Cell Phone Parental Control: A Need or a Want?

More and more parents are resorting to a cell phone parental control and there is no doubt that it’s actually making parenting much easier. Being a father, I do like to have parental control app on my kids’ smartphones and tablets. It ensures that my kids are only accessing the right stuff. I can make sure that they are surfing safely, making good friends and not using my credit cards to pay for their bills.

Parents who monitor their kids’ cell phone activity, some are doing it as a precaution against the peculiarities of smartphone use, others are doing it to spy on their kids. Whatever the reason maybe, the question is:  are parental controls a need or a want?


Well I must say, the answer to the aforementioned question is very subjective. Parents who are relying on parental controls would say that it’s a need for them, just like food or water, but those who haven’t yet used any such app to monitor their kids would have a different opinion.

We can take a look at some of the smartphone monitoring features of XNSPY, a renowned parental control app. This might clear out our mind a little bit about parental controls.

It Can Tell You about Your Kids Outdoor Location

Do you spend your time in worry and desperation whenever your kid is outside? Then smartphone parental controls are definitely a need for you. It will relieve you off your parenting stress. You can find your kids’ live location with XNSPY’s  GPS tracking feature.

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Well there are many other free apps out there that can solely do the GPS tracking of your kids, if you don’t care about the ads or security of an app that’s inside your kids’ smartphone. However, XNSPY is a reliable and encrypted app. It’s better not to compromise on the privacy and security of your kids. Also, the app works in discrete mode, so your kids have uninterrupted protection.

You Can Read Their WhatsApp, Facebook and Kik Chats

Some parents complain a lot about their kids’ spooky Kik and WhatsApp chats. I bet these parents relentlessly want to know what’s going on in their kid’s lives. So IM chats monitoring is a must-have for these parents.

XNSPY offers monitoring of apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and iMessage. So you get to monitor every possible app that’s inside your kids’ phone.


You Can Control Their Smartphone Remotely

Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Your kid has the phone and you are controlling it remotely from your smartphone or laptop! Well I must say it’s pretty fantastic. You can look out for apps that provide extensive remote control features. If you are using XNSPY, then you can lock your kids’ smartphone remotely or wipe data from the phone’s storage/SD card.

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What Else We Need To Know?

The debate seems legit only if there is a big tradeoff required to use the app. An app like XNSPY that costs no more than a cup of coffee for a month’s subscription doesn’t need you to make any such decision, so that you can provide your kids digital safety without starting a debate.

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