Being a Digital Nomad: Taking Your Nomadic Lifestyle on the Road

If you’re interested in freelancing, blogging, or vlogging, and you’re fed up with staying in one location, getting out onto the open road can be appealing. However, the trouble with travel is that it is mostly planned around airlines, hotels, and restaurant dining.

This gets expensive in a hurry, making any long trip difficult to achieve. However, when you wish to remain stateside, there are some effective ways to create a nomadic lifestyle on the road. Here is what we suggest.

Create Your Affordable Office on Wheels

Avoid airline delays, badly appointed hotel rooms without a place for your laptop, and other concerns. Take charge of the situation by owning a motorhome or RV. A previously owned RV is perfectly adequate. There’s a choice of having a self-contained motorhome or keeping a truck if you already own one and tow a travel trailer or camper behind it.

An office can be set up in the RV – many have dinettes that can be used for your laptop. To find some affordable RV options, try this site:

Stay Connected Wherever You Are

While you can rely on the local Starbucks to grab a coffee and connect to their Wi-Fi, this restricts where you can go. It’ll be necessary to stay near major towns and cities instead of heading to where it is most affordable to camp. By all means, use coffee shops for their super-fast connection, but the rest of the time, have other plans.

For example, consider getting a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. These can fit in the palm of your hand and can connect to the nearest cellular tower. Adding an external aerial on the roof of the RV will boost the strength of the signal and the corresponding speed too. Also, shop around for the best 4G data packages because they change regularly.

Plan Location Moves Based Around Work

Depending on where you park up and stay overnight, it may be necessary to move on every morning or every 7+ days. Urban boondocking requires moving the next morning to avoid annoying anyone, whereas camping in the desert or on forestry land allows for longer stays. Plan your movements around the work that needs to be completed.

As a digital nomad, people are relying on what you deliver, so your movements must not inconvenience them. If necessary, stay somewhere where you’re paying per night to avoid needing to relocate on a set day.

Monitor the Weather Conditions to Avoid Surprises

The weather is highly changeable from one state to another. Even crossing a state line can lead to a very different experience. It’s helpful to monitor the weather conditions periodically. It will allow you to gauge when you might not have enough sun for solar power and need to make other plans.

Also, when you rely on hook-ups at a campground, a storm will create a need to lock everything down and it could cause the power to cut out too. Both are less than optimal if you have a project that’s due.

When you’re producing work for other people as a digital nomad, make sure that you can do so even when things don’t go as expected. Multiple backup plans are useful to avoid letting people down.

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