7 Basic Off-Page SEO Techniques

You have full control over your on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but not over your off-page SEO because other people can affect it too. Luckily, you can have an impact on your off-page SEO. Here are few ways you can have a positive effect on your off-page SEO.

Basic Off-Page SEO Techniques

Create backlinks to your website

This is one of the ways you can affect your off-page SEO. You create backlinks from other websites to your website. If you want them to affect your SEO then the search engines need to index them. This means they should not have the no-follow tag.

The no-follow tag is on things such as adverts on other websites. You will also find that a lot of WordPress comment sections have an automatically installed no-follow tag, which means backlinking from most WordPress comment sections will not help your off-page SEO.

The anchor text attached to your backlinks

There are two hundred ranking factors that Google uses to help organize each website on its search engine index. Google uses these factors because its program cannot understand the content of your website.

All the Google search engine can do is guess as to the meaning and use of your website, and the anchor text on your backlinks and internal links offer clues to Google as to what your website is all about. (Basic Off-Page SEO Techniques)

The anchor text on your backlinks should relate in some way to the web page that the backlink lands on. Making the anchor text at least mildly descriptive is the best way of doing this. You should also try to add in at least one keyword into your anchor text.

Blog and guest blog for backlinks

You can set up your own blog, and then every time you post on your blog you can link back to one of the pages on your website. A more popular method is to guest post. This is more popular because it means you can backlink from more than just one domain.

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It is often difficult to get people to allow you to guest post from their blog, but if you do then it is better if the post you write is in some way related to the topic of the page you are linking to. (Basic Off-Page SEO Techniques)

The anchor text advice given above is also very relevant when backlinking from blogs. Plus, if the guest post you write features a keyword or two that are present in the landing page your are linking to then all the better.

Using social media

Google does use social media as a ranking factor. Link your social media profiles to your website by mentioning your website and linking from your website in the profile bio section. You can also post things about your website on your social media profiles and then link from there.

These links are not nearly as powerful or relevant as backlinks from other domains, but they are viewed as social media mentions by Google, which will eventually effect your website in a positive way on the search engine results.

Forum and comment section marketing

This is the act of getting backlinks into forums and onto comment sections. It is difficult to find forums and comment sections that allow backlinks, and even harder to find forums and comment sections that do not have the no-follow tag. It is better if you find forums and comment sections from websites or web pages that are related in some way to the web page the backlinks land upon. (Basic Off-Page SEO Techniques)

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Photo sharing, audio sharing and image sharing

These are three elements where it is often possible to add a backlink to them. Sometimes the backlink may be clicked by clicking on the file/element itself. There are also things such as Google images where an image may link back to the website, which helps the SEO of the website and helps to win direct traffic too.

Submit articles to article websites

This is a lot easier than trying to find blogs to guest post on. There was a lot of fuss made over them at one point, but if the article website you are submitting to is pretty far up the Google search engine results then there is nothing to fear. (Basic Off-Page SEO Techniques)

Use the same rules for posting to article websites as you would with guest posting. Make sure you have a backlink, write an author bio, and upload content that is in some way related to the web page you are going to link to. Also, do not forget to include a one or more keyword into your article.

Basic Off-Page SEO Techniques

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