Top 4 Best Mobile Wi-Fi Printing Apps

Do you remember the time when we were connecting printers and desktop computers with cables? My computer had only a few USB ports and I was forced to disconnect some of its peripherals every time I wanted to print a document.

Luckily, that time is behind us and most new printers support wireless communication.

Top 4 Wi-Fi Printing Apps For Pro

Still, this doesn’t solve all of our problems. While every printer comes with a driver for the desktop use, Wi-Fi mobile printing apps are still relatively new in the printing world and they are usually developed by companies that produce smartphone OS and software. Here are 4 great apps that help us enjoy the simplicity and practicality of Wi-Fi printing.

1. AirPrint

Top 4 Wi-Fi Printing Apps For Pro

Apple’s printing utility is used for printing photos and documents from iPhones, iPads and other devices that use iOs and OS X.

The app can also be used with printers that are connected through USB or Ethernet ports. A wide variety of printers can detect it easily and it can appear across several networks if the DNS servers are configured. The AirPrint utility also comes with classy finishing options.

Although this utility can only work with printers that support it, you can find a loophole and make a printer AirPrint-compatible, by connecting it with apps like Printopia or MAC Presto, which act as printing servers.

2. Mopria Print Service

Wi-Fi Printing Apps

Android followed Apple’s wireless printer utility with its own solution. Mopria Print Service app allows Android (4.4 and later) users to print: documents, photos, web pages and graphics from their phones or tablets.

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The app works with wide variety of certified wireless printers and uses regular wireless networks or Wi Fi Direct.

Mopria also allows its users to give a finishing touch to their prints and control: colors, size, number of copies, paper range and media type. It can also staple or pin several documents into a bundle.

3. Samsung Mobile Print

This is the most popular Wi-Fi printing app, developed by a printer manufacturer. It’s very easy to use and it supports wide range of printing and scanning options.

The app is free and it can be acquired from iTunes or Google Play Store. It automatically detects nearby Samsung printers and connects with them.

With Samsung Mobile Print you can print documents and photos in ‘.doc’, JPG and PDF format. Other options include: simplex or duplex printing, portrait or landscape paper orientation, different paper sizes and finishing touches like cropping or resizing photos.

Wi-Fi Printing Apps

4. Epson iPrint

The Samsung’s major competitor in printer manufacturing released its own Wi-Fi printing app. Epson iPrint works on Android and iOS and it can be used for printing and scanning documents and photos in MS Word, PDF and PowerPoint formats.

E mail-enabled Epson printers also allow app users to print their material from greater distances by adding them to e mail attachments.

When it comes to cloud technologies, Epson iPrint is compatible with Google Drive, DropBox and MS OneDrive and it can also be used for printing EverNote notes and documents.

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Although Epson iPrint and all other Wi-Fi printing apps offer great features, for some bigger commercial printing jobs, including: leaflets, calendar, poster or Christmas card printing, you’ll need more advanced  printers, used in professional printing stores.

Wi-Fi Printing Apps

Comparing to other hi tech niches, printer manufacturing industry is developing very slowly. Although Wi-Fi and e-mail printing allows us to easily print our documents and photos, without connecting cables, we still need to replace printing cartridges and conduct regular ink refills.

Hopefully in the next few years, this issue will also be solved with the release of the new EcoTank printers.

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