Beginner’s Guide to Data Science Course

Big Data mentions huge volumes of data which cannot be processed successfully with existing traditional applications. The Big Data processes begin with raw data which is not grouped and often it is impossible to store in a single computer’s memory. A

word used in describing huge volumes of data, that is both structured and unstructured, Big Data overwhelms a business on a daily basis. Big Data can be used in examining insights which leads to strategic business moves and to make better decisions.

Applications of Big Data

For financial services: Retail Banks, insurance firms, credit card companies, institutional investment banks, venture funds and wealth management advisories for financial services use big data. The usual problem among all of them is the enormous quantity of multi-structured data found in various different systems that can be solved using Big Data. Hence Big Data is used in:

  • Customer analytics
  • Operational analytics
  • Compliance analytics
  • Fraud analytics

In Communications: Gaining new subscribers, expanding in current subscriber bases and retaining customers are the highest priorities in the case of telecommunication service providers. To these challenges, the solutions lie in the capacity to analyze and combine the masses of machine generated data and customer generated data which is created every day.

Skills Required in Data Science

  1. Analytical Skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Statistical and Mathematical Skills
  4. Computer Science
  5. Business Skills
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Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the science of inspecting raw data for the reason of drawing conclusions regarding that information. Data Analytics includes applying mechanical or an algorithmic process for deriving insights like for instance, going through a number of sets of data in order to search for meaningful correlations with each other.

In order to allow companies and organizations for making excellent decisions and verify and refute existing models or theories, it is used in a number of industries. Data Analytics focus lies in inference that includes the process of derivation of conclusions solely based on researcher’s knowledge.

 Applications of Data Analytics:


Data Analytics optimizes purchasing experience through the social media and weblog/mobile data analysis. Travel websites can obtain insights according to the customer’s preferences and desires. Products can be sold by matching the present sales to the following browsing conversion of browse-to-buy via customized offers and packages. Travel recommendations personally can be delivered by data analytics, which is based on data on social media.


Data Analytics assists in the collection of data in order to spend and optimize in and across games. Game companies obtain insights into the relationships, the likes and the dislikes of the users.

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Skills Required in Data Analytics

  1. Programming skills
  2. Statistical and Mathematical Skills
  3. Data Intuition
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Data Visualization and Communication Skill
  6. Data Wrangling Skills

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