Can You Build a Career with Blogging?

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2021)

Anyone who has ever considered launching a blog with the hope of using it to generate income has probably wondered if it was possible. There are plenty that provide significant income, but there are many more that serve as little more than a public diary.

How to Build a Career with Blogging?

Is it blind luck that makes one blog successful and another not, or is it something you can control? The truth is, it’s a little of both. Timing has a lot to do with whether or not a blog catches on, but there are steps you can take to increase the likelihood that yours will be one that grabs attention.

Invest in Your Education

Don’t be tempted to think that this type of career means you don’t need to further your education. This is a competitive market and requires a multitude of strengths to do well. You need more than a knack for writing and photography, although higher-level training in those skills is beneficial.

You are essentially running your own business. You need to make sense of the financial details, be able to market yourself and feel confident negotiating with sponsors and brands. If you are worried about taking out loans to pay for school before launching your career, or you have existing loans that add to your monthly expenses, explore some of the repayment options available.

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Research the benefits of loan deferment and forbearance. You may be able to pause your payments while you focus on growing your career.

Treat it Like a Job

Many people are tempted to dive into blogging as a career because it allows them flexibility. While you can do much of the work on your schedule, flexibility doesn’t mean you won’t need to put in long hours. If you are considering launching a blog while working full-time or parenting a young child, this can mean late nights and early mornings.

To catch on and grow, you need to provide regular content. This is the way to build a loyal base of visitors. Counting on one-off readers who stumble across your writing or the occasional viral post will not take the place of those who enjoy your content and visit your site regularly.

Get Comfortable with Social Media

There is no way to escape the importance of social media when building an online presence. Regardless of how you plan to distribute your content, having various social media channels that you update frequently is a necessary part of building your audience. If you aren’t careful, social media can be a trap.

The interaction is a great way to show engagement, which attracts sponsors, but it is easy to be too casual in your interactions and lose sight of the fact that the social channels represent your brand. Carefully consider posts and comments, and if you consider posting something in haste, frustration, or anger, take some time to cool down before moving forward.

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Ill thought-out posts can alienate your target audience, and trying to clean up a mess by deleting posts and comments will drive away many more.

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