An Overview of the Best Android Video Downloading Apps

To choose the best video downloading app for your Android device is a definite need of the hour. The list of applications is numerous and you would be spoilt for choices.

Best Android Video Downloading Apps

Best Android Video Downloading Apps

Android users often end up choosing an application that allows you to download videos directly from the social media sites. Though most of the apps are available on play store, but it is always better to install them from their official website.

1: Snaptube

It is a favourite of many in terms of a video downloader application. Though a lot of alternatives are there, but nothing can stand up to the status of Snaptube. The popular features of this app includes

  • Without even opening YouTube you can avail the list of trending videos
  • Video files can be converted on to audio files
  • Goes on to support social media sites along with a host of other websites

2: Tubemate

If you are longing for a specific app in order to download videos from YouTube then opt for this app. The reason being there is a special feature of this app in YouTube.

The moment you click on the copy link it will automatically show the download option and you need not even open the app.

3: Videoder

This is a friendly and easy to use app as far as downloading of videos in Android phone is concerned. The desired videos can easily be downloaded and saved on to the desired format and file size as per your choice.

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A notable feature is that you can directly steam the videos within the app. From a single app you can watch, download and even steam the videos.

An important point to consider is that you are not going to find this app in Play store; you need to download it from the website itself. The premium and free versions of the app are available.

4: KeepVid

This app would allow users to keep the downloaded videos on their device anytime. Possessing a user friendly interface videos of multiple sites from high quality can be downloaded. If you are looking to download an audio version of these files, you need to install a plug in.

5: Vidmate

Normally video downloading takes a degree of time and this depends upon the internet speed. This would also depend upon the number of videos you are downloading. For this, you can check out the notification of your mobile device.

Even after downloading Vidmate, you can figure out the status from the app itself. The moment you have launched the app the download process would emerge on the top right hand side of the screen.

Once you click on the icon it is going to show the list of downloaded videos till now. Individually, you can pause them or even remove them from the line.

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Vidmate download 2019 is popular when you are looking to download the online videos on to your Android phone.

It is possible to open and search for the desired video from this app. The quality and folder destination can be set. These are some of the popular video downloading apps.

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