How to Choose Web Hosting for Your Social Networking Site?

One of the most important things in recent years to impact businesses is social media and companies that understand how these works are very successful. It is vital that a business engages with its customers and there is no better way than using social media to do this. In this article, I will help you the importance of hosting to have the maximum positive impact.

Web Hosting for Your Social Networking Site

A successful social media networking site should have a lot of web traffic which means that you will need servers that can handle this. VPS hosting is one of the best as it provides excellent stability, storage and speed. The hardware along with software are vital decisions that should not be overlooked. Unless you have the skills or employ someone who to build it along with a manager to manage the hardware, it will mean like most businesses you will have to choose a hosting provider.

Hardware, Storage, Bandwidth

The first things you need to consider is the hardware, bandwidth and storage capabilities and if you are building your own you will need to also consider location. When building your social networking site it is vital that you consider traffic growth and future technological advances as well as what is available in the present.

If you website growth fast you will need a server that can cope with the extra demand. Getting the bandwidth levels right is an important aspect of managing costs.

Speed is an essential aspect of success and is becoming an important part of ranking well in search engines such as Google. If you have a slow loading speed it can not only impact your site’s search engine results but also lose visitors. When choosing which type of plan is best you need to consider speed along with reliability.

If your site goes down it could cost the business a lot of money which is why stability is one of the most vital aspects. A VPS hosting plan means that only your sites are hosted on the servers so this will greatly increase both aspects. It will also enable you to keep the costs low as you will have more control.

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Hosting Software

The most important factor hosting software is the database quality. It is the core of the servers and the main area where any problems can occur. The next factors you need to consider are the storage along with the RAM. These are the next two area that is where problems most commonly occur.

It is extremely expensive to install and manage a software database and the costs can spiral out of control. Using a VPS server is a cheaper alternative solution to a dedicated machine but options come at a price. With social media sites having lots of user interactions it is vital that the database is able to cope. You will lose users due to this and will greatly impact the site going forward if not resolve fast.

Client software or better middleware does not help when the database gets overloaded. It is the core and time need to be spent getting this right. Once you have the perfect setup for your social media network site it will make it easier in the future to expand the model to cope with demand.

Network Hardware

It is important to get the setup of the network hardware working in close proximity to the social media site otherwise it could become problematic. The closer you can get your machine to the largest data trunk the better it will perform. If you speak with your network operators they will be able to help you to find the best location when planning on adding hardware.

One of the most impressive systems is used by the financial institutions for trading. The distance plays a key part in milliseconds and can make the difference between making a profit or not. This is why financial companies set up as close as they can to the servers to give them an unfair advantage when trading. This is known as high-frequency trading which many feels should be banned as it is essential stealing money.

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If possible you should carry out as much testing as possible before choosing which data center works best. Carry out a test on areas such a how it copes with sudden traffic bursts so you can see for yourself if it will be able to cope.

Getting the database, networking and hardware matters resolved at the beginning of the process will help your social media site once it starts to get popular cope with the demand. Once this matter is resolved you can concentrate on the other important area of growing the site and competing at the top in the marketplace.


It is important not to underestimate the importance of getting your web hosting correctly when setting up a social media site. By making the right decisions you will enable the site to grow without running into any hosting issues that can damage a brand. It will also save you much money by choosing the correct hosting package to suit your online business and demand.

[Web Hosting for Your Social Networking Site]

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