Blackberry To Introduce Group Photo Sharing

Blackberry has announced new updates for its cross-platform messenger services. These updates are introduced for its android and iOs versions.

From now onwards, users would be able to use blackberry messenger group feature and photo sharing. Blackberry has also increased the size of Blackberry shared files from 6MB to 16 MB.

Geof Gaidway, Marketing Head Blackberry has posted on the blog:

“BBM will soon introduce photo sharing option in multi-person chat. BBM users already have features like voice note in group chat, location sharing using glimpse and file sending from their Dropbox account. By increasing the file size limit from 6 MB to 16 MB, we have enabled users to send files that are large in the size.”

Users can now send large images, videos and documents using BBM. Now users can transfer a video of 16 seconds duration to someone due to the increased transfer limit of 16 MB. Earlier the maximum length of a video to be shared in a chat was 6 seconds. Size of the emoticons has also increased in this update.

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