Availing Information Technology and Internet to Work from Home

ABSTRACT: Information technology and overall advents in technology has generated new jobs, which includes home-based jobs. This trend has gained popularity and is becoming a norm.

World is changing at greater pace and many things that were considered impossible, Now have become a norm. The fast growing advancement in Technology is bringing substantial changes in our lifestyles and behaviour. Jobs were considered an outdoor unit just a few years back.

Not anymore! People are now finding work of their capabilities and in accordance to their aptitude at the comfort of their homes. Internet and multimedia technology has made the employer and employee communication very easy and hassle free.

Skype has provided the facility of video conferencing which eliminated the need for commuting to office for face-to-face interaction between employer and the employee. Let us discuss this trend in detail for our full comprehension of this phenomenon that has taken the jobs market by storm.


Being at home is always related to relaxation and comfort. Who doesn’t want that? Working from home is a luxury not everyone can afford! Though there are specific kinds of professions that can be performed from home and commuting is not necessary in these cases.

Writing, web designing and developing, online customer support, software development are few examples of home based jobs.

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For these jobs, you require some basic equipment which is almost available to everyone nowadays. PC or Laptop with reliable Internet connection is all one needs to start working from home. Mostly, Skype is used for communication purposes.

Housewives, people with disabilities and students are the beneficiaries of this latest trend. They can manage their primary responsibilities along with these jobs without any hassle.


Home-based jobs are very cost effective. People manage to save the money which they had to spend on conveyance or fuel otherwise, for commuting to their work place. Then, there are related expenditures as well that cannot be avoided in traditional jobs, like dining out and self-grooming.


Home based jobs provide best platform for getting jobs and new opportunities. If you are skilful but your job hunt in external world is giving you tough time, than this is the right place to try your luck.

There are people who want to earn extra dough to increase their income. They can avail this opportunity and make the most of it.


Having all the above mentioned advantages doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an ugly side. There are people out there who manipulate the newbies and swindle them. One has to be careful of these fraudulent entities.

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Working from home for housewives especially with kids, is hardly a walk in the park. Being home in range of your kids may obstruct your focus, as it would be hard not to pay attention to your crying child.

Overall, technology has provided a blessing in form of home-based jobs for many, who couldn’t have dreamed of doing job otherwise. New technology has made this world a global village, where your employees can be from any part of world giving you an opportunity to diversify your workforce.

Team BR