How to choose Perfect free joomla template for your business

When you are using Joomla, it is very simple to customize your business website. Especially when you are using a Joomla template to design your website.

Today many Joomla development companies launched a lot of Free and premium joomla template which helps you to setup your online empire. But do you know, if you are using a free Joomla template then you can be in danger.

There are the possibilities to have the virus on the template or any malicious scripts in the free template.

But don’t worry, in this article, I am going to share some useful tips to choose the perfect free Joomla template which can give an elegant look and awesome functionality

Tips to choose best Free Joomla Template

Follow these tips when you are going to select a free Joomla template for your personal or commercial website. I am sure, these tips will also help you if you are choosing a premium Joomla template.

Is the template relate to your niche?

The first question, you have to ask yourself that is the template is related to your niche or not. If you have a music company and you are using a fashion design.

It will not fulfil your expectation. You just need to select a music related Joomla theme so you can get the proper functionality. It will also reduce your workload if you choose a theme related to your business.

Check out the functionality the template offering

Yes, functionality matter a lot when you are setting up your online empire.  When you are selecting a template for your website, first decide what functionality in your website you are required.

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If you are selling something online, then check the template that is it support online shopping, or what are their payment methods this is using. Check all these points, and select wisely.

Mobile Friendliness

After the Google’s latest algorithm mobilegaddon, it is necessary to have a mobile friendly website.  As you know most of the internet user using android smartphones to surf the internet.

So if you will not have a mobile responsive website, then no one will be interested in staying on your website. So select a template wisely and consider this point as the important point for choosing a perfect Joomla or WordPress theme.

Make sure it is SEO Friendly

Without SEO or search engine optimization you cannot assume your business success. Every business needs organic traffic for their success.

So it is necessary to have an SEO friendly website. To make an SEO friendly website, first you need to choose an SEO friendly Joomla template.  Check the theme that is it supporting all SEO tags, scripts and all.

Read its Terms and Conditions

Mostly the free template provider makes hard terms and conditions. So read them very carefully. Sometimes author asks for a lot of backlinks from your website.

So you don’t need to go to that template. Just skip it and move to another template. There are many free joomla template provider who is offering templates on very flexible term and conditions. So go with them.

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Final Words…

So these are the basic point you need to keep in your mind while you are selecting a template especially when it is free. Never select in the hurry.

Do a proper inspection and then make your decision. Just want to add a golden tip that always scan the file before uploading it to your website. Sometimes templates contain malicious scripts or virus.

Keep in touch. Just wait for my next article. Till then enjoy my previous article 7 wonderful free Joomla templates. Don’t forget to share.

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