Best 4G Phones in the Market

If you look back in retrospect, you will surely be amazed at the leaps taken bythe telecom sector. From simple landline phones, the industry has rapidly paved the way towards an age where best 4G phones are enough to get any work done. These compact devices make it possible to harness the power of data to use the Internet and other related applications.

About 4G phones

The introduction of second and third generation networks (2G and 3G) marked the beginning of a digital revolution. These technologies make it possible to stream content and even download movies or videos without mediums like Wi-Fi. Yet, the speeds were limited.

This is when 4G technology became the game changer and thrilled users with its superior speed and seamless functionality. Since then, devices that enhance the performance of 4G network have been introduced in the market, each with a unique set of features to attract consumers.

The performance of 4G devices is similar to high-speed broadband connections, thereby increasing the demand for 4G-enabled devices. The most reputed 4G technology is 4G-LTE (Long Term Evolution), which is considered to offer the best speeds. The VoLTE feature in thesemobile phones offers high definition (HD) calling facilities and better coverage.

Benefits of 4G devices

4G technology scores a point mainly because of its impressive speed, which is why it is the preferred option for the fields of both, work as well as entertainment. If you are an avid online gamer, a 4G device could give you the ultimate gaming experience.

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The same applies if you download movies or other heavy content, as the likelihood of glitches is starkly reduced and you can enjoy optimal download speeds. Streaming videos or music is another area that greatly benefits from 4G-enabled mobile phones.

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The four devices that are trending currently are as follows:

1. Asus ZenFone Max

If you looking for a 4G phone in the budget category, then the Asus ZenFone Max is a good option. One of its best features is its heavy-duty 5000mAh battery. It supports Android 6.0 version.

Asus ZenFone Max

2. One Plus 2

This device operates on Android version 5.1.It is available in 16 GB and 64 GB variants, with a sizeable 3 GB and 4 GB RAM respectively. Other specifications include its 13 MP rear camera and a fingerprint sensor. This device is classified under the mid-price range.


3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

With a full AMOLED display, this smart phone is a front-runner in the high-price range of devices. You can look forward to glitch-free operations because of itsOcta-Core processing system that runs at a speed of 2.3 GHz.



The LYF EARTH 2 is available under the mid-range category and is designed with an Octa-Core processor. Both the front and rear camerasare 13 MP ones, whichensure high-quality pictures. Its storage capacity, which is 32 GB, is also one of the reasons that make this device a good buy.

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These leading 4G phones are designed to offersuperior functionality.However, the best part is that contrary to popular belief, such devices are not very expensive. Depending on their features, 4G devices are available across varied segments. This offers you the flexibility to purchase one without worrying about the associatedprice tag.

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