Banning Third Party Clients Doesn’t Mean Permanent Ban On Users : WhatsApp

# Last Updated On: July 14, 2016 #


In January this year, WhatsApp changed its app use policy and banned users who utilized third-party clients like WhatsApp+ to run WhatsApp. The change in the policy triggered a speculation that such users will be permanently banned from using WhatsApp. The company, however, lately clarified their stand and said it’s not the case.

In a recent report published in Techcruch, a WhatsApp official said that the company is not banning users permanently.

The speculation started gripping users when a few of them reported that the 24-hour timer that counted down the timing of temporary ban was replaced with no counter. ( See Screenshot). The company said that this doesn’t mean the users have been banned for life. Users can get back to the normal use of WhatsApp after uninstalling the third-party client.

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The spokesperson told the Techcrunch:

“If a user doesn’t uninstall WhatsApp+ then they will continue to be banned until they stop using it. But there is no permanent ban.”

In the beginning of this year, WhatsApp temporarily banned those users who were using third-party clients like WhatsApp+. Company asked them to uninstall the application first and then install the authorized version of WhatsApp from official website.

– Banning Third Party Clients Doesn’t Mean Permanent Ban

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