5 Must-Have Features Of A Call Center Dashboard

# Last Updated On: June 22, 2021 #

Call centers have become integral parts of businesses where backup and support has to be provided to customers from time to time. With the advent of technology, call center software was invented so that the work could be streamlined and made convenient for the employees.

Today, the market is flooded with various kinds of call center software with varying features. Business-oriented software is now developed for offering customized services to clients. While talking of the call center software, special mention needs to be made of the call center dashboard. Having a good dashboard helps in easy and convenient working.

5 Call Center Software Dashboard Features

Call Center Software Dashboard Features

1. Interactive voice response (IVR)

One of the most important Call Center Software Dashboard Features which a call center software should have is interactive voice response (IVR). The feature is not only common but very useful at the same time. It is nothing but a telephony menu system, which helps in identifying, segmenting and routing callers to the most suitable and appropriate department, agent, pre-recorded message or waiting in the queue.

If you take a look at the most common kind of IVR system, you will first be hearing a greeting or wish from the system. You will then be asked to choose from the various prompts. Usually, numbers are allocated for the menu options; e.g.:  Press 1 for Support, Press 2 for lodging complain, Press 3 for sales, etc.

Once you, the caller, presses the appropriate button/number, the call is routed accordingly. Depending on your selection, your call will be routed to a suitable team member or you will be asked to be in the queue for help. This system is great for call centers that have unique fields or teams for different call kinds.

2. Telephony

While making a call center software, having telephony is mandatory. If you are thinking about what telephony is, it is nothing but telecommunications technology. With the help of this feature, two or more people can communicate with one another in a hassle-free manner.

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And it is needless to say that this feature is of pivotal importance to any call center software. The majority of call center solutions provide or have their own telephony. Sometimes customers can also bring their own telephony. Without having this feature, the entire operation in a call center might come to a sudden halt.

Escalating a call to a different department or getting a real-life understanding of how an irritated customer is handled by a senior call center agent are some of the many benefits offered by telecommunications technology.

Therefore, as a call center supervisor, it is your responsibility to ensure that all the call center agents are equipped with the latest technology so that they can serve their customers in the best possible way.

3. Social media integration

It is needless to say that social media has become extremely important for all kinds of businesses. Almost every business is on social media channels today, trying to draw the attention of people within a short span of time.

Not only this, these channels are excellent platforms for marketing the products and services. While creating call center software, having it integrated with social media channels is very important. Suppose a customer has a problem with a particular product or service and discusses the same on social media.

With social media integration, employees from the call center can intervene and solve the issue successfully. This turns an angry and distressed customer into a happy one in no time. Interaction with customers gets much better with this call center management feature. 

4. Automatic call distributor

There are some pillars on which call center software is designed and developed. Among these, the automatic call distributor needs special mention. Many essential functions are performed with the help of this feature.

With this feature, incoming calls can be routed to the most appropriate department or agent within the call center. Usage data can also be acquired from the automatic call distributor including call handling, call volume, wait time, call duration, etc.

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Managers also have access to call conferencing, call monitoring, call barging and whisper coaching. Call Recorder facilities are also available. Thus, any call center software will have this facility.

5. Real-time metrics

A call center dashboard should be able to provide real-time metrics. Data like average wait time, service level, average handle time, longest wait time, number of agents who are available right at the moment, etc. should be available.

With such information handy, more informed decisions can be made by the agents so that the company’s interest is served in the best possible manner. Managers should have access to such data and information for making in-time strategic decisions for better efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Some other features might also be present in the dashboard, but these are kind of mandatory.

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