Can Playing Video Games Be Good for Your Mental Health?

# Last Updated On: May 9, 2021 #

Mental health has always been a significant issue in the world even if people didn’t talk about it as often in the past. These days, people are more open when it comes to speaking about what they’re going through, and some are struggling with mental health issues more than ever due to stress and other issues.

It’s important to have ways to unwind that will help you to boost your mental health. For some, video games are an outlet that helps them to feel better about life.

Read on to examine ways that video games can be good for your mental health. If you haven’t ever thought of video games as something that can benefit you before, then this information could change your perspective.

Even if video games aren’t for you specifically, it should become easier to appreciate what they mean to others. This is an entertainment medium that means a lot to many people and has the potential to have a positive impact on many lives.

Video Games Can Help You to Relax

One of the biggest ways that video games have proven to be beneficial to mental health involves helping people relax. Video games are a hobby that has the potential to be very relaxing.

When you have a day off, you might feel like spending some quality time on the couch with the newest video game that you’re interested in. Even if you’ve been overworked lately, it’s going to feel nice to sit down and enjoy playing something that resonates with you.

Using your hobbies as a way to unwind is a great way to deal with stress. When you allow stress to build up, it’s going to eventually get to a point where it’ll have a negative impact on your mental health.

Your physical health will take a hit due to stress if you don’t have outlets to relieve it. Video games are just one option that you could utilize, but other people might be more interested in playing music, reading a good book, gardening, or doing something else that they find to be relaxing.

Some types of video games are going to be more relaxing than others. There are people who get overly competitive when they play video games and this might prevent them from relaxing depending on the games that they choose to play.

You could actively seek out games that will just be a good time that can help you to feel relaxed, though. For example, playing a story-driven RPG like The Witcher or Final Fantasy might help you to feel more relaxed than playing Call of Duty competitively online. This might depend on your personal preferences and personality, though.

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Video Games Allow You to Connect with Others

Another great thing about video games is how they bring people together. You can connect with friends through your shared love of specific video games. This happens in several ways, and some of them might not be as obvious at first. Many people have formed lasting friendships due to being interested in the same video games and being enthusiastic about certain genres.

It can be fun to talk about the newest games and share your experiences with others that are passionate about the hobby. When you’re going through mental health issues, it’s going to be easy to feel like you’re isolated.

This is especially true when you’re depressed, and you don’t want to try to face depression issues alone. Being connected with a community of fellow video game enthusiasts has the potential to boost your mental health more than you might initially think.

There’s also the obvious way that you connect with others through gaming. Playing video games online has given people the opportunity to easily socialize without having to leave the house.

You can spend a few hours at a time chatting with friends and playing games even when you don’t live anywhere near them. If you’ve been dealing with depression due to moving away from home, then video games are a great way to stay connected to your friends and family.

You can find video games that you can use to bond with others quite easily. There are some truly amazing co-op video games that allow you to team up with friends either online or in person.

If you can’t be in the same room with your friends right now, then at least spending time laughing and having fun with them online will be good for your mental health. This is something that helped many people get through the pandemic, and it can continue to be good for your mental health long after those issues have been solved.

Some Video Games Have Great Messages

Some video games just have great messages that will make you feel more positive. Playing through games that have themes about friendship and overcoming hardships might help you to turn a corner in some respects.

When you listen to certain songs, you might feel like they can make you feel happier. Video games can be the same way, and sometimes a game has a story that can just make you feel a lot more hopeful.

Consider seeking out games with good stories that will help you to improve your mental health. There are many games out there that might cause you to feel sad if you play them as well, but there are so many that have positive messages about life that can put you in a happier place. This might not be the main reason why video games can help with your mental health, but it’s still something to consider.

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Playing Games Might Just Help to Take Your Mind Off of Your Worries

Just being able to distract yourself from the issues in your life for a period of time is great. If you feel like you’re worried about life, bills, family issues, the future, and other things, then you should know that you’re not alone.

Everyone struggles with these thoughts, and some people wind up getting depressed or anxious. It can be beneficial to have positive things in your life that can give you a reprieve from worrying about life situations.

Video games are the very essence of escapism for many people. You can travel to different worlds and do fantastical things that will entertain you and thrill you. Whether you’re playing a game where you’re trying to save the entire galaxy like Mass Effect or if you’re just farming crops in Stardew Valley, it has the potential to take your mind off of your worries. This is very helpful, and it’ll be great to know that video games can be there for you when you feel like you need to take your mind to a happier place.

Online Therapy is Always an Option

Remember that you’re never alone when dealing with mental health issues. If you feel like you’re having a tough time with depression or anxiety, then you can reach out to an online therapist to start the process of healing. MyTherapist will allow you to connect with a caring professional who can help you with many different things.

Reach out whenever you’re ready and know that you can turn things around over time even if you’re dealing with significant mental health problems.

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