Quick Points On How To Be Safe On Social Networks

Internet-SafetyRecently Facebook has celebrated its 10th anniversary with so many additions announced and launched for its users. The frenzy that took place somewhere in the year 2004 has now become a revolution, trend and if not exaggerated, a lifestyle. The scoop goes similar as well with other brands Twitter, MySpace, WhatsApp —– and so on. What seems common in all the names listed here is their ability to tender a platform that allows seamless communication and users engagement. Even, I don’t know the better mode of getting connected with my friends. Despite all the powers that social networks confer to their users, certain concerns are raised time and again by the social geeks to know if their sensitive data and information is in safe hands.




Consider a situation – you post a private picture of your bachelor party showing some cozy moments with your female colleagues. Think how would your fiancé react when she will discover the snap. A humor goes dirty without any reason. When you are using social networks, carelessness and immaturity are the last words you can tolerate. While using the social networks, you should follow stringent safety practices to escape any inconvenience later on.

Privacy and safety setting…

Once you have done the initial sign-up in any of your favorite social networks, the second most important thing I would suggest is fixing the privacy cover. Every social network has its own privacy and security settings to let users have a firewall. These settings enable users having full control on what they post online and how people see the stuff posted.

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Think Then Post…

Once you post something it goes viral in minutes. You only remain with aftershock and impact. Before posting news or a feed, scrutinize its value addition. Ask yourself if it’s appropriate to do such posts. Your posts convey a lot about you to the outside world. It appears as a testimony of your thought process and mindset. Refrain from posting stuff that are violent, obscene and meant to spread nuisance. This is evidently pertinent to maintain your positive online reputation.

Social Networks Are Public. Avoid Posting Personal Information…

When relationships are made using ‘tweets’ and ‘Likes’, its credibility is always subjected to the serious scrutiny. It sounds cynical but realistic. I hardly believe that an individual Facebook user knows all the five thousand friends he/she has in his/her  friend list. The takeaway is – Avoid posting very sensitive and personal information, images or other content unless necessary. It gives stalkers an opportunity to intrude in your personal space. Why one should make pictures of his last candle light dinner public he hosted last weekend to impress his love interest?

Learn To Manage Friends…

Not all the friends you have on your social networks are equal. Some of them are your colleagues, some are your school mates and some are from your hometown. You can arrange them in different lists by setting your priorities. Similarly you can allow them access of your profile and the social media content posted within the set parameters. The takeaway is – Don’t permit common access to everyone in your personal ambit.

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Feeling Uncomfortable! React….

Social networks are the crusaders of openness and free communication. This openness backed with certain limitations. Never ever confront anyone with some posts, views or arguments  that aren’t true or made intentionally. A social network is there to share views and not for confronting other to settle scores. If something hurts, raise voice. If a friend of yours bothers you constantly, take no time to unfriend or block him. You too as well must not indulge in a practice of maligning someone’s reputation on the social networks.

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