Top 10 Best GPS Tracking Devices for Kids

In the technology world, Even though many technological devices are available, GPS tracking devices are always top on the list. Whether you are going for dinner or going on a hiking trip,  GPS Tracker for Kids always comes in handy.

Best GPS Tracker for Kids

In addition to this, you cannot find an electronic gadget without GPS tracking features and options. From mobile phones to the latest cars, GPS tracking systems are effectively used by people. Apart from this, GPS tracking devices for kids also used to track people, pets, vehicles, keys, and many more. Let’s see the best gps tracker for kids available in the technology world.

1. Wonbo GPS Tracking Smart Watches

gps tracker for kids

Here, the GPS tracking system incorporated in the smart watches. One of the cheap gps tracker for kids manufactured from the Wonbo is the Smart watches with GPS tracking systems. With the help of the smart watch, you can locate your kids.


  • Sim Slot Sos Call Real Time Location Finder
  • Anti Lost Alarm
  • Remote Gps & Lbs Monitor Watch
  • Remove Alert For Boys Girls
  • Support Android & Ios.

Wonbo GPS tracking smart watches have come with admirable and useful features. This best gps tracker for kids has the feature for the voice chat. The fitness tracker system for kids is available in the GPS tracking smart watches. The main benefit of using the Wonbo GPS tracking smart watches is GPS tracking, and to make the two-way calls.

2. Anti-Lost: Key Finder and Phone Finder

gps tracker for kids

Generally, people will forget the place at which they kept their phones and keys. If this is the case, you can make use of an Anti-lost GPS tracking device to find your keys and phones. The person, who works on Bluetooth technology, can effectively use Anti-lost GPS tracking devices.

You can attach the important things like phones and keys with these gps tracking device for kids. It will detect the exact location of the important objects. The main reason for using Anti-lost GPS tracking devices for kids is because of the battery life. It usually has a battery that lasts up to a year.

3. Trax Play Kids GPS

If you want to keep your eye on your kids, who are all playing in the outdoor environment, you can make use of Trax play Kids GPS tracking devices. These types of GPS spy apps  will have a simple and sleek design, but able to produce accurate locations.


  • Real Time Tracking
  • Augmented Reality
  • 2|3|4G Connectivity
  • International Coverage
  • Custom Geofences
  • Proximity Alerts
  • Track Multiple Devices

In order to track your kids, you have to install the mobile application. Trax Play gps tracker for kids shoes can support both the android and iOS devices. It is one of the world’s smallest and lightest GPS tracking devices. The battery life of these GPS tracking devices is only 24 hours. But these GPS tracking devices are water and dust resistant.

4. Yepzon One Personal GPS

gps tracker for kids

In order to use the GPS tracking devices for the elder ones, you can make use of Yepzon one personal GPS. A smartphone application is needed to track the elder person. But the Yepzon one personal GPS is waterproof, and the battery life will be dependent on the usage of the GPS tracking system.

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  • Lightweight tracker
  • Indoor tracking with Bluetooth
  • Comes with neck strap & pouch
  • Fast updates with 2G technology
  • 15-21 days of battery life
  • Zero subscription fee for 1-month
  • Works with Android, Windows & iPhones

You can track the person who is far away from you. Yepzon, one personal best gps tracker for kids is free from distance limitation. As it is available in the lightweight, the user can wear the Yepzon one personal GPS tracking device as the pendant. But the tracking is depending on the network connection.

5. POD 2 GPS+ Wi-Fi

gps tracker for kids

The pet lovers, who want to track the movements of your pets, can make use of POD 2 GPs+ Wi-Fi. The total weight of this GPS tracking system is 1 ounce, and it will not create any disturbance to your pets.


  • Tracks location via GPS as well as activity.
  • Can use Wi-Fi for indoor tracking.
  • One account can track multiple pets.
  • Global coverage.
  • Works for cats and dogs.

With the help of POD 2 GPS, you can detect the location and activity level of pets. Like other GPS tracking systems, it also needs smart phone integration. The mobile application can be supported by both the android and iOS devices. The battery life of POD 2 GPS lasts from 6 hours to 6 days, and it is based on the usage of tracking devices.

6. MOTO Safety OBD GPS Tracker

If you’re a vehicle owner, your ultimate aim is to provide safety for your vehicle. With the help of MOTO safety OBD GPS trackers, you can ensure the safety of the vehicle. You can connect the devices to the maps in the smartphones, and provide a high level of accuracy of location, speed, and traffic with this gps tracking device for kids.

In addition to tracking, the GPS tracker will generate the report card of the vehicles by including brakes, speed, and acceleration. One of the significant reasons for using MOTO safety OBD GPS tracker devices is to find out the amount of gas in the vehicle tank.

7. SPL Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Whenever you want to track the motor vehicles and its speed, you can make use of the STI_GL 300 mini portable real time GPS tracker. The devices are featured with alarms to indicate when the motor vehicle gets out of its limits. If your vehicle is in the motion state, its battery will drain out quickly.

It is one of the lightweight and best gps tracker watch for kids in the technology world. But you have to pay up to $25 per month as the monthly subscription cost. Whenever you want to set Geofences, you can go for it in STI_GL 300 GPS tracking devices.

8. SPOT Trace Anti-Theft Tracking Device

The above-mentioned are the lightweight and simple tracking device for the people and pets. But the SPOT Trace Anti-Theft GPS tracking devices are exclusively designed for the Bulkier bodies. One of the main benefits of using this type of GPS tracking device can locate the destination accurately.

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This is because; it uses satellite technology for GPS tracking. The alerts can be sent through emails or text messages. As it uses satellite technology, you need not worry about the cellular network. The Anti-Theft gps tracker for kids is water resistant. But you have to pay more from your pocket in order to avail of the Anti-theft GPS tracking devices.

9. Spot Gen 3

If you love to hike, the Spot Gen 3 is your dream tracker device. Though Spot Gen3 is having a rough look, the person who is going for hiking can make use of this GPS tracking device. This is because; the spot Gen 3 is able to withstand harsh environments and still work with the same flow.


  • Customized tracking features
  • Track in near real-time
  • Provide GPS coordinates and other vital information
  • Pre-programmed text message with GPS coordinates

This is one of the small gps tracker for kids that has longer battery life. Whenever you are using the SPOT Gen 3 at a lower frequency, it can last up to 150 days. It works well on the mobile phone that is having a satellite line. It will update the location for every 5.10, 30, and 60 minutes.

10. Monster Magnetics MiniMag 2 GPS Tracker

As the name indicates, these types of GPS tracking systems will work well on magnet technology. Whenever you want to protect your valuable things, you can make use of MiniMag 2 GPS tracker.

As these GPS tracking devices are using magnetic technology to locate, it can stick to any metal bodies. This GPS tracker device is available with watertight plastic enclosure features in order to protect the device from different environmental conditions. It usually contains a Sturdy and compact design. But you have to pay more to avail of these GPS tracking devices.

Final Words:

The above-mentioned are the top 10 GPS tracking devices available in the technology field. You can select GPS tracking devices based on your needs and requirements. Make use of this article and track your phone, keys, pets, vehicles, kids with the help of GPS tracking devices.

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Chad Elliott
August 24, 2020 2:57 pm

These key finders are a life saver at our house. We’ve been using them for the past year or so and we probably save a minimum of an hour a week looking for our keys.

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