Alternative Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Tools – Best Alternative Keyword Research Tools

There are multiple reasons for choosing the Keyword tool as an alternative to Google Keyword Planner because:

Best Alternative Keyword Research Tools

Alternative Keyword Research Tools

  • Keyword Tool offers a version that is free and helps in generating the long keywords suggestion on every search that up to more than 750.
  • The accuracy rate is calculated to be 99% that shows the reliability of the tool.
  • There is no need to create an account and can use the Keyword tool for free.

Nowadays for good marketing online, you require a website for exposure of your work and business. You wish that more and more people visit your site in order to get your service, buy your product or even reading the content.

You can work on your targets only when you try to understand the customers that you wish to be targeted. You have to understand how readers search for a term on Google and the potential results show up.

Working of Keyword Tool

The Keyword tool can be used for free. It is an online tool that uses the autocomplete feature of Google in order to generate numbers of long keywords for any subject.

The autocomplete Google uses the feature in Search query. This helps in speeding up the search performance when the user tries to find any information on the relevant topic in Google.

The role of the Keyword tool is to provide the help of Google suggest a feature for the keyword. The tool gets the keyword from the suggestion feature of Google and displays to the user.

The interface is simple and easy to understand. If you are performing the search with long keywords, the Keyword tool adds some suggestive search term to the typed keyword. Everything happens within a few seconds. (Best Alternative Keyword Research Tools)

You can also select a particular google domain from the other supported ones, and you can specify the language for producing the keyword.

Keyword Tool is best for Keyword Research

WordPress Tools & Plugins

16 Best WordPress Plugins and Tools to Write Better Content

Writing content is perhaps one of the most time-consuming, tedious, and risky tasks a website and WordPress blog can undergo. There’s no telling whether hours and hours of research and work will flop or become a viral sensation that’s shared by millions of users around the world.

Best WordPress Plugins and Tools

Best WordPress Plugins

However, in the war for creating amazing content, you don’t stand alone. Today, we’re going to explore 15 of the best content creation tools and plugins that are here to help you along every step of the way, enabling you to create 10x better content that you’re producing now, maximizing your chances of going viral.

1. Strive Content Calendar:

Best WordPress Plugins

If you want to find success as a content marketer, you’ll need to set up an editorial calendar, and an excellent tool to do that with is the Strive Content Calendar WordPress plugin.

Strive adds a beautiful editorial calendar directly inside the WordPress dashboard displaying all of your upcoming posts. You can quickly, add, edit, and reschedule posts using the drag-and-drop system. And since all of the articles are color-coded based on their status, it’s clear which posts are ready for publication and which ones still need work.

The Strive plugin also includes custom post checklists and revisions for republishing outdated content. All features considered, it’s a must-have for content marketers using WordPress.

2. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

The first thing your readers will see and the feature that makes them click is the headline of your posts. You can use this free online tool to paste in your headline and edit it to a 100% rating to make sure it’s as captivating as possible, resulting in maximum hits and clicks.

3. Cite It In

This is a free online tool you can use to add citations, references, and quotes to your content. Cite It In helps you format these bits of texts to fit perfectly into your content. This makes your content look a lot more professional and makes your content easier to read.

4. Easy Word Count

This free online tool is ideal for tracking and monitoring the word count of your content to make sure that it’s long enough that it’s valuable but not too long that it becomes boring and overwhelming to your readers; one of the most common causes of a high bounce rate.