Class 7 NCERT English: Tips to follow


English lessons might not get as much importance as Science or Maths in school, but what students tend to forget is that that very language forms the basis for every other subject.

The earlier students gain command over the language, the more beneficial it is for them. 7th grade is a crucial time and opportunity for students to form a good base in the language. Class 7 NCERT English Textbook Honeycomb and Supplementary Textbook A Alien’s Hand is designed perfectly for that very purpose.

They are excellent study materials for developing reading and comprehension skills in the English language. After each lesson, in-text and thought-provoking questions encourage students to form their own opinions on the characters and plot of the story.

The textbook consists of stories and poems from great thinkers and writers from all over the world like William Griffith Ellis and other renowned personalities. These lessons cultivate thinking skills and develop perspectives on worldly topics such as innocence, selflessness, karma, commitment, passion, and everything else in between.

Class 7 NCERT English: Tips

English is for students to explore their creative sides and build on literature. Learning English correctly also helps students in creative expression. Students with a strong command of the language can express their ideas in other subjects better as well.

It gives them an advantage over an average student who might have the same level of knowledge. English is not at all a tough subject to learn nor does it require the devotion of a lot of time but there is a right way to do it. This guide will help grade 7 students learn English the right way from the resources provided to them and enjoy learning.

Reading the Textbooks

The first and foremost step for students to take in learning English is to understand the syllabus. The textbook prescribed by CBSE offers a wide range of interesting stories and poems for students. Honeycomb is the main textbook which consists of 10 lessons and 7 poems.

The Supplementary textbook comprises 10 lessons, namely,

  • Lesson 9 A Tiger in the House
  • Lesson 8 The Bear Story,
  • Lesson 7 Chandni,
  • Lesson 6 I want something in a cage,
  • Lesson 5 Golu Grows a Nose,
  • Lesson 3 The Cop and The Anthem,
  • Lesson 2 Bringing up Kari
  • Lesson 10 A Alien Hand
  • Lesson 1 The Tiny Teacher

Poems are as follows:

  • Poem 9 Garden Snake
  • Poem 8 Meadow Surprises,
  • Poem 7 Dad and the Cat and the Tree,
  • Poem 6 Mystery of the Talking Fan
  • Poem 5 Trees,
  • Poem 4 Chivvy
  • Poem 3 The Shed
  • Poem 2 The Rebel
  • Poem 1 The Squirrel


  • Lesson 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair
  • Lesson 8 Fire Friend and Foe
  • Lesson 7 The Invention of Vita – Wonk,
  • Lesson 6 Expert Detectives
  • Lesson 5 Quality
  • Lesson 4 The Ashes that Made Trees Bloom
  • Lesson 3 Gopal and the Hilsa Fish
  • Lesson 2 A Gift of Chappals
  • Lesson 10 The Story of Cricket
  • Lesson 1 Three Questions

Each lesson and poem explores different areas of the human condition, such as self-improvement, courage, respect. Every story is extremely engaging and students can even read them beforehand and discuss what they feel about the characters and plot with classmates and teachers alike.

Poems are more difficult to grasp than lessons so students must pay attention during class. Each line, each verse can be explained in multiple ways and students are required to stick with the teacher’s definition.

Reading Honeycomb and A Alien’s Hand thoroughly and answering questions at the end of the lesson is of utmost importance for CBSE board exam preparation. Students should also maintain a separate notebook where questions and answers of all the chapters are compiled.

Here, Vedantu NCERT English book class 7 solutions pdf are of great help and also come in handy for revision before exams. These are mainly important for the exam paper’s literature part, which accounts for 40% of the marks distribution. The major chunk of objective questions come from the main textbook, that is, Honeycomb.

Therefore, in-depth knowledge of the textbook is mandatory. The supplementary textbook however accounts for the subjective part of the question paper, that is, questions are opinion-based.

Practice Writing

Class 7 writing syllabus mainly comprises report writing, notice writing, and essay writing. This section is mainly for students to flesh out their creative sides while paying attention to format and style.

Students should practice writing in the format itself to get used to it. Using active voice, writing in short sentences, revising for clarity are some tips that will help you score better in the writing section.

Students should read and write as often as they can on topics they enjoy. Students should also get used to using a dictionary and try to learn a new word every day to improve their vocabulary and also try to use the words learned in sentences. Practicing spoken English is instrumental in improving your language proficiency.

Students should indulge in talking with friends and parents in English which benefits them as well as their friends. Students can use online tools like blogging to write about themselves while improving their grasp of the language.

Comprehension and Grammar

Comprehension is for checking the level of attention to detail of students. Here, a voracious reader carries an advantage. The faster you can grasp and assess what the passage is trying to tell you, the better it is for you. To gain confidence in this section students are advised to read more and more. It can be anything ranging from dystopian fiction to autobiographical non-fiction.

To understand grammar students should break sentences into intricate pieces and try to explain them. Grammar consists of a set of rules and conventions to which students were introduced in earlier classes.

By grade 7 you are expected to apply these rules in your writing. When sentences are molded according to these rules they sound right. Grammar can be mastered solely by practice. There are plenty of grammar resources available both online and offline. Workbooks can be purchased which have questions similar to CBSE exam papers.

These tips and practices are more than enough for a student to achieve the highest grade in the language while enjoying it to the core. Good luck!

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