Popular Metals Used for Casting Wedding Bands

The basic difference in case of men’s wedding bands is the metal or material used in creating the band. Inlays are frequently used nowadays to add a dash of color to the wedding band but if proper metallic bands are preferred then also there is no dearth of choices. The popular metals used for crafting wedding bands are discussed below:

Popular Metals for Wedding Bands

casting wedding bands

Silver bands:

Silver is a well known metal. Wedding bands are also made from silver. However the silver that is used for making wedding bands or any type of jewelry is not made from pure silver instead sterling silver is used for making the wedding band. This alloyed form is tougher than pure silver and hence suitable for casting purposes.

However the bands made from silver can easily get tarnished due to environmental factors and so when it is not worn it should be kept in a moisture free pouch. It can also be taken to the jeweler for polishing so that the tarnished layer is removed.

Gold wedding bands:

Gold is a popular precious metal which has been in use since ancient times. Gold bands have a universal appeal and can have an opulent appearance if it is designed ornately. The color of gold wedding bands varies according to the metal which has been added as an alloy to pure gold for forming the wedding band.

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Platinum bands:

Platinum is a tough metal which has a white appearance. It can be casted into various shapes in its pure form. Platinum bands do not get tarnished at all by moisture so it is extremely preferred by most. Scratches in platinum rings can be removed by polishing. However the cost of platinum rings is quite high which is why it cannot be afforded by all.

Determining the fitting of the ring

If one is sure about the type of ring that one wants then the next important aspect is to find out the fitting of the ring. If the ring is too tight or loose then it will not be possible to wear it. As wedding bands are usually worn all the time so it is very important to choose a band that is comfortable.

If you are in such a situation where you are trying to understand how can you size rings then there is no need to strain yourself because online jewelry stores have a good range when it comes to the size of a wedding band.

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A trial wedding band can also be sent to the purchaser for trying out the size and if it is comfortable to wear then the same sized wedding band is sent to the purchaser; otherwise the size is adjusted according to the comfort of the customer.

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