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Killer Design Tips for Creating Mobile Apps

5 Killer Design Tips for Creating Mobile Apps

Mobile users, in most cases, are on the go and this goes without saying that they are usually in a hurry. As a result of that, they are always on the lookout for fast, simple and effective solutions.

But it has been perceived that the retention metrics of average apps is pretty much low. Research has revealed that the average app loses more than 75% of the daily mobile users within the first couple of days or maximum 3 days of the launch. There can be a plethora of reasons for this.

Some of them may be that the app did not deliver what it had initially promised, it is buggy, the app is a pain to navigate through, it has many notifications and very frequently it asks for ratings. But the good news is that you can solve most of the issues with the correct design techniques.

You should keep it mind that with so many apps being launched every day, it is a must for you to stand out with your design. There is no question that a great concept can attract users to download the app but it is only through a great design that you can retain the existing users.

Even with the mind-blowing concepts many apps become a pain to be used for its poor design and bad interface. Here are some designing tips that you can implement today for augmenting the rate of downloads and retaining the users.

Plan Well for the Future –

You already have an idea, if you are in the web development industry for some time that the mobile hardware progresses at an astounding speed as compared with other devices. As the software evolves it outperforms the present hardware.

In case you start designing the app with the current configuration of the phone in mind, then by the time your app is launched in the market it would have already been outdated. The worst part is that your app could be beaten up by someone and his or her app would be more popular. One way to avoid this is taking the forward-thinking approach. So you should not focus on today for developing a mobile app. Rather you should concentrate on tomorrow to make sure that your app achieves success.

You should not be afraid to dream big.  A great app, in most cases, calls for good amount of investment. Moreover, mobile app developments take time and therefore, the chances are ripe that the technology will catch up by the time you release the app. That is why, it is vital that you look for the trends in the industry and take notice of what your competitors are doing. This way you will be able to take an informed decision. Whether it is design or your concept or your timetable, you should always think about the future and prepare for it today.

Stick to the

Trends That Are Dominating Mobile Marketing

The first half of 2017 has already flown by; have you hopped on the mobile marketing train by now? The world is swiftly transitioning from computer to optimized mobile use, and smartphones have become the preferred companion in any modern-day adventure – whether you are headed to the office, the coffee shop, or the bathroom, your trusted phone is there to keep you entertained.

The unprecedented rise in mobile use across the globe has opened yet another lucrative door for startups and recognized companies alike to reach the hearts and minds of their target audience and establish their identity as the customer’s brand of choice. So, don’t miss your opportunity to get ahead of the game, and start implementing these trends that are dominating mobile marketing in 2017.

A holistic approach to mobile optimization

As customers and consumers around the world are swiftly transitioning to mobile use, taking their news, shopping and social media on the go like a good cup of coffee, brands are trying to keep pace in bringing the best possible experience mobile optimization can provide.

Websites have become mobile-friendly, and rather than creating an app people are unlikely to install due to limited phone memory and performance capabilities, you need to

Smartphone in Marketing Campaigns!

5 Ways Brands are Using Smartphone in Marketing Campaigns!

Digital revolution is accelerating global change in multiple industries. It is daunting for marketers and advertisers to ignore the mobile phone technology because the revenue and growth opportunities attached to it are too big to ignore. Smartphones are considered as indispensable digital co-pilots, and the proliferation of smartphones technology have made the phone more powerful and more utilitarian than ever before.

How Brands are Using Smartphone in Marketing

Smartphones are playing a critical role in changing and reshaping the business strategies simultaneously. Today, the rise of smartphone technology have made the world a highly connected place, and this is giving a chance to marketers and advertisers hitherto unheard opportunities to reach out their potential customers.

Smartphone in Marketing Campaigns!

The transformation of marketing is underway. The rise of internet era and integration of smartphone in our lives has transformed the shape of marketing. Highly disruptive and lucrative nature of smartphone technology has made it important for marketers to concentrate on revenue growth and maintenance of customer base. It is challenging for brands to connect with their clients through all these devices in real time and to create a digital marketing campaign. To compete and to survive it is important for marketers to view the mobile landscape through the fascinating and eye-opening view of the world.

Usage of the smartphone is growing throughout the world because smartphone, as an incredible blessing of technology, has made connections between brands and customer ubiquitous. Here is the glimpse of some ways in which brands are deploying smartphone for changing the landscape of marketing effectively and efficiently.

1. Mobile-friendly website is critical

 Mobile friendly websites are no longer an Avant-garde. Today it is imperative for marketers and advertisers to develop sites and optimize them for mobile. Brands are required to create a mobile version of their sites with high speed of loading on tablets as well as a smartphone. When it comes to creating a design, it is important to adhere to the minimalistic principle to remove unnecessary impediments to the website loading.

The smartphone is a critical element of successful marketing strategy. There are enormous opportunities for you in a smartphone. The mobile friendly site has potential to ensure brand visibility and drive traffic by increasing customer loyalty, sentiments, and brand engagement. According to a Google study, 74% said they prefer to visit a site frequently if it is mobile friendly.

The absence of a mobile ready site can limit the potential for your brand. Therefore, it is high time to create a mobile version of their sites with high speed of loading on these incredible handheld devices. Simple navigation, clutter-free icons, and hyperlinks allow the user to tap site easily. Relevant landing pages with an attractive call to action can help you to highlight your brand among customers.

2. Taking

branding apps

Brand Your Ideas Immediately With These Apps

Today, branding is everywhere. So much so it has become an afterthought for us. We are bombarded with information and advertisement to such extent that we miss most messages that people are trying to convey to us. Only the biggest brands with biggest budgets or truly original advertising can reach us and make us notice.

Presumably, you don`t have the sky high budget of global giants let`s try and learn how you can stick your neck out above the crowd on a sensible budget! With a good visual presentation and maybe some professional writing help, to make sure you are sending a clear message to your potential clients you will be on your way.

branding apps

If you are trying to build a brand be sure to use these few apps.

Brand and branding:

Brand and Branding is an amazing android book that is a must-read if you are serious about diving in into the area of branding and everything related to it. It is an exciting read that will teach you everything you need to know to get you started or brush up on your knowledge if you are already a seasoned marketing veteran but just a bit rusty in this area. This app is the quintessential foundation that you must go through and learn so you be able to do more advanced things and develop your brand even better.

Physical branding services:

Even in this day and age, physical branding services are heavily incorporated into the brand building and marketing strategies of countless businesses. Just think how many pamphlets and other advertising material is handed to you on a day to day basis or are waiting in your mailbox each day when you get home. Now think how many of them you disregard almost automatically? The percentage is quite high, their branding is not good and their message is not conveyed in a clear enough matter to capture your attention.

There are amazing apps that can help you design the best possible visual option like Brand Genie. With this app, you can choose many forms and patterns of the visual style you want and you think would best suit your business. For the wording, it would be smart to hire writers. Combining an amazing looking visual with great wording with a clear message will guarantee you a noticeable pamphlet to help your brand.

Know trends:

Now, in order to build your brand successfully, you need to stay up to date on current trends. There is no older news than yesterday`s news and you should keep a similar mindset about branding. Today, the competition is stiff no matter what line of business you are in, and you need to somehow get ahead of the pack and attract new clients.

To follow the trends, you first need to know them, and there are cool apps that can help you here as well. Apps like Brand Knew will keep you informed and up to date on the minute so you can adjust your branding strategy accordingly. If you have good marketing for your business and you produce quality work you will be golden, there are no worries for the future.


android apps banned

Top 9 Android Apps Banned and Delisted From Google Play Store

Google Play Store has been very critical to the quality of apps available to its repository. Time and again this app database is thoroughly verified by Google to comb malicious android apps and weed them out.

This is how Google ensures the privacy and safety of such a humongous database of professional and personal information. Read list of top 9 Android Apps Banned By Google.

9 Android Apps Banned By Google

From January 2017 till now, 13 android apps have been removed from Google play store for being malicious and extremely suspicious in nature. In this article, we are listing top 9 Android apps banned from Google Play Store for one reason or the other.

1. TubeMate:

Once ‘TubeMate’ was a popular app for downloading YouTube videos. The app allowed users to directly download YouTube videos on their smartphones.  The best thing with the app was users didn’t even have to watch the video to download it.

It was something that didn’t go well with Google, which resulted in removal of TubeMate from the Play Store. Now, as Google has already started allowing users to download their favorite videos for offline viewing, absence of TubeMate won’t make that much difference.

9 Android Apps Banned By Google

2. CM Installer:

CM Installer or Cyanogen Mod was first banned and then removed from Google Play Store. The app was used to install CyanogenMod ROMs on smartphones without having to root them.  Why Google taken down the app is still unknown.

3. Flappy Bird:

Flappy Bird was removed from both the apps stores viz. Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. Interestingly, it wasn’t Google or Apple who pulled down the app, but app owners themselves brought down the app citing some personal reasons.

Though, Flappy Bird was already listed to be banned before makers removed it from the Play Store.

4. TV Portal:

TV portal was a handy app that allowed users to watch TV series online. Using the app, users were able to stream TV shows directly on their Android devices.

With a huge catalogue and library of shows, the app became the top choice for live streaming. Unfortunately, Google took the app down from Google Play Store for alleged copyright issues.


mHealth apps

mHealth Apps- The Most Needed Apps for the Low-income Customers

In America, smartphones have become the important factor, which transforms the way how people manage their health habits; especially people, who have chronic conditions or the severe health needs.

mHealth apps

A survey proposes that some of the app makers are falling short on many counts when it comes to the aspect of actually serving people who could get the most benefits from the mobile health or mHealth apps.

The research was conducted by a team who belongs to a University of Michigan Medical School, a mobile health researcher. This team publishes their findings in the new issue of health affairs. This survey was based on the comprehensive review of the most rated or highly recommended mHealth apps, which are aimed at the people who have high health needs. People who are in need of high health needs have high health costs and people who have low income and low level of health knowledge has to be given more care. They only the best apps from Google play Store and Apple App Store, which are aimed at people with high health needs.

People who have low income can’t manage high health costs and they require special care to be given. But it was found that the best apps for such people are found less.

From The Survey:

  • People with diabetes and depression condition can find a large

5 Ways You Can Secure Your Android Smartphone

We are living in an era where we can’t even imagine our lives without our smartphones. From calling, chatting to shopping and bill payments, we do it all via our cell phones. We didn’t even notice that lately our phones have become our lifeline.

Our phones store a big chunk of sensitive data (including important contacts, private communications, videos and debit/credit card details) that needs utmost safety from hackers and malware.

This is why it’s inevitable to keep your android device safe and secure from external attacks, malware threats other data breaches.

Secure Your Android Smartphone

5 Basic Ways To Secure Android Smartphones

Following are the 7 simple ways in which you can protect your phone data from theft, hacking and virus attack.

Android App Development

Perfecting a Business With the Aid of Android App Development

Android devices are the latest craze in the market with incredible sales. At present, it is uncommon to observe people not having an android phone. Also, such phones are being sold out at a rapid rate and as such to get access to a huge customer society, many brands are focusing on android app development. It has impacted and altered the working procedure of IT business.

Android App Development

This sector is enlarging at a rapid rate as evidenced by the astronomical amount of users and downloads. Also, brands are executing the distinct features of Android smartphones for generating customized smart phone apps.

At present Android is the most demanded smart phone OS worldwide. The primary brands engrossed in designing such phones utilize the features of android OS. There is a massive amount of apps currently present in the Android App Store. Enriched regarding the advantages along with the enlarging acceptation, brands are creating their own apps. A few of the advantages regarding possessing a mobile app for business purposes is mentioned below

Increased Purchase & Income:

As time proceeds, individuals have begun to do shopping-related transactions without any hindrance at their own comfortable settings. At present people instantly discard products that confine them in one place. Hence, it is mandatory for entrepreneurship across the world to design captivating, simple and user-friendly shopping portals which apart from increasing revenue will expand the company’s value and worth.

Customer’s serenity:

At present many brands are designing android mobile apps considering the customer’s comfort. Aided by a mobile app, it takes less effort for users to touch base directly with the brand without hindrance and time consumption. Further, services present in desktops can be handily utilized on smartphones with the help of mobile apps.


Related to assets, a mobile app can be extremely advantageous for small entrepreneurships. If the app is well acclaimed by consumers, they won’t withdraw from settling for it. Further, brands can substantiate their apps with the aid of various monetizing tools that permit entreprenuerships to get good revenue related to the specific app.

Conceding and marketing: An extra advantage of owning a mobile app is the advertising & identification of the app where the business cant hope for people around the world to be aware of its presence without doing something distinct and innovative from its rivals. An app logo’s feature in the app store can have a tremendous influence regarding how the business’s customers perceive it.

With the craze and demand for mobile apps enlarging as time proceeds, the request for developers possessing massive knowledge is also correspondingly rising. From the previously mentioned advantages, the necessity of owning a mobile app for the entrepreneurship is identified. Such apps apart from generating income also aid in gaining access and reach to future customers.

Indians Got Addicted To Smart Phones – says Deloitte

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and other social networks, have gathered the attention of many people. It has become the habit of many people to check their smart phones every morning as soon as they wake up, and the last thing which they see before going to sleep.

These smart phones and the social media, has changed the lives of many people. A professional services firm Deloitte, conducted a survey, to check the usage of mobile apps. The results of the Deloitte’s mobile consumer survey 2015 are as follows.

smartphone addiction

Nearly, 78% of people who own their smart phone, check the mobile within 15 minutes after waking up, 52% of people said that, they will check their smart phone before five minutes of going to sleep.

The research founded that, people first check the WhatsApp and the other social media related apps and then they check their mails and SMS. This shows how social media have attracted the users across the globe.

The survey checked the mobile usage habits of around 49000 people from 30 countries, in which, 2000 people Indians. In the survey, it was found that,86% of people own the smart phones in 2015, which is 12% higher than 2013. In the survey about 28% of people said that they will check their mobile phone for 11-25 times a day, about 22% of people said that they will use their device for 26-50 times a day and 17% of people said that they will use their device for 51-100 times a day.

Rise of e-Commerce

From this survey, it is clear that, the smart phone usage has interrupted in almost all the activities of the mankind. So the telecom sectors have to improve their services, in order to meet the customer requirements, said the director of Deloitte touché Tohmatsu India LLP.

The voice calls and the SMS rates have decreased up to 20% when compared to the last two years.

IM has increased 10% and VoIP has increased 22% when compared to the past two years. So it is the right time for the mobile carriers and the network operators to make use of this opportunity, since there is great thirst for data among the customers.

Nearly, two third of people who participated in the survey are not satisfied with the quality of the voice calls.

This results in adopting the VoIP methods. People prefer the VoIP calls because of the free international calls, and the possibility to make the video calls. The quality of network will be more important than the quality of voice calls, in the coming years.

The usages of wifi in the home, work place and in any public places have increased for the past two tears. 43% of people used wifi in 2013, whereas in 2015, about 45% people use wifi. And 57% of people started using the internet on their smart phones.

Survey says that, most of the people who were surveyed, did not start using 4G networks, as per the reports, they will start using the 4G within a year.

Mobile banking trend

The research found that, many people who were surveyed are interested in in-store payments and also in the mobile money transfers. In the survey, 71% of people said that, they use the in-store money payments, and they are interested in it.

54% of people said that, they are interested in mobile money transfer and they are going to practice it in the coming days.

About 39% of people feel that the in-store money transfer has some security issues. And above 19% of people feel that there is no benefit from this scheme. Another 19% people feel that many stores do not permit this kind of money transfers.

Many people are fond of online shopping; they use the mobile just to do shopping in online. Whereas there is the other kind of people who are not interested in online shopping. 43% people give preference to their smart phones, from other devices.

Limitations of over use of smart phones:

Smart phone usage may have several advantages, but when it comes to health, it will have its own disadvantages. Smart phone over usage will cause some preoccupation behaviors such as, addition to smart phones, spending of more money for the usage of some application and in shopping, using mobile phones in dangerous situations such as, while driving and in any meeting environment etc.

they may also have anxiety if they are separated from mobile phones due to poor signal conditions.


Smart phone over usage can be differentiated by various age groups. Among the British children who were between the age 11-14, are addicted by 10%, whereas in India, the children of the same age group were addicted from 39-44%, these things are to be given importance by the parents and also by the society.

This addition may affect their studies. In Korea the addiction rate is 5-11%. This addition is treated as the some kind of health issue. Men are less stressed when compared to women; they use their smart phones for the social purposes. The older people are less addicted to smart phones.

smartphone apps

The best Android Apps for Smartphones


Owning a smartphone with 4g internet means you’ll never run out of cool apps to keep you entertained. There are well over 1 million apps on Android – they’re free or very cheap, so you really need to give them a shot. These apps make Android a much more enjoyable experience.

smartphone apps

For example Pushbullet has become almost essential to how people use my phones because it allows you to send (or “push”) links, text, and files between your devices, your computer, and your friends’ devices. It also has desktop notification mirroring, SMS replies from the desktop, universal copy-and-paste across all your devices, and you can even subscribe to Pushbullet Channels on your 4g network to get instant notifications of important updates.

Manually typing passwords every time you need to requires a lot of patience and remembering them all is difficult. We’ve all forgotten a password or two at some point in their lives. With Dashlane, the app that saves all your passwords so that you can easily copy and paste these into online forms when necessary.

Looking for a new job can involve hours of having to sift through classified ads in newspapers and job posting sites. Indeed’s mobile app for Android lets you search for a job when you’re on-the-go so you can find your next employment adventure, anywhere, anytime. You can also narrow the results for specific geographical regions, salary expectations or type of employment (full-time, part-time, etc.).

A galore of weather apps are available that are accurate &MORECAST is one of the best weather apps at AndroidPIT.It has one of the best-looking interfaces, with a clear and sensible layout. One of the most advanced apps of its kind, it comes with options such as side-by-side weather comparisons for two cities, and accurate weather information for a particular route or journey. Best of all, it’s free.

Evernote, arguably the most powerful note taking application ever created comes with a ton of note taking features like the ability to create lists, insert audio/video/images, and all of that is synced to the cloud where it can be accessed from any web browser. It also comes with a bunch of organizational features so you can keep all this info in line.

With these apps and many more, owning a 4g enabled smartphone can really change your life for the better. There’s so much you can do with your phone! So get the latest 4g smartphone today!

Google Unveils Developer Preview Of Android N Mobile OS


Google, the makers of Android OS has unveiled the developer version of its impending Android N mobile operating system. The preview is limited to select devices such as Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player and the Pixel C tablet.

Like other popular Android Os, Android N Mobile OS  has come packed with striking features. The OS introduces inclusion of multi-window support. A feature available on phones and tablets, and allows users to run two apps side-by-side or one above the other, in splitscreen mode.


Android N also let users resize apps by dragging the divider between the two. Users can access the feature also Android TV, via a picture-in-picture mode. In addition, Google has also revamped notification system. Android N users can reply to SMS or text messages from within the notification interface, and see messages grouped together by the OS.

Another latest feature included in the OS is a Data Saver mode, which will allow users reduce the data used by apps running in the background. Data saver also helps users to limit data used by apps in the foreground. Android N will be adding improvements to the Doze feature that was introduced in Android Marshmallow. Users will now be able to save more battery by making background apps run more efficiently.

Android N Mobile OS

Jump Start Your 2016 Mobile Strategy with These Seven Tips

2016 is here, and it’s time to start strategizing. Sure, mobile isn’t going anywhere, but your consumers are constantly changing—growing with the emergent trends contingent on the smartphone’s newest features.  Mobile ad budgets are at a record high, and smartphones are, too. If you’re outlining your 2016 marketing plan, don’t forget about these seven tips for an impactful, long-lasting mobile marketing platform.

Tip One: Prioritize Mobile over Desktop

While desktop marketing should still be utilized, mobile should be prioritized. In 2015, smartphone prioritization over desktop usage rose by 29 percent. Mobile, today, is the preferred business platform, and it should be your mainstream connectivity utility to ensure the next 365 days of success.

When strategizing, focus on drawing your consumers from desktop to mobile. Engage social media offshoots, and promote your SMS campaign when possible. Additionally, include in-store mobile-exclusive offers. A customer on mobile stays on mobile, and they’ll return as consistent brand impactors.

Tip Two: Create a Mobile App

Mobile apps have become the mobile marketer’s bread and butter—and for good reason. Currently, smartphone users spend approximately three hours daily on their devices. Of these three hours, 89 percent of operational time can be attributed to mobile app usage.

A company-hosted mobile app offers total subscriber control. It offers pay incentive, and it finalizes any ad expenditures to create potent retention strategies. Even if your company doesn’t intend on using advertisements, a strong revenue stream can be built from a mobile app addition.

Tip Three: Target

HamaraCoupons Mobile App For Online Shoppers

A new generation coupons website HamaraCoupons launched its Mobile Application (App) is available on the android platform and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This App greatly enhances the online shoppers a simple and user-friendly interface experience.

At HamaraCoupons app has been designed purely for “saving on shopping” purpose. In today’s tough economic times, we all need to save money on shopping than ever. To keep your wallet a little bit fuller shop with coupon codes and  promo codes.

Just getting one copy of coupon from the Sunday paper does not give you enough saving,so in this advanced technology there are a lot of digital coupons out grab them and avail discounts. Get amazing Electronics coupons,Accessories Coupons,Furniture coupons and many more. You just name a category they will provide you discount promo codes & saves time on your shopping.


HamaraCoupons App

Coupons& deals-based websites and smart phone applications are very common now a days. Every online shopper is looking for ways to save on their purchases without wasting thire time on buying any smaller product or a costly gadget.

There are some applications offering users with timely updates on various offers and coupons, but the drawback is from some Coupon promoting sites coupons or deals  that appear on such apps are either expired or incorrect and also some coupon sites started marketing techniques,conditions by implying social media sharing for some interesting deals.

But HamaraCoupons comes with a promise of a better and more rewarding experience for shoppers, with no other conditions. If you need a deal and you don’t want to spend your entire day looking for it just download hamaracoupons App It got covered with 1600+ online merchants.

It has the huge database for Coupons & Deals on most searching shopping categories like Travel, Recharges, Food & Restaurants and exclusive shopping offers on Credit Card & Debit Card plan. To make soften search we have a user friendly categorization with 24X7 flow of coupons. Join HamaraCoupons community for any queries,comments,reviews or inquiries regarding coupons & deals on online shopping.