for conferences, SEO auditors, designers and audio and video editors and so on.

This will help you to develop useful products, improve the reader experience, free up time to write and work on other projects as well.

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Enhance Your Reach with Hashtags and Mentions :

Now that the posting strategy is well in place, you have to make the most common feature of almost all types of social media -Hashtags and Mentions. Hashtags are a great way to grab the attention of the people who are not already following you, but they are interested in what you say.

The best thing about the hashtags is that you can use specific travel blogging hashtags. Hashtags about specific places you visited, wanderlust hashtags and even objects in your images and videos. Mentions, on the other hand, allow you to get on the radar of cities, hotels and attractions that you have talked about in the blog.

Even if you have not talked about the places you can mention the official tourism boards and accounts whose aim is to promote the city or country as a travel destination.

The above are some of the content marketing strategies that you should keep in mind in order to run a successful travel blog.

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