Best Weapons of Fallout 76, An Action-based Role-playing Game

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)

Fallout 76 was released on November 14, 2018. It is part of the famous Fallout series by Bethesda. It is the first multiplayer game of the series and the open world is being explored by the player in this game. Fallout 76 is an action-based role-playing game. An online game, it is developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

In Fallout 76, you not only have to defend yourself against Super Mutants, hordes of Ghouls, and Raiders as well as from the other player in the game.

Being the first multiplayer version of the game, it has become more competitive. So, you have to choose and use weapons wisely. We will provide you with a comprehensive guide on weapons available in the game.


All the guns available in the game are divided into categories. We will be discussing some of the best guns of the game.

Hand Made Rifle:

This rifle, when perfectly modified and the perks are applied, can melt the faces of even the most powerful enemies. What makes the Handmade Rifle so good is because it is one of the most customizable weapons in the game and its solid stats.

From drum magazines, beefed-up receivers, barrel changes, to its rapid rate of fire and high base damage, this weapon adapts to the player. If you want to make the gun more deadly, couple it with Commando or Rifleman perks.

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Gatling Gun:

This weapon is an absolute beast. With a turn of the crank, it will spit bullets directly at whatever it is facing. It’s only a mid-range weapon, but everything in that scope is on the decline.

The most common place you’ll find is in Supply Drops, Containers, and Mid-game enemies. However, if you end up at Watoga Shopping Plaza, you can buy it there.

To maximize the chances to get this weapon, you must complete the Defiance Has Fallen quest for the Brotherhood of Steel.

The Dragon:

The dragon is a black powder gun on steroids. It is one of the most lethal weapons present in the game with 200 plus base damage.

At 230 base damage, it’s already a powerful weapon until you realize it has four cannons that fire at the same time when fired. That is a base damage potential of 920 if all hits are fired. Obtained by raising various legendary enemies. The more components you put on it, the more dangerous it becomes.

Gauss Rifle:

This is a powerful energy weapon that will decimate enemies in your hands. It throws materials at enemies at such a high speed that they can’t help but fall when hit.

The best way to modify this weapon is to increase its potency and add a bonus for sneak attacks. It’s good to use perks that increase damage, increase accuracy, and generally improve guns in your hands.

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Player ID:

At the start of the game, an account has to be created to start playing the game. The credentials of the player are getting stored there. The level of the player keeps getting better with time as the missions are being accomplished.

The quality of guns in the arsenal also affects the level. There are online platforms available where buying and selling of player accounts of Fallout 76 are done.

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