How does your career grow after doing a master’s in Berlin?

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2021)

Germany’s capital Berlin has been a popular choice among students to study for a higher degree abroad. The top quality of education, lower cost of living, excellent research activity, technical innovation, and vibrant culture are driving a large chunk of students to obtain a master’s degree in berlin.

Berlin is also home to several top-ranked educational institutions that offer internationally renowned degrees in a variety of disciplines. Degrees earned in Berlin make you highly employable in the global labor market.

In the last three decades, Berlin has witnessed a massive surge in the number of international students. According to the data published by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD in 2019, Germany has registered a 4.3 percent increase in the total number of international students enrolled in various programmes.

With overall 411,601 international students, Germany has overtaken France in the number of international students in the academic year 2019-2020. With this, Germany has become the fourth largest nation to have international students in different programmes.

Career growth after doing a master’s in Berlin?

As an aspiring master’s student, you must be wondering about your career growth after your studies in Berlin. Today, we will list down some significant points that will end your curiosity and encourage you to choose Berlin to earn a master’s degree.

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Start-up capital of Europe:

As Berlin is the start-up capital of Europe, students can work with several start-up companies after completing their master’s degrees. Working at a start-up company provides you better learning opportunities. Start-up companies offer innumerable opportunities to their employees to learn and grow. Professionals also gain more experience in less time. It also provides a chance to learn entrepreneurship pragmatically.

Become an entrepreneur:

Pursuing a master’s degree in Berlin can help you become an entrepreneur. As Berlin is popular as the start-up capital, it provides an equal chance to non-EU citizens to start and grow their businesses. The government of Germany is very open to any type of business establishment irrespective of their nationality. However, individuals require mandatory documents and license to start their business.

Internationally accredited degrees add value to resume:

Berlin comprises some of the best universities in the world that offer internationally accredited degrees. The benefit of an internationally accredited degree is that it makes you employable on a global scale. This means the graduates canquickly get a job across the globe as it increases the value of their resume.

Work visa:

Upon completing the master’s programme, students can stay in Germany for up to 18 months to find employment. Berlin comprises several national and multinational companies that allow graduates to stay and work in Germany.

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Increase in salary:

Graduating from Berlin can help you get lucrative jobs in your home country. Recruiters will always prefer a Berlin return over others to onboard in their companies. You will also get a salary better than others for the same position.

If still confused, explore the top master’s colleges in Berlinto make a well-informed decision for your career. If not, apply now

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