6 Best Expense Tracker Apps Built With Expense Tracking Tools

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2020)

Figuring out small business finances can oftentimes prove to be a challenging task as there are numerous types of income, accounts payable and receivable, and so many other financial implications that must be determined. Professional financial analysts are expensive and may be unnecessary. There are numerous free online tax tools that can be essential assets if used correctly.

Then of course, there are plenty of useful apps as well. We have listed five Best Expense Tracker App to help you with expense tracking. These expense tracking apps ease out expenditure tracking.

The small business financing is a challenging task as there are numerous invoices, payment requirements, and financial procedures that need to be followed. Professional financial analysts are expensive and may be unnecessary. We have listed five Best Expense Tracker App to help you with expense tracking. These expense tracking apps ease out expenditure tracking.

Best Expense Tracker App with Expense Tracking Tools

but keeping accounts can be too tiresome for even the best of small business accountants. That is why here we have listed five apps that will help you run finances for small businesses with why you should have them and how you should use them for your benefit.


Hurdlr Premium is the best expense tracker app for mobile professionals, like small business owners, independent contractors and freelancers. It’s perfect for business owners who need to track expenses, mileage, and taxes, but don’t want a complex accounting system, and only costs $5 a month on their annual plan. It lets you track multiple businesses under one account.


Hurdlr makes capturing valuable deductions completely automatic with artificial intelligence-based tracking, so there’s no need to waste time organizing receipts. The app links with over 10K banks and integrations to capture every transaction detail. Hurdlr even has a ‘Deduction Finder’ feature which instantly finds deductible expenses, specifically for your business.


With over 20K online reviews and a 4.7-star average, thousands of business owners trust Hurdlr to automate their business finances. For users who want more advanced features, like those in QuickBooks (i.e. invoicing, balance sheet), there is a “Pro” offering for only $10 per month.

1. QuickBooks Online

This is a highly regarded and the best expense manager app that focuses on simplifying the basic accounting processes and make the accountant’s job easy.

QuickBooks is widely known by accountants and helps in functions like payroll management, profit analysis, and inventory systems. This expense manager app has a long-range of versions available that virtually cover all the usual tasks of small business management.


You can virtually use this app to run your entire operation. Quickbooks will sync with most of the advanced financial analysis apps available these days. It is not an economic analysis website but a financial data management system. This personal expense tracker app is used for everyday expenses, keeping that small businesses have to do on a day-to-day basis.


It is a highly regarded and top-rated app for advanced accounting needs. It will allow you to generate invoices, manage expense records, track miles, and will allow you to perform many more functions.

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2. FreshBooks

Fresh Books works in the same fashion as Quick Books, and the only upside is that this expense tracker comes with a cloud-based data storage system that will allow you to access your data from anywhere in the world regardless of your devices or locations.


The app has an extensive expense tracking, time tracking, retaining, fixed asset management, purchase order management, payroll management, and various other advanced functions available. All the data is stored on the cloud so that you and your team can access the data online without any interference and in a highly secure environment


The app is closest; you will come to QuickBooks without being the app itself. It is a unique bridge between the app and sophisticated financial analysis options available in the market.

Other financial analysis options also require that the user will only be provided with one common expense feature for small businesses. This is one of the rare expense tracking tools that has everyday bookkeeping options as well as the long term financial analysis options available.

3. Wave

best expense tracker app

If you want a brand to provide you with multiple apps to run various finances of your company separately, then Wave, the best expense manager app is your best choice. The brand has an extensive free accounting software system that will give you an extended range of apps, including the mobile invoicing app, mobile receipt app, and other apps.


Many companies operate in a fashion that the same person does not submit various financial data. The person responsible for payroll management is not responsible for invoicing.

In this situation, many individuals end up putting in data in their respective slots under one user name? That is not the best-case scenario; the simple solution is Wave
expense tracking software, where you get separate apps for every function. The function manager can use a separate app for its operations.


It ensures a lack of confusion and increases personal autonomy. The app can be extended as a multiple function system, or it can be used to separate the functionality altogether. The freedom is great for advanced financial management in the small business. Giving access to so much economic data to so many people at the same time takes away autonomy and credibility.

4. Expensify

best expense tracker app

If you have a business that requires your employees pilling up receipts of travel on your desk, then Expensify (our next expense manager app) is your best option. Expensify has a receipt scanning system that will allow you to scan your receipts and connect the data with other finance apps like QuickBooks, Xero, and others.


This daily expenses app is a bridge that allows the user to take a scan of the receipt, acknowledge all the details, and choose where they want to send the data. The data will be submitted to the expense report of your choice, and you will have access to the simple and painless system instead of a long and arduous data entry system.


In terms of why the app will allow you to have a quick solution to receipt management, and it is virtually exclusive to the task. You will find it a smooth and useful tool in your financial management arsenal. It will also take away the need to hire a data entry professional, and will probably save you an entire employee’s wort of work.

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5. SOS Inventory

If you are looking for a way to take your inventory from your ecommerce set up on Shopify or other ecommerce portable and bring them to QuickBooks, then consider SOS Inventory. It’s the expense tracker app so far.


This expense tracking software will design inventory tracking, manufacturing, and order management, among other processes, easy. It will also be usable on a tablet, app, mobile, and desktop and will be useable in more than one location. The categories can be changes following sorting filters that provide diverse options.


The app is virtually exclusive to ecommerce operations. Still, as personal expense tracker app, it will allow you to have a detailed set up to ensure that you will be able to manage your inventory effectively by syncing it with other financial management apps.

6. My EasyFi

best expense tracker app

Want to see your business from a big picture perspective? Here is your chance with the expense tracking software where you can present your business as one person. The app will explain how you can save more or where you should curb your expenses. It is a simple app that will help you earn money through affiliate marketing.


The basic plan is free and allows for a 50% commission on the sale, the same as the paid members. The affiliate program for the basic user has a once a month payout. For the paid member, membership available for $100, a marketing program as well as financial services is both available.


It will make you visible to businesses all over the world. It will probably attract more customers to your brand if you use your portal to promote other and more established brands. It’s a win-win for all!

Best Expense Tracker Apps: Conclusion

All in all, modern expense tracking apps are a great way to make sure that you are getting the right services to run your business smoothly. You will find that by using the right apps to their best advantage, you will have the excellent financial management set up that will be beyond repercussions.

We are here for any advice that you may need on the expense tracker. So feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section, and we would love to get back to you right away.

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