What Is Bladabindi Malware Threat And How It Attacks ?

# Last Updated On: August 16, 2019 #

A new ly discovered Trojan Virus Bladabindi is all set to become a new headache for global cyber security experts. Experts are sending alerts to internet users against possible Bladabindi attack. The virus steals your crucial and sensitive information in no time.

Experts from Computer Emergency Response Team India (CERT-IN) say that the virus may damage your MS Windows OS. They believe that USB flash drives and Data cards are mainly responsible for its spread.

Bladabindi steals information from malware infected computers. Hackers also use it as a Malware downloader to spread other malwares.

It helps hackers to hack a computer from remote locations. Bladabindi may also infect keyboard and webcam to send stolen information to hacker. Using Bladabindi hackers can steal:

  • Your computer name
  • Your native country
  • OS serial numbers
  • Windows user name
  • Operating system version
  • Stored passwords in chrome
  • Stored passwords in Firefox
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Bladabindi copies itself in the root folder of your pen drive and automatically creates a shortcut file using drive’s name and folder’s icon.

When user clicks the icon, it activates the malware and opens the Windows explorer. User finds all this normal and doesn’t smell the rat as it occurs as a normal course of action.

“Bladabindi can infect Windows Registry, inject malignant codes into startup programs, modify runtime policies, hijack processes, remove desktop or start menu shortcuts to disrupt the running of the system and hijack the Windows Security Center.” – Pcthreat.com

Agency suggests a number of measures to prevent the attack. Some of the suggestions are following:

  • Run full computer scan using virus removal tool
  • Stop Auto run feature in Windows
  • Use regular OS updates and patches
  • Never open anonymous or fishy e-mails / links / websites
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