Blogging Vs. Content Writing: 10 Major Differences

Writing has always been here since the starting of time. It the kind of communication that has changed drastically in the last few decades.  From parchments to paper, followed by magazines and now in this digital era writing has evolved far greater to what it was before.

Blogging vs Content Writing

Today we have blogs and websites which provide us with entertainment and information as well. But there is a slight difference in blogs and websites.

Blogging vs Content Writing

Therefore there is the difference in the writing of both platforms. For blogs, we have blog writing, and for websites, we have content writing. Although both of them come under the same umbrella of writing yet, there are a few fine lines that distinguish blogging vs content writing.

To make you understand the difference between the both I first need to explain both of them individually. Let’s start with blogging.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a free style form of writing in which you express yourself to the world. You discuss matters which seem important to you. You are the author, the editor and the publisher. Your topics can be informative or entertaining; it’s up to you to decide on what topic you will write. You can also write blogs to establish communication with potential clients. If it works, you can add that blog to your website to give it a boost.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is different than blogging and many levels. To start with you are given certain topics to write on, you have to pick a specific tone in which you will carry out for the rest of your write, at times even the tone is also given to you. Content writers are usually professionals who have been writing for a living and knows how to work all the roundabouts of this area. They usually write content for websites.

So there you have the basic definition of both blogging and content writing. I hope that has cleared the concept of both writing styles. So now let’s move to phase 2. Where I will give out to 10 basic differences that separate blogging from content writing.

After much research, I have made a list of the top 10 dissimilarities between the both. Every point that I have added is after thorough research in hopes of making it clear that content writing and blogging aren’t the same time. So without further ado let’s being with the differences.

10 Major differences : Blogging Vs. Content Writing

1. Tone


In blogs, you chose a less formal tone, you use I and you while addressing to the readers. Your language and wordplay are easy to understand as your readers can be of any background and social standing. Therefore, bloggers try to keep a light tone with a pinch of entertainment to keep the reader interested.


while you are content writing you write in the 2nd and 3rd person. You chose a formal tone that you will carry on throughout your piece. You even use intellectual language in your write up because you know the mental level of your readers. Therefore it becomes mandatory for a content writer to write in a sophisticated manner because the readers have specially chosen your website, a lower quality of writing will surely disappoint them. The content writing materials usually have an authoritative tone which forces the readers to take certain steps.

2. Choice of Topics.


In blogging, you are free to choose any topic you desire. You can write on technology, tourism, finance, healthcare, politics, fashion or any other topic of your liking.


In content writing, you are writing on a particular genre. Usually, that topic is given to you. You will continue to write in that particular genre. For example, you are a content writer of a tech website. Therefore all your write ups will be tech related. You can’t write on other topics unless you’re told to.

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3. Language


In blog writing, your tone has an artistic touch as you are trying to give your personal thought and views to the world. In short, you are expressing yourself. The word choice is all up to you. Usually, the language in blogs is simple and easy to understand because the primary focus of bloggers is you please the readers with their write up.


In content, writing to stick to a very formal tone and use specific jargons that are related to this genre that you are writing on. Suppose you are writing for a website content that is based on finance and e-commerce. Therefore, you will use specific terminologies. You can’t have a free word choice because your target audience is readers who already have sound knowledge of finance. Therefore you should use such language which keeps the interested and is informative.

4. Publishing


When you’re a blogger, you are the sole writer, care taker, editor and publisher of your blog. You can change, edit and delete your blog at any time you want. You have complete control over everything.


As a content writer your job is only to write the content that you are asked for. For the rest, there are other people. Usually, the write ups of a content writer go through many stages before publishing. It is re checked by a senior content writer, then it goes to the editor for a final check and then finally the publisher publishes it online on its respective website. Thus very different from blogging.

5. Usage


As I have mentioned earlier, the write ups for content writing are in an accessible language and is mostly opinion based. The writer is giving his own opinion in most of the blogs he writes. Therefore the topics are also picked randomly or by public demand. The pieces that bloggers write are used only for the purpose of blogging, although the write ups can be used for websites but after thorough editing.


A content writer writes in a precise manner that is already notified by higher authorities. Therefore the write ups are only useful to a small number of readers. Hence using that material on blogs is useless because the language will be hard to understand and the topics will not be as impressive. Suppose you come across a blog that tells about the stocks of last month and another about exotic locations to visit, which one you’ll read? You be the judge and decide. Hence the content of content writers is only good for the websites for.

6. Update


Bloggers usually keep an eye on their blogs and update them from time to time. Because the topics that they are writing on are fully seasonal or picked by public demand. Suppose you write a blog on the best sites to watch movies online. Now you have to keep a regular check on the website links that you’ve provided that are they still available for or are there any better available that you can add your list. Hence a regular update is required.


Content Writers usually write for websites, they work on stuff like vision and mission of the company, their goals, and achievements. This kind of content doesn’t need to get updated regularly. Therefore the content writers rarely update their work once it goes online.

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7. Planning and Research


In blogging all you need to do is a pick a favorite topic, do a fair amount of research so that you don’t sound dumb and start writing in a reader friendly manner. The primary objective of a blogger is to please a general reader with his work. Therefore no such planning and research is required.


You need to do intense research and planning when you are a content writing. I will explain this by an example. Suppose you are writing for a website based on fashion and latest trends. You give out your piece, and it goes online. Your write up is good with fine word play, but all that will go down the drain the minute a reader spots that the fashion trends which you have discussed is last.

All your hard work is done for instantly. As a content writer, you are addressing to already aware readers. A reader who already has information about the latest fashion trends will come to read your work, so don’t take the reader as dull and dim and feed him with something that they don’t know. Therefore proper research and planning are mandatory before writing a piece.

8. Length:


The length of a blog article varies, but usually blogs are straight to the point and brief in length, as readers lose interest when they see a huge article before their eyes.


The length of an article written by a content writer is usually long because he provides extensive details on a particular topic which is mandatory to add. If a reader comes to your websites searching for medical assistance and you simply say take an aspirin and sleep on it, then he’ll be more than just disappointed. Therefore you need to provide concrete details in order to win readers.

9. Skills Required

BLOGGING: A blogger doesn’t need to be a pro writer in order to write a blog. Good vocabulary, fine sentence structures are needed which are the basics of writing. Although a blogger must know how to deliver an entertaining article which will please the readers.

CONTENT WRITER: Content writers are usually professionals at what they do. They usually have a degree in English or journalism or any other field related to writing. They work in a proper structural manner with thorough planning and research. They have command on extensive vocabulary and on the English language, they write flawlessly with zero grammatical error.

10. Financial Stability


Bloggers usually have an unstable financial step up. Their blog could be a huge success over night from which they can earn a lot while all that can also disappear overnight leaving them nothing.


Big firms usually hire content writers and they are paid on a monthly basis like every other employment pays off. Their job is only to provide a beautiful written article. While there are other people responsible for making the article hit and viral. Therefore content writers have financial stability in their lives.

Blogging vs Content Writing

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