Buffer Introduces Video Upload And Scheduling On Social Networks

Renowned social media management service Buffer has introduced a feature for the users that enable them create, schedule and post videos on social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. With Buffer for video service, users need to upload their clips only once to schedule its publishing on the preferred social network.

The posts made via Buffer appear natively on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, from where you can easily share them. For other networks like LinkedIn or Pinterest, Buffer will add a link that directs viewers to its hosted video player. The company also added that they are exploring support for custom thumbnails.

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The latest feature included will support MP4, MOV or AVI files up to 1GB and is available to all Buffer users, including those on the free Individual plan. Like other post types, Buffer will provide analytics like likes, shares, comments and retweets for videos also.

-Buffer Introduces Video Upload And Scheduling

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