Start Up Content Marketing Strategy

If you just started a company, launched a website, or introduced an app, every second of marketing counts. It may sound harsh, but you have to be disciplined and develop a rock-solid content marketing strategy that will drive the business forward.

Start Up Content Marketing Strategy

The content marketing for a start-up has to be well-planned. The following tips will help you with that.

1. Blogging

The first goal of content marketing strategy is to generate content. If your website is promoting products, apps, or services, you cannot suffocate it with content no one will read.

That’s why the blog is such a useful addition to the site. It gives you the space you need for a planned content marketing campaign.

Start Up Content Marketing Strategy

  • Cover the topics your audience wants to hear about. Learn what problems they are facing and what questions they have. Then, craft articles that give valuable solutions. Remember: blogging shouldn’t be about your brand; it’s all about the target audience.
  • Pay great attention to SEO. Your content needs the right keywords if you want it to reach a great audience.
  • Have a posting schedule. When you attract blog readers and subscribers and you impress them with the content, they will expect more from you. That’s why you need to launch high-quality content on a regular basis.
  • Promote your posts through social media channels!
  • Write guest posts for influential blogs in your niche, and include a link to your site in the bio. This strategy connects you with a larger base of readers.
  • Don’t limit yourself on text when creating blog posts. Your visitors are far more likely to remember visual representations of the topics. Infuse the text with infographics, videos, gifs, and other visuals that will improve a visitor’s experience.

2. Paid Social Media Marketing

Blogging and social media give you tons of opportunities and you don’t have to spend a single dollar on them. However, if you really want to boost to your content marketing campaign, then you need to invest in paid media channels.

  • Facebook ads are awesome! This platform introduces the ads to a relevant People with relevant interests and needs will get your message, so they will be intrigued to click the link. You need a video or a cool image that will make the ad visually-appealing. Don’t forget to include an irresistible call to action.Content Marketing Strategy
  • Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising is another great opportunity to boost your content marketing campaign. When you’re running a start-up, it’s important to bring in as many new website visitors as possible. Thanks to this advertising system, you’ll target the ads to the right people at the right time.
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3. Get Feedback. Tons of It!

During the early stages of start-up marketing, you need to focus on getting as much feedback as possible. This is the type of customer-generated content that’s more successful than any marketing message your company launches. How exactly do you get that feedback?

  • Surveys – they are easy to set up and distribute. The process of analysis is simple, and it will help you get a direction for your project’s growth. You can send the surveys through emails, but you can also invite your social media followers and website visitors to complete them.
  • Feedback from users – get the users of your products, website, or services to share their experience. Then, feature that feedback at the website to motivate other people to do the same.Content Marketing Strategy
  • Reviews from influencers – offer your products and services for free to the most important social media users in your niche. They can share their opinions via blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook updates, or another platform they use to communicate with their audience.

4. Use the Right Tools

When you’re trying to create loads of content and promote it in the best possible way, you need the right tools to support the process.

  • Moz Pro Keyword Explorer – a tool that will discover and prioritize the best keywords for your topics. Use the keywords in a way that makes logical sense in the context of your content.
  • Piktochart – one of the best infographic builders out there. There’s no need to hire a professional designer when you can easily build visual content with Piktochart.
  • Assignment Masters – online service that connects you with professional writers and editors. They have the needed knowledge and skills to upgrade the quality of your content.
  • SurveyMonkey – popular survey software that’s really easy to use. The platform has millions of users who are ready to take your survey, so you’ll get valuable feedback in no time.
  • BuzzSumo – a search engine that locates the most popular content and key influencers in the online world. Through the search results, you’ll understand what type of content your audience wants to see, but you’ll also get a list of influencers you can connect with.
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Now you have the needed advice to start working on your content marketing campaign. Remember: this will be a long process that needs tons of commitment, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get great results from the very first day. Continue working on your strategy and the success will follow!

Content Marketing Strategy for Startups

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