The Best Investment Apps for Beginners in 2021


With everything going digital, finance institutions are no exception to the trend. Almost all major banks have an online banking application. These applications have made things relatively simpler for people.

You could also come across several money management apps, commission-free apps for investment purposes, and digital wallets. You may wonder how these investment apps differentiate from the other available mobile apps.

Best Investing Apps for Beginners or Pros

It would not be wrong to suggest that various app developers look forward to developing new and latest applications every day. With nearly 2000 apps developed and launched into the market every day, you would be spoilt for a choice of options. Let us delve into the 10 Best investment apps for Android.

1. Acorns

Best Investment Apps

For a beginner, Acorns has been the best investment app in the business. It tracks your transactions, rounds the purchase to the next dollar, and uses the remaining cents on every purchase made in investing your money.

You could gather a decent amount in a significant duration. The college students could enjoy the free app services. It would cost a reasonable amount for non-college students. Acorns include a rewards program, CNBC coverage, and more to assist you with investment as a beginner.

2. Zerodha

Earlier, physical shares have been used to trade in the stock market but now with the advancement of technology, the stock market also changed, and dematerialized shares have come into effect.

People take assistance from top brokerage firms. Zerodha is one of the renowned brokerage firms and best stock app that gives discounts and is India’s third-leading brokerage house. Here, you will find a huge list of discount brokers which attract multiple customers.

It gives a good growth for business volume. This brokerage has changed the landscape of India’s brokerage

3. Yahoo Finance

Best Investment Apps

This best stock trading app for beginners for a beginner would not let you trade or invest any money. However, you could easily check the stock market through the app, get hold of the latest news, check for historical trends, and other available stock market standards.

Moreover, your Yahoo Finance could easily be linked to your brokerage accounts. It enables you to check everything through a single app.

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You could make the most of the stock information and news feed offered by the app. Among the several other available options, Yahoo Finance works decently enough.

4. Wealthfront

The app is similar to Acorns. It’s the best app to buy stocks. However, the difference would be you putting money manually for the automatic investment of the money on your behalf. Wealthfront provides options such as investing in a portfolio or designing it independently.

It handles all trading independently to help your money grow. It would link your bank account to track your finances in a single application. It would provide you adequate power for making better and informed financial decisions.

5. Wallet

Investment entails ensuring you have real money for investment. You would require a wallet for it. The wallet would be your budgeting and money-management tool.

It would enable you to link your bank accounts, track your money, and look forward to cutting back on investing more money.

However, by investing more money, you would increase your chances of gaining more profit. Financial management has been an integral aspect of investment.

6. Traditional Brokerage

Earlier, traditional brokerage offered the worst experiences on mobile. However, a majority of brokerages have eased their UIs, made their trading tools more accessible, and reduced their costs.

Rest assured that brokerage would not let you trade in the stock market. However, it would often let you manage your investments, such as mutual funds, 401k, etc. Consider ensuring that the new brokerage account has several features you require before signing up. It would help you ensure that you could manage everything in a single place.

7. Robo-Advisor

Best Investment Apps

It is a relatively easy way to invest your hard-earned money. This stock investment app makes the most of algorithm-driven and automated services for investing your money. A wide range of brokerages would be made available with such features.

Most of them offer the best record of accomplishment. Such kinds of applications would also enable you to manually trade stocks. It would enable you to see if you could surpass your automated advisor.

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It would be pertinent to mention here that minimum requirements, fees, and other things would vary from one brokerage to another. Some services would enable you to trade stocks, purchase mutual funds, initiate 401k plans, and more such investments. Such services would make significant all-in-one investment applications.

8. Robinhood– best stock trading app for beginners

If you were looking for an application that enables you to involve in the investment game with a huge amount of money, rest assured it is none other than Robinhood.

Using the application, you could make the most of buying and trading stocks listed in the United States and the ETFs without the need to pay commission. Therefore, it would be significantly different and relatively better than any other stockbroker charging a decent amount for every purchase would.

9. Reddit

Yet another brilliant platform for investors for numerous reasons would be none other than Reddit. You would come across subreddits for the stock market, personal finance, and several such topics.

You could log in easily, ask questions, learn the working of investment, and seek desired answers about investment. Moreover, most investment firms and brokerages would use their subreddits to interact with other available customers.

It enables you to ask questions and understanding the working of tools. Despite the platform is not recommended for seeking financial advice, it would be in your best interest to learn from the experience of other users.

10. Paytm

Best Investment Apps

Nothing would be better than using a secure and best app for the safe transaction of money. Paytm gives you the best and safe experience of payments and other financial support.

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Now, you can do several things within a click such as open a saving account, do recharge, any type of investment, or book tickets. You can do payments at more than 20 million stores, apps and websites as well.

Even, you can also do shopping several things and do payments later on with help of a Payment Postpaid wallet. For excellent financial services and other support (EMIs) Paytm is perfect.

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