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WhatsApp Update Version 2.16.264

WhatsApp for iOS Brings Notification Status and More

Facebook owned WhatsApp has updated its iOS app with a slew of new innovative features. The update has been rolled out for the iOS devices running on iOS 8.0 operating system or above.

WhatsApp for iOS Brings Latest Updates 

Lets dive deeper into these new WhatsApp feature for iOS:

WhatsApp Suspicious Link Detection feature:


After hitting Android, the feature is now available for iOS users as well. The feature, as name implies gives users ability to detect Suspicious Links sent in messages. WhatsApp marks a link in the message suspicious if it found that link dubious. Moreover, the user is alerted with a message if he tries to open the link. Alongside the feature, WhatsApp has also released a new FAQ related to the Suspicious Links feature.

WhatsApp Notification Extensions:

WhatsApp for iOS Brings Latest Updates 


This is another unique feature that iOS users get with the latest WhatsApp update. The feature is exclusive to the users having iOS 10 and newer. Using the Notification Extension feature, users can preview the photos and GIFs in notifications and download the media directly from notification. To enable the media preview to work, it’s required to swipe down on the notification.

WhatsApp Status

iOS 12 Features

Best iOS 12 Features: Release Date and Other Details

Tech giant Apple has plans to unveil its latest operating system iOS 12 beta for iPhones and iPads later in the year. Yet, public beta version of the OS is now available for download for testers. There are strong signals that upcoming iOS 12 Features will bring notable improvements to quality and performance.

iOS 12 Beta Availability:

Reportedly, iOS 12 beta will be released in three installments:  for developers, for public beta testers, and one final version for general iOS users. As of now, the iOS 12 public beta is available for download. The final version of the operating system will be rolled out in September for general users.

iOS 12 Beta Device Support:

iOS 12 will support almost every version of iPhones and iPads released since 2013.

Top 15 Latest iOS 12 Features

latest iOS 12 Features

As stated, iOS 12 is designed and developed with focus on improvement to quality and performance. Following are some of the latest iOS 12 Features that will be compatible to all iPhones and iPads.

1. Performance updates:

Apple has already stated that iOS 12 will be an upgraded version of iOS 11 with an

aim to doubling down on performance. With the latest version of operating system, apps would launch up to 40 per cent faster. Simply put, everything that supports iOS 11 will support iOS 12. (contd.: latest iOS 12 Features)

2. USDZ file format

With iOS 12, Apple will bring a new file format called USDZ. The format file is meant for AR based files. Apple worked with Pixar to make the new file format. The format works in multiple apps and is widely supported by tech giants like Adobe and Autodesk. With feature in place, iOS app will let users take images and text and put it in AR.

3. Measure app

With iOS 12, Apple takes AR at a new level. The new AR measurement tool called Measure can measure and detect real-world objects. The app has two tabs namely measure and level with additional features like a camera view, which lets you tap, drag a line, and measure.

4. ARKit 2

In the latest update, Apple adds more powerful features to ARKit including face tracking, realistic rendering, 3D object detection, persistent experiences, and shared experiences. With ARKit2, users can have single AR experience used on multiple iPhones.

5. Apple Photos

Apple Photos will also get some notable improvements with latest iOS 12 Features. Apple Photos brings a new “For You” tab with an “On this day” section featuring existing memories, looping Live Photos, Portrait photos, and more. Users may also use different photo editing tools that ‘For You’ tab suggests. The updated Apple Photos app allows users perform multiple search terms and get suggestions for multiple search terms.

6. Siri Shortcuts

The update gets a new Shortcuts app that enables users have an “Add to Siri” button that works with your own search phrase. You tap it, record a custom phrase, and then you can say it to Siri. Siri will execute the task as per the instructions given. (contd.: latest iOS 12 Features)

7. Apple News

For news lovers, Apple News is getting a new “Browse” tab and a new sidebar on the iPad. Apple News is now getting built into Stocks as well.

8. Apple Stocks

Apple’s iOS 12 gets an updated ‘Stocks app’ with Apple News tucked inside. So, now you browse latest news capsules while checking out your investments portfolio. The feature is coming to iPad as well.

9. Voice Memos

Apple has made major improvements to its Voice Memos. The app is now completely rebuilt and coming to the iPad and Mac. Voice Memos also support iCloud so you can sync recordings, Apple added.

10: Apple Books

Apple Books is now coming with a new name and a new design. The app gets a new “Reading now” section that will show you where you were left off.

11. CarPlay third-party integrations

With iOS 12, CarPlay is getting third-party navigation support. Now CarPlay users can access Google Maps and Waze.

12. Notifications:

Notifications improvements will also be an integral part of this latest update that brings a slew of latest iOS 12 Features . A new “Do not disturb during bedtime” function will hide notifications on a device’s lock screen at night. By hard pressing this function users can easily set a time limit for it as well.

A new ‘grouped notifications’ feature is also coming with this update that help users to group notifications from same app into one notification and customise notifications from the lock screen. (contd.: latest iOS 12 Features)

13. Screentime:

Screentime is an innovative feature that’s coming to this update. The new iOS feature will show you how much you use your phone with a weekly activity summary with a graph. Users can also set time limits for each app.

The feature will show you various stats about your app use including how long you are using each app for, when you’re using each app, how often you unlock your phone, and which app serves up the most notifications. Using the feature, you can also limit how much you use an app each day.

14. Animoji and Memoji

With the update, Apple brings Tongue Detection feature to Animoji. Another new addition to the update is a Memoji feature. The feature helps you make an Animoji of yourself by selecting your skin colour, hair, etc.  Then, you can pull up the camera in iMessage to add effects. Users can also do a live recording of the Animoji.

15. Grouped FaceTime calls

Apple’s iOS 12 beta will now allow users do group FaceTime calls with up to 32 people. Apple will ship this feature in a future software update later this year.

Firefox 12 for iOS Gets Link Management and File Downloads Feature

Mozilla Firefox 12 for iOS has been updated with a slew of new awesome features. The feature would help users having an improved user experience while browsing. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox 12 is now available for download with new multitasking and synchronization features among others.

Firefox 12 for iOS : New Features

Starting with download feature that lets users download files using Firefox 12 browser. These files can be viewed later. The feature appears to be very handy in case you want to read a document but you are in hurry. In that case you can download the files to your mobile device and then share it in the main menu. All the downloaded files are stored in downloads folder.

Link management is another major addition with the new version. Now the app gets one-stop menu to give you choices on what to do with the link. From opening a link directly in Firefox to adding it to your bookmark or creating a reading list to sending lists to another device, all that’s now linked to your Firefox account and can be managed from a single place.

And last, but not the least, a synchronization option in place.   The improved synchronization feature lets users sync Mozilla on your connected devices. More information on this is available on official Mozilla Blog.

Firefox 12 for iOS Gets Link Management

Google Lens Now Arrives On iOS Version 3.15

Google Lens is now available on Apple iOS devices. Over the next few weeks the roll out will be completed. To recall, Google Lens is an on-demand object recognition tool which could be accede through the Google Photos app.


10 Features of iOS 11 That You Might Not Like

For almost all the summer we have been testing iOS 11. At that time it was senseless to pay attention to the bugs and shortcomings, it seemed that everything would be fixed and removed at the final release.

WhatsApp for iOS Brings Voice to Video Call Toggle

Facebook owned WhatsApp has updated its iOS version with a slew of new features. With WhatsApp update version 2.18.22, the messenger brings a long anticipated voice to video call toggle feature that lets users switch between voice calls and video calls with a single tap.

WhatsApp Update Version 2.18.22

WhatsApp v2.18.22 update

Another feature that arrives in the update is the ‘@’ mentions button in group chats. The @ button will enable users to traverse through unread messages in which you were mentioned. WhatsApp for Android already rolled out the voice to video toggle feature last month.

The WhatsApp v2.18.22 update has been listed on iPhone App Store along with a changelong status that reads:


Microsoft Outlook for iOS Gets Major Updates

Microsoft has updated its Outlook app for iOS with a slew of noteworthy features. The update is meant to improve users’ search experience with MS Outlook. With the update, the app brings a standalone tab on a simplified navigation bar.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS Updated

Microsoft Outlook for iOS Gets Major Updates

The most significant change that comes with the app is the ability to search for emails, files, and contacts in multiple accounts from a single search box. In addition to that, the update gets a new sport for the search icon, at the bottom of Outlook.

You can tap this new icon to access top contacts, upcoming itineraries, package deliveries and recent attachments. Now, all contacts and files will be integrated directly into the new search experience and can be accessed by tapping on the headers of different sections.

With this update, Microsoft has brought a new set of filters with Outlook app. These filters will allow you to organize your search. Now, users can search on a single Outlook account from the menu inside the search bar, or filter the results to short emails with attachments.

All the above changes would be rolled out to iOS devices in the next few weeks.

WhatsApp Payment Feature Arrives on iOS and Android Beta

Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp has finally begun rolling out its UPI-based payments feature for Indian users. The feature, limited to select group of iOS and Android users as of now, would allow them send and receive money using the Indian government’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) standard.

WhatsApp Payment Feature Arrives

WhatsApp Payment Feature


The feature is reportedly available for the WhatsApp users using the WhatsApp version 2.18.21 for iOS, and version 2.18.41 for Android. The integration would indeed be a solid boost to digital payments if comes in a full swing.

GizmoTimes reported that the WhatsApp payment feature is currently available to select users of the beta app in India. Users can access the feature in a chat window through the Attachments menu. The option is given alongside other options such as Gallery, Video and Documents etc. When user clicks Payments option, a disclaimer window, followed by a list of banks to choose from.

Now user can select a bank account to connect with a particular UPI. In case you don’t have an UPI account, you will be asked to create one through the UPI app or your respective bank’s website/ app.

Similarly, you will be promoted to create an authentication pin if you haven’t yet used the UPI payments platform. To send/ receive money via WhatsApp, it’s a pre-requisite that both sender and receiver must have the WhatsApp Payments feature.  Since the feature is being tested and still under development, some users may face difficulties in linking their bank accounts to the app.

Apple Plans to Bring iOs and Mac Apps Together

If reports are to be believed, tech giant Apple is planning to merge iOS and macOS in a big way next year. The company has hinted developers to bring a way to create a single app that runs across both platforms.

Apple Joins iOs and Mac Apps

A report published in Bloomberg suggested that the company is planning apps that will be adjustable to either of the platforms they’re running on. These apps will support touch input on an iPhone or an iPad and mouse and trackpad input on a Mac.

The report further states that the concept of combined apps could be a reality next year. There are fair chances that they they’d likely be announced in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

By allowing app developers to create app for two platforms at a time, Apple aims at making it easier and faster for updates and new apps to arrive on the Mac.

Now the moot question is how Apple will realize its plan. It’s yet to be seen if macOS will emulate portions of iOS, or if developers will still be required to code two separate apps.

This isn’t the first occasion tech conglomerate is doing any such thing. Earlier, Microsoft has tried this with Universal Windows Platform apps by allowing developers to create apps that run across Windows, Windows phones, the Xbox, HoloLens, and even the Surface Hub.

iOS 11.2 Update Rollout

iOS 11.2 Update Rollout Brings Apple Pay Cash and Other Features

On Saturday, tech giant Apple rolled out its iOS 11.2 software update with slew of improvements and a few of new exciting additions. The major additions include support for Apple Pay Cash and faster wireless charging.

iOS 11.2 Update Rollout

iOS 11.2 Update Rollout

Apple Pay Cash is a feature that allows iPhone users (iPhone 6 and higher versions) send cash to friends and family over iMessage. This is similar to PayPal’s Venmo. If it’s not showing up in your device update your iOS version to iOS 11.2.

Another cue to be taken is coming in the form of quick and faster wireless charging that company has brought with this update. Following are the list of major additions and fixes in iOS 11.2.

  • Improvements in video camera

Another iOS 11 Autocorrect Bug Changing ‘it’ and ‘is’, Fix is Expected

Recently, iOS 11 users suffered a bug that would suggest “A[?]” whenever “I” was typed into a message. Later, Apple fixed the bug. Now, another autocorrect bug is haunting iOS 11 users. As soon a user types “it” on his iPhone device, the word is automatically corrected to “I.T.”  Even rebooting the device offers no help.

The same issue appears to happen with the word “is” that’s getting an autocorrect suggestion to “I.S” when it’s typed. The only remedy that seems helpful is to visit Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and make “it” and “is” as both the phrase and shortcut.

The trick above doesn’t always work. So, until Apple comes with a bug fix to address the issue, turn off autocorrect feature.

PlayStation App

Sony Redesigns its PlayStation App for Android and iOS

Sony, the leading tech conglomerate has completely redesigned and revamped its PlayStation app for Android and iOs users. The new app is now available to download and update via Google Play Store and Apple App store. So, if you haven’t yet installed the app, download it; or if have one installed, update to the new version.

Sony PlayStation App for iOS and Android

With the latest update to the PlayStation app, Sony has brought more intuitive design to let gaming geeks stay connected to PS4, friends, and your favorite games while on the go.

Sony PlayStation App


The updated app has a couple of new tabs at the bottom of the screen. The tabs will make it easier to switch between viewing who’s online, checking notifications, and follow the latest activities and posts from friends and the PlayStation community.

A new central PS button has also been added to allow users fast and easy access to the various features of the app. For instance, just tap the PS button and you can have instant access to the PS Store, as well as the upcoming events window.

Another new announcement that Sony made alongside is the release of new PS4 Second Screen mobile app (Android and iOS). The app will allow users to navigate their PS4’s menu, use the on-screen keyboard and view extra content in compatible games (i.e. maps, radars).

Apple Pay Cash Feature is Rolling Out for iOs 11.2 Beta

Apple’s new payment feature Apple Pay Cash that company introduced and demonstrated back during the WWDC 2017 conference has been rolling out as a part of iOS 11.2 beta. The feature, though, is limited to Apple customers in US right now.

Apple Pay Cash Feature Rolled Out For iOS 11.2 beta

Apple Pay Cash

There are pre-conditions to use Apple Pay Cash. To use the feature, a user needs two-factor authentication for the Apple ID. Additionally, users are also required to sign in to their iCloud account on any device that they want to use to transact money. And users would also need to link their credit and debit card to the wallet.

To recall, Apple Pay Cash feature can be used with the iMessage app or via Siri. As the feature has been rolled out, users can use Apple Pay to send and receive money pay right in Messages, or by asking Siri.

To do so, you don’t need to install a separate app. You can use the cards you already have in Wallet. Send money to anyone. Pay groceries, fund charities or Pay a babysitter.

How to use Apple Pay

Amazon AR Shopping View Feature

Amazon Integrates AR Shopping Feature to its iOS App

Guess the immediate dilemma when you go to buy furniture online. The questions that wade through your mind might be- if the item would match your wall paint or if it would fit into space available in your dining, and so on.

Amazon AR Shopping View Feature Arrives

Amazon AR Shopping View Feature


Since furniture is bulky and heavy, it isn’t simply possible to articulate online properly if post delivery it would be an ideal purchase.   Amazon, the giant e-retailer brings a solution to this. Amazon brings an innovative new feature called AR View to enable customers visualize online products in their own living space using their smartphone camera.

The feature launched today for the

Ahead of iPhone X Launch, iOS 11.1 Brings New Emojis and Security Updates

Tech giant Apple released the latest iOS 11.1 update for its devices, notably iPhones and iPads.

Apple iOS 11.1 Update Released : New Emojis on Board

The highlights of the update are more than 70 new emojis and a much-needed security update that patches the KRACK Wi-Fi exploit. To recall, KRACK made iPhones and any other devices that connect to Wi-Fi vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Apple ios 11.1 update released

The emojis arrived in the update include star-struck and exploding-head smiley faces, a woman with a headscarf, a sandwich, a coconut, a T. rex, a zebra, a zombie and an elf.

Alongside iOS 11.1, WatchOS 4.1 update was also launched for Apple Watch users. Now Apple Watch users can stream music streaming and listen to radio via their smartwatch.

The announcement is significant as Apple’s most anticipated devices iPhone X is almost ready to hit the shelves. The device happens to be the one with major phone redesign after Apple’s first iPhone launched a decade ago.

iPhone X will be coming without a Home button, instead will have Face ID and a flashy OLED display that stretches across the entire front of the phone.