How to Cancel a Bid You’ve Made on eBay?


For effortless and hassle-free shopping, eBay is as popular as Amazon. With thousands of categories and millions of products, eBay has everything you may want to purchase. The platform offers sellers an innovative platform to list, auction, and sell their products to the targeted buyers. The guide explains how to cancel a bid on eBay. 

Buyers make a bid and one who wins the bid gets the product. While bidding on a product on eBay, sellers have to ensure that they are bidding on the right product and offering the right price.

The bidding process on eBay from start to end is fairly easy. However, sometimes a seller has to cancel the bid for some reason. In such a case, he/she must know how to cancel a bid on eBay.

In eBay vocabulary, a seller cancels a bid whereas a buyer retracts a bid. Platform’s terms and conditions are made around this arrangement only.

Reasons to Cancel a Bid as a Seller:

Following are some of the many reasons why sellers cancel bids on eBay:

  • Canceling the bid on the buyer’s request
  • The item is not available for sale
  • Seller made an error in your listing

Regardless of the reasons behind canceling the bid as a seller, eBay allows cancellation if the seller provides a valid argument for this. Following are the steps that you can follow to cancel a bid as a seller:

How to Cancel a Bid on eBay?

how to cancel a bid on eBay
  • A screen opens. Input the item number in the top box, the buyer’s username in the middle, and the reason for cancellation at the bottom.

Finally, click “cancel bid” when finished.

How to Block Bidders from eBay Auction?

You may have enough reasons to block annoying and non-paying bidders from bidding on your listings. You can block them to stop the nuisance. eBay provides a straightforward tool to block bidders that can lower your feedback score. Here are the steps:

  • Log into eBay. Visit the block eBay bidders page for sellers.
  • Enter the username of the bidder you want to block in the box and select Submit to save. To unblock, simply delete the username from the list.

eBay allows you to block as many as 5,000 users by adding their ids to the blocked list.

How to Retract a Bid on eBay as a Buyer?

In eBay terminology, bid cancellation by a buyer is called bid retraction. Like the cancellation of bids, eBay discourages bid retraction as well. Different criteria are cited by the company for accepting bid retraction:

  • A considerable change to the product description by the seller 
  • A user accidentally bids a different amount than desired
  • When the seller doesn’t respond to communications
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