Microsoft Rolling Out ‘Insight’ For Office Online. Get Bing Search Directly Within The Documents

After replacing 90’s hot cake Clip-Art with Bing Images, Microsoft has been rolling another major change into Microsoft Office Online. Microsoft has now integrated its search platform Bing into Office online. It will enable users to search for anything on Bing within the document. (See the screenshot)

Microsoft has named the feature Insight, that will research the selected term put on search and serve you information from information repositories such as Wikipedia or pictures from Bing Images.

The way to access the insight is quite playful. To access Insights, just right click on a word or selection, and then choose Insights from the contextual menu. You will then find a navigation panel on the right side of your browser.

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Along with the ‘Insight’, Microsoft has also made some improvements in its PDF support. Now you can change PDF into editable word documents having a copy of the original.

Interestingly, you can copy text embedded in images now. The update offers a few more enhancements to the Office online. These are: visual guidelines for pages, ability to insert symbols and improvements to its ‘Tell Me’ support tool.

Story: Bing Search Within Documents

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