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New York Times Slashes Free Article Limit from 10 to 5

New York Time cuts the maximum number of articles that a reader is allowed to read without subscribing the magazine. Starting today, the users would only be able to read only 5 articles without paying subscription fee. Earlier, the limit was 10 articles per month.

The New York Times Cuts Free Article Limits

While announcing the development, The NYT said that it’s as good conditions as any to demonstrate to people that high-quality journalism is something to be paid for.

To bring more paid subscribers to its dashboard and boost revenue forecasts, The New York Times Co. recently offered several subscription promotions to the readers that included bundled memberships with Scribd, Spotify, and even a free Google Home device for new digital subscribers.

Currently, the basic plan that the NYT offers is $10 a month for the first year to new users that grants unlimited access to digital articles and NYT apps.


Why Are Keywords So Important for Your Online Sales?

Being able to have your business visible in your consumer’s sight accurately and efficiently is important especially in optimizing your keyword content through your website. Having a unique and easy access keyword leads to more consumers purchasing your product.


Instagram Users Can Now Ask Friends to Join Their Live Videos

Instagram is pulling a new feature for Instagram users which will allow them to request to their friends to allow them join a live strumming event.

Instagram Live Video Sessions with Friends

The Facebook owned social network announced on Tuesday that users watching Instagram Live videos can now ask their friends to join by tapping the Request button in the comments section.

Instagram Live Video Sessions

If host agrees to let the person join the live stream, a confirmation comes in this regard. Soon after, the screen splits. Viewers joining the streaming can leave the session at any time.

Instagram Live video hosts who stream the session can see notifications for requests to join. They can tap the View button to allow or deny those requests. Hosts can know the number of requests they received with two smiley faces. Tapping that icon allows them to accept requests or invite other viewers. Host can remove guest(s) at any time.

The new feature is now available with version 24 of the Instagram application for iOS or android.

PayPal Facebook Messenger Integration

Paypal Brings Facebook Messenger Extension for Quick Invoicing

PayPal integrated its extension to Facebook messenger to allow sellers generate receipts to request and receive payments right from the messenger.

PayPal Facebook Messenger Integration on Cards

This is another instance of PayPal’s integration with Facebook’s messenger adding B2C transactions last year and a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment option through Messenger a few weeks ago.

PayPal’s new messenger extension is a complete PayPal suit that’s all set to offer users a full-fledged PayPal payment experience via Facebook’s messenger app. It will allow sellers configure an invoice on the spot and send it to the buyers.

Right from the messenger app, sellers can create a short name for each item, can add a description (optional), quantity, and dollar in an invoice to be generated.

In an official blog post, PayPal senior product manager Shilpa Dhar wrote:

“Commerce is continuously expanding into new contexts. With the explosion of mobile apps, new commerce opportunities have been created and consumers are looking to make purchases in-context, without leaving those applications. PayPal is focused on helping merchants and consumers connect across a range of contexts, including these new, emerging arenas.”

As soon a buyer gets the sellers invoice, he can make payment by simply hitting “Pay with PayPal” link via PayPal One Touch. This means, Facebook messenger users can utilize the integration to finish up a transaction in one go.

initiate fund transfer

Samsung Pay Brings Bharat QR Code Based UPI Payments

Samsung’s digital payment services Samsung Pay is tightening its screws for Indian digital payment eco-system. For offering more power to Indian buyers, the company has started rolling out Unified Payments Interface (UPI) integration that could allow UPI payments to merchants using scan Bharat QR codes.

Samsung Pay

5 Trends and Changes for Crowdsourcing in 2017

Crowdsourcing was initially “the practice of engaging a crowd or group for a common goal – often innovation, problem solving, or efficiency”. Today, its definition is essentially the same. Its significance, however, is not. Over the last couple of years, distributed creativity and collective ideation has grown into a framework for a brighter and more inventive feature.

5 Trends and Changes for Crowdsourcing

Trends and Changes for Crowdsourcing

This is where crowdsourcing is headed in 2017, and beyond.

1. A Momentum That Keeps Going

2016 marked the 10th anniversary of crowdsourcing. The ideas born in the world’s collective mind before then, and the projects launched from the same source since, undoubtedly showcase where crowdsourcing stands in the age of digitization and disruption. The new way of practicing collaborative innovation is still peaking, and we are excited to see for just how long this brilliant momentum will last.

In yesteryear’s world, less than 1 out of 1,000 people participated in the concept. Even so, the results for organizations of all shapes and sizes were nothing less than spectacular. Among the Best Global Brands, the usage of crowdsourcing increased by 30% (Eyeka “The state of crowdsourcing in 2016” report) with leading companies from the FMCG sector jumping on the bandwagon as well. The key milestone – Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl video contest.

The ability to participate and influence was long due, after all, and the crowds embraced it with open hands, hearts, and minds. In turn, brand teams were allowed, as they still are, to tap into a far greater pool of relevant consumer ideas. Doritos’ contest eventually stemmed a permanent ideation platform called Legion of the Bold. As for now, we are waiting for participation and awareness to quadruple.

2. The Age of Ideation

What followed this long-awaited upheaval of 2016 was first the growth in number of participants and brands, and then the subsequent expansion of crowdsourcing applications. The concept has finally come of age, thus announcing the advent of the Age of ideation. If our predictions are correct, the future is human-centric, while crowdsourcing presents the most powerful catalyst for unified change.

2.1 What is Ideation, Exactly?

In 2017, we refer to ideation as “conceptualization of various elements of the marketing mix, be it product or service, communication messages, packaging solutions (be it graphical or structural), brand and product naming, consumer engagement initiatives (often referred to as marketing activation), point of sale materials, etc.”. It is a kind of formation of concepts and ideas that sparkles innovation.

Ever since crowdsourcing has started to make its contribution, content creation and ideas generation have been the main applications and the predominant activities. This year, ideation has grown to a whopping 68% (Eyeka “

Twitter Launches Promote Mode Subscription Tool for $99

Twitter doesn’t mince words when it comes to monetizing its platform. Now, the micro blogging giant has brought a subscription tool that will help brands and influencers promote their tweets in Twitteratis’ feeds, whether known or strangers. The company has launched the ad subscription tool dubbed ‘promote Mode’ as a public beta.

Twitter Promote

Apple’s Senior VP Reveals That the Initial Release Date for iPhone X was 2018

Apple has finally revealed that the all-screen iPhone X which is set to be launched on Friday was not meant for the world this year. According to the Tech Company’s executive director, the company had set the official release year to 2018. While speaking in the latest interview, Dan Rico, who is Apple’s senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, the launch of the redesigned smartphone was initially anticipated for early 2018.

The accelerated release date of the re-engineered model reaffirms the idea of Apple announcing three iPhones at the same time while strangely sidelining the attention that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus would have received.  However, the big question remains, “Why did the company shift the official release date from 2018 to 2017?”

Why Shift the Launch From 2018 to 2017?

Although Mr. Rico failed to provide a straightforward answer to this question during the interview, the reasons are quite open. First, there was the serious gamble of launching such a sleek gadget with untested technology earlier than it was anticipated and waiting for the appropriate time and losing out on the market share.


Apple updates Music App GarageBand with Host of New Features

Apple has updated its popular music app GarageBand with a host of new innovative features, users were waiting for. The update appears to be a major one that brings free sound packs featuring new instruments and loops to the app starting today.

Apple updates Music App GarageBand

Apple updates Music App GarageBand

With the update, the app has brought the Beat ‘Sequencer’, a feature inspired by classic drum machines. The app also brings new Asian Touch Instruments and updates to Drummer, including six additional players in the following update.

In addition, a GarageBand Sound Library enables users preview and download new Apple-designed sounds and instruments right within the app.

The update brings free, downloadable sound packs. These sound packs contain a variety of Touch Instruments, Apple Loops, Live Loops templates, guitar and instrument presets and more.

App users can now access the App’s sound library from multiple places within GarageBand. They will also receive notifications in case new sound packs are available.

The initial sound packs that will be available to the users include Future Bass, Reggaeton, Beat Sequencer kits, guitar amp tones and more. GarageBand 2.3 for iOS is now available for free download on the App Store.

Apple updates Music App GarageBand