Best Browser-Based Applications For Your Work-From-Home Or Online Classes

We are living in a world where the Internet has afforded us with connectivity and so much more. As such, you don’t need to be in a physical office or even in a room to be connected with your co-workers and classmates.

Best Browser-Based Applications

To say that we are lucky considering the climate that we are in today is understating it. With the Internet’s help, we still can have at least a sense of normality even with physical distancing rules all around us.

In this article, we’ve collated three of maybe the most underrated online or browser-based tools anyone can add to their bookmark list to improve their work-from-home or online class lives. After all, with the help of the Internet, anyone can almost do anything – provided they have the know-how and savvy to do so:

An online PDF editor

One of the things that you will constantly be doing when you are telecommuting, and even when you are just a student attending online classes, is PDF edits. PDF or portable file format is the standard format for files and documents shared over any file-sharing platforms, and this is because it stays as is even when opened with various PDF programs. That means even if you open it on a word processing software, the file’s formatting stays as is.

PDF edits are wide-ranging, but some of the most common is adding text, converting it to other file formats like Word to PDF, and encrypting it. It’s a good thing to bookmark a browser-based PDF editor that does all of these. PDF Bear is probably your safest choice for this, but there are quite the alternatives that you can audition for a bit of trial and error until you decide what tool you like the most.

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An online grammar checking tool

Grammar is one of those things that is tricky to master, as even native English speakers don’t necessarily have a perfect handle of it. That’s why it’s wise to bookmark an online AI grammar tool to help you with any literature that you are writing. Even just emails, responses to messages should have the perfect grammar if you want to look more professional.

Like the PDF editor, there are also several options you have for an online grammar tool. Grammarly is the top choice, although it’s not necessarily the best if you don’t have extra money to pay for the premium subscription. There is a free option, of course, but the features are limited.

A site with a timer for the Pomodoro technique

To keep your concentration in tip-top shape in a very comfortable environment like in your home can be a daunting challenge. To help you with this, an online tool called tomato timer can help. The timer is set to twenty-five minutes, where you focus on what you should be doing at that given time. After that, you can choose to relax for five or ten minutes, then go back to your task.

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This is based on the Pomodoro Technique, which was proven to increase employees’ productivity, making students more focused on studying and keeping stress levels at a minimum. With this browser-based tool at your easy disposal, you won’t have deadlines in the workplace and school.


To make the most of these online tools, your browser should be up-to-date and work perfectly on whatever device it is in. Chrome is the best browser to access these tools, although Mozilla and Safari are also great options. Syncing your bookmark folders is also a great idea so that you can easily work through your devices.

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