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Facebook Messenger Brings Delete Sent Messages Feature

After WhatsApp and Gmail, it’s Facebook’s turn to let users undo their messages sent. The social networking giant has finally introduced a feature for its messenger app that allows users to unsend messages if they are unintentionally sent.

Facebook Messenger Delete Sent Messages Feature

It goes like what you’re already doing with other platforms. In case you’ve sent a message, the messenger app will give you a window within which you can delete it.

The announcement was reported by Twitter user @MattNavarra as “coming soon” in the release notes of Messenger’s 191.0 version on iOS.

Unfortunately, the time awarded to delete your sin on Facebook messenger is just 10 minutes, unlike WhatsApp that gifts you an hour to delete the message from recipients end.

Facebook Messenger Delete Sent Messages Feature

Now Facebook Would Suggest Your Next Status Update

Facebook Attribution Tool: For Better Ad Performance

Facebook has finally launched its revamped and powerful dashboard (Facebook Attribution Tool) for better ad performance tracking.

Facebook Attribution Tool : Improved Ad Performance Tracking

The launch finally happened after months of rigorous testing.  The newly launched Facebook Attribution dashboard will enable advertisers to have in-depth insight into how each element of their Facebook presence is performing. The deeper insight would include data on contribution to sales and comparative measurement.

Facebook attribution tool

The new Facebook tool called Facebook attribution aims to offer more data to help inform your approach. Facebook says following about the tool:

“Traditional marketing attribution tools that rely solely on cookies and last-click attribution may not be giving you a complete picture of which parts of your advertising really drive business outcomes. Facebook Attribution is an advertising measurement tool designed to give you a more complete picture of your customer journey, so you can make smarter business decisions.”

Facebook attribution tool

With the help of Facebook attribution tool, it’s now easy to track each element of your Facebook presence including Pixel data. It will certainly present you with better idea of how each is impacting your bottom line.

The attribution dashboard combines data from multiple sources including Facebook Insights, the Facebook pixel, app events and Offline Conversions. The incorporated data altogether offers a better insight into actual performance.

The attribution dashboard also provides insights into device usage and how users are converting. It will indeed paint a more direct connection between Facebook ad exposure and results.

Facebook attribution tool

In addition, Facebook Attribution also provides ‘randomized controlled experiments’ to marketers. The metric enables them to measure the estimated incremental impact of all marketing efforts across various Facebook owns properties including Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. It’s done using Facebook’s data-driven attribution modeling.

Facebook Attribution is likely to help marketers with social ROI and better linking online ad efforts to offline conversions and bottom line sales.

Facebook Attribution Tool : Improved Ad Performance

Facebook and Emotions: How to Trigger Emotions for More Likes and Shares

If you’ve stayed long enough in the digital world, by now you have probably heard about viral content. This refers to those crazy videos that are liked, shared, and commented on thousands of times, and probably get millions of views every single day. However, have you looked into it and dug deeper into the psychology behind it?

Facebook and Emotions: How to Trigger Emotions

Specific marketing campaigns succeed because they take time to study what makes content go viral, analyzing emotional elements and other psychological factors that act as triggers to share the material online.

You need to have a thorough understanding of your audience as well as the characteristics that may or may not influence their actions.

All Viral Images Have These Essential Things in Common

Across all ages and genders, viral content has these characteristics that are relatively common among age groups and demographics.

Positive Emotions

Researchers from Cornell University teamed up with social media experts on Facebook and altered both positive and negative content on the feeds of users. Results showed that out of the 500,000 users they tested, users saw more positive feeds than negative ones. They also published them more on their media accounts.

What does this say? Happiness is a vital factor in triggering these shares because it creates a warm, fuzzy feeling for your audience. If you want to amp up your social media marketing strategy, engage your audience with your wit and make them laugh. You’ll never know how many times a funny joke or witty dialogue can be shared over and over. Always pepper your marketing plan with a dose of humor.

Invoking Feelings of Awe and Wonder

Invoking a feeling of surprise in your audience is a powerful tool. It’s about how the human brain is wired. If you are caught in a kick of surprise, the pleasure centers of your brain are activated, giving off feel-good hormones or dopamine.

Therefore, it’s critical not just to create feel-good content, but to craft an element of surprise behind it. The question is, how do you come up with awe-inspiring content? You can try coming up with a resource that is extremely valuable to your audience, make an elegant list post that’s enough to fuel curiosity to the reader, or surprise readers with your timing by coming up with trending content.

 Anger or Fear Are Emotions That Can Engage Your Audience, But Use Them with Care

You can use anger or fear to your advantage, but you have to make sure to use it sparingly, as debates can get heated and quickly escalate, and you don’t want that to happen. You can try stirring up controversy, but make sure you have the necessary facts and evidence to back up your points. Healthy debates are good because they keep people talking.

 Try to Invoke Some Sadness or Nostalgia Within Your Reader

Who says sad posts can’t go viral? Sadness can be another useful tool for marketers to catch the attention of their readers. You can try provoking some thoughtful emotions that can leave a lasting impact on your reader, or even make them nostalgic about a particular event in their lives. Sadness and nostalgia are powerful raw emotions that make us human.

The Takeaway

We’re emotional human beings, and not at all times; we can also make decisions purely on logic. That’s why it’s vital to understand the psychology of human emotions and why certain posts go viral. Crafting viral posts that create powerful emotions isn’t easy. That’s why you need a


Facebook Messenger Brings HD Video and 360-degree Photos on Its Platform

Facebook seems to be fast and steady when it comes to adding innovation to its social network. Now, the Facebook Messenger brings two new features for delight its global user base. With the update being rolled out, Facebook users can now be able to send and receive HD videos and 360-degree photos.

With this update, users can now send HD videos up to 1080p or greater. It was limited to 720p earlier previously. Since most advanced smartphones have now started supporting 4K video, it was evident that Facebook will add teeth to videos on its platform.

The feature, however, comes with a catch. To share 360-degree photos, users are required to capture photos using a separate app or specialized camera. Then photos can be shared just like a normal photo.

High definition videos will have the familiar “HD” marker on the lower right-hand corner. Users can toggle between HD and SD by tapping the marker, which is useful for users looking to conserve data usage.

Moreover, there will be a “HD” marker on the lower right-hand corner of the HD videos. Users can tap the marker to toggle between HD and SD videos. Facebook messenger will be able to identify 360-degree photos using the compass icon. And users can preview the photos by moving their phone or dragging their finger.

The update is now rolled out globally for Android and iOS users.

Facebook Messenger Getting 500 Million Users

Facebook Messenger Platform 2.3 Gets Powerful Business Tools

Facebook’s craze to get more audience glued to its social network is eminent. Whether it’s general audience or business people, FB tries hard to convince them that there’s no one better than Facebook when it comes to features.

Facebook Messenger Platform 2.3 Business Tools

Now, the social network is adding teeth to it Facebook messenger platform 2.3 with mighty business tools to ensure more businesses utilize it. The social juggernaut has announced new improvements to its Messenger platform version 2.3 with a range of noteworthy new business tools.

Among the features introduced, ‘quick replies for contact info’ is the one.  As name suggests the feature gives users an option to share their contact info in one click. The feature is a visible improvement to quick replies feature that Facebook introduced back in 2016.

This is how Facebook explains the feature-

“Starting today, if a business asks for a person’s contact info, they can send a quick reply button that will auto-populate with the person’s email or phone number that is associated with their Facebook profile. Now, the person can select and share contact address with the business. If the person has more than one email address or phone number connected with their profile, they will be given the option to select which they would like to share with the business.”

The social network is also adding Customer Chat plugin presentation tools which will give businesses more power to customize and personalize the way they communicate via Facebook messenger.

As the screenshot tells it all, businesses can now customize the color of their Messenger bubbles to match their website presentation. To recall, the color selection capacity was introduced earlier in the month, but with the update in place, it’s now getting more customized for easy implementation with a new, easy set-up tool.

In addition to above, the social network added the following: