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WhatsApp 2.19.106 Update Brings Chat Screenshot

Among many features that WhatsApp plans to roll out over the week, blocking chat screenshots would need a mention here.

WhatsApp block chat screenshot feature

The feature will be coming soon to Android via a beta update. Tech website WABetaInfo has unfurled news of Android beta version 2.19.106 update.

The feature will be bundled with WhatsApp authentication feature. Now, along with using the fingerprint to authenticate the identity, users can also prevent users from taking the screenshots.

In future, when the user will enable the feature, he won’t be able to take screenshot of his chats. It’s however interesting to ascertain why WhatsApp is such keen to integrate this feature with the authentication feature.

It’s still unclear when the feature will be live for the users and how fast WhatsApp is heading to its rollout.

WhatsApp new doodle UI

WhatsApp new doodle UI

WhatsApp is also working on to improvise its authentication feature and bringing new UI for doodle. In case your phone has the beta version of WhatsApp, then updating the app will be showing up the new doodle UI. Unfortunately, its Authentication feature is still under development.

The new doodle UI we are talking about will have a separate tab for stickers and emoji. The stickers on the UI are grouped by Favorites and Category so that users can find them easily.


WhatsApp’s Reply Privately Feature is Here

Facebook owned WhstApp has been vocal in offering features to its users on every alternate day. Now the WhatsApp’s beta version brings an all new feature called ‘Reply privately’ in group chats.

Whstapp Reply Privately Feature

WhatsApps Reply Privately Feature

The feature will allow users to privately reply to a person in the group. The reply will be sent only to the concerned person opening a separate chat box.

It’ll be a private message that no one in the group can see. You can take it up like a private chat that can be accessed in a group. Using the feature, you can escape trouble of leaving the group for a while, moving to the concerned person’s chat and then replying to the message.

A report published in WaBetaInfo said that the Whstapp Reply Privately Feature is available for Android users using the version 2.18.335 of the beta app. The feature will roll out for all with the next beta version 2.18.336/337.

The report didn’t open up without whether the chat has been opened privately or within the same group chat window. The feature will come up with the two options, one that shows ‘Reply privately’ and the second ‘Message XYZ’.

So, we assume that the ‘Message XYZ’ will work in two ways: Either it will take the user directly to the original chat or maybe it might allow the user to just reply on the group itself.

The Whstapp Reply Privately Feature can also be used to privately reply to old messages in a group where the send messages feature is on ‘Only administrators’.

Whstapp Reply Privately Feature

WhatsApp Update Version 2.16.264

WhatsApp for iOS Brings Notification Status and More

Facebook owned WhatsApp has updated its iOS app with a slew of new innovative features. The update has been rolled out for the iOS devices running on iOS 8.0 operating system or above.

WhatsApp for iOS Brings Latest Updates 

Lets dive deeper into these new WhatsApp feature for iOS:

WhatsApp Suspicious Link Detection feature:


After hitting Android, the feature is now available for iOS users as well. The feature, as name implies gives users ability to detect Suspicious Links sent in messages. WhatsApp marks a link in the message suspicious if it found that link dubious. Moreover, the user is alerted with a message if he tries to open the link. Alongside the feature, WhatsApp has also released a new FAQ related to the Suspicious Links feature.

WhatsApp Notification Extensions:

WhatsApp for iOS Brings Latest Updates 


This is another unique feature that iOS users get with the latest WhatsApp update. The feature is exclusive to the users having iOS 10 and newer. Using the Notification Extension feature, users can preview the photos and GIFs in notifications and download the media directly from notification. To enable the media preview to work, it’s required to swipe down on the notification.

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp for iOS Brings Voice to Video Call Toggle

Facebook owned WhatsApp has updated its iOS version with a slew of new features. With WhatsApp update version 2.18.22, the messenger brings a long anticipated voice to video call toggle feature that lets users switch between voice calls and video calls with a single tap.

WhatsApp Update Version 2.18.22

WhatsApp v2.18.22 update

Another feature that arrives in the update is the ‘@’ mentions button in group chats. The @ button will enable users to traverse through unread messages in which you were mentioned. WhatsApp for Android already rolled out the voice to video toggle feature last month.

The WhatsApp v2.18.22 update has been listed on iPhone App Store along with a changelong status that reads:


WhatsApp Payment Feature Arrives on iOS and Android Beta

Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp has finally begun rolling out its UPI-based payments feature for Indian users. The feature, limited to select group of iOS and Android users as of now, would allow them send and receive money using the Indian government’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) standard.

WhatsApp Payment Feature Arrives

WhatsApp Payment Feature


The feature is reportedly available for the WhatsApp users using the WhatsApp version 2.18.21 for iOS, and version 2.18.41 for Android. The integration would indeed be a solid boost to digital payments if comes in a full swing.

GizmoTimes reported that the WhatsApp payment feature is currently available to select users of the beta app in India. Users can access the feature in a chat window through the Attachments menu. The option is given alongside other options such as Gallery, Video and Documents etc. When user clicks Payments option, a disclaimer window, followed by a list of banks to choose from.

Now user can select a bank account to connect with a particular UPI. In case you don’t have an UPI account, you will be asked to create one through the UPI app or your respective bank’s website/ app.

Similarly, you will be promoted to create an authentication pin if you haven’t yet used the UPI payments platform. To send/ receive money via WhatsApp, it’s a pre-requisite that both sender and receiver must have the WhatsApp Payments feature.  Since the feature is being tested and still under development, some users may face difficulties in linking their bank accounts to the app.

WhatsApp UPI Payment Feature to Go Live in December

WhatsApp is all set to get its most anticipated UPI Payment feature soon. After offering a host of new features including ‘delete for everyone’, the Facebook messenger is now heading to launch payment option to its platform.

WhatsApp UPI Payment Feature Coming this December

WhatsApp UPI Payment feature

WhatsApp UPI Payment feature will allow WhatsApp users send or receive money to or from their contacts. The feature, as reports emerge, is in the final stage of development and will be rolled out soon.

The report suggests that the WhatsApp is testing in-chat payment option and will probably launch the feature sometimes around December. Once WhatsApp completes beta testing in November, the feature would be fully rolled out by December.

WhatsApp is already in talks with financial institutions to ensure smooth and successful roll out of WhatsApp UPI Payment feature. The company hasn’t disclosed the details of the discussions going on.

WhatsApp UPI Payment feature would surely be a serious threat for other players in the Indian digital payments ecosystem such as Paytm.

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Goes Live for Every One, With Limitations

WhatsApp’s most anticipated feature ‘Delete for Everyone’ is now available to all WhatsApp users in India. To get the feature, you’re not required to update the WhatsApp version you’re using.

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Goes Live

To recall, the WhatsApp Delete for Everyone allows users to recall a message (delete the message) both from sender’s and recipient’s end.  The feature comes handy in situations when you send a text and later regret. It’s also helpful when a message accidentally reaches to someone it was indented to.

However, the WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature works only if the message has been deleted within 7 minutes of sending it. If you try to delete a message after 7 minutes window offered, the option ‘delete for everyone’ won’t appear.  In that case you only will be able to delete the message from your chat Window.

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone

How WhatsApp Delete

WhatsApp Quietly Testing Group Voice Calls in Next Update

Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp has been very vocal in adding innovative features for its 1 billion strong user base worldwide. Now, reports are coming that the messenger is testing group voice calls in its latest beta version of Android.

WhatsApp Group Voice Calls Coming Soon

Group Voice Calls

WABetaInfo confirmed that 2.17.70 beta WhatsApp update will be coming with group calls feature. WABetaInfo took Twitter to confirm the news:

“There are a lot of

Whatsapp picture in picture

WhatsApp Brings Picture-in-Picture Feature and Text Only Status Update

WhatsApp has brought two new features in its latest update for iOs and Android users. The first function dubbed as ‘Picture in Picture’ will allow users to communicate with other user via text messages while a video call in progress.

WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture Feature and Text Only Status

The feature is pretty simple to use. To send a message while a video call, all you need to resize the video calling screen till a comfortable size.

Once you get both the screens in front of you, you can perform talk as well as send messages simultaneously.  After resizing the video call screen, it appears at one side of the mobile screen, while the background will be that of the chat box. You can drag video calling screen to any corner of the phone screen.

Another noteworthy feature that the update brings is a ‘text status updates feature.’ The feature enables iOs and Android users to set text messages as their status like they did with pictures and videos. Till now, Android and iOs users were only able to set a video or a photo as a 30-second short status.

Users can also choose a robust and eye candy background color behind the text, similar to what we are currently seeing on Facebook.  Notably, like video and photo status updates, text status too will be expired after 24 hours.

WhatsApp Brings Verified Business Profiles: Begins Monetization

whatsappWhatsApp, the Facebook owned messaging platform has begun testing verified profiles for businesses.

With the testing being rolled out, WhatsApp seems ready to enable merchants and small businesses communicate with users.

With the latest update available for WhatsApp beta for Android version 2.17.285, you can see if a contact is verified by the company.

WhatsApp Testing Verified Business Profiles

A green badge, shown next to a verified business name, indicates that that the business’ phone number and address has been verified by WhatsApp.

The information about the verified contact will be available in the business information section. The section will display details like address of the business, the real name of the business, e-mail address /website and company’s Instagram address.

A conversation between merchant and user will be reflected in yellow, and user can’t simply delete the message from the chat. However, user can mute or block a business chat anytime. WhatsApp may also allow unverified business users to connect existing users and businesses via push messages in the form of public service announcements.

WhatsApp Verified Business Profiles

Credit: DIGIT

It’s yet to be seen how WhatsApp is implementing the WhatsApp Verified Business Profiles feature. It will also be very interesting to see how businesses stand to gain or differentiate themselves from normal user profiles. Stay in touch to know latest updates about the feature.



WhatsApp Text Status Feature Gets Colored Backgrounds, Custom Fonts

Seems WhatsApp is following the footprints of its parent company Facebook. Way back, Facebook adopted background colors for text status updates, now WhatsApp brings the similar feature for its Android and iOs users.

WhatsApp ‘Text Status’ Feature Updated

The feature enables users to use different background colors for text status updates that were previously rolled out by parent company Facebook.

WhatsApp Text Status Feature

WhatsApp in its official noting said that users of its WhatsApp Status feature can now use different background colors and customize fonts for their text-based status updates. Users can also include links in their text status updates. As stated, the feature went live on Monday for iPhone, Android and WhatsApp for web users.

Ever since it was launched, the WhatsApp text feature helped users in many ways. The major advantage of the feature is that it enables WhatsApp users to let their friends know about the location of an event or give them vacation recommendations.  You can tweak privacy settings to limited the users who can see your text status update.

WhatsApp Text Status Feature