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How to Identify the Target Market?

Identifying the Target Market for Your Online Business

Whether you are starting a simple blog or a major online retail shop, there is always a target audience for your content, products or services.

Considering and addressing this is important because it will help you develop the appropriate content for your website.

How to Identify the Target Market?

How to Identify the Target Market?

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Frequently, entrepreneurs and investors like to refer to their target market as everyone. While this may sound appealing, it is not practical. In reality, you have to zero in on potential customers or clients until you get to the specific group of people who both want and have access to your products and services.

These are the people on whom you will most likely spend your advertising and marketing efforts.

With all that said and done, let’s now get to the nitty-gritty of how you can narrow down who is within your target audience. (contd.: How to Identify the Target Market?)

Define Your Target Market

Attracting the attention of your target clients is always a critical step, and this is still the most challenging part of the process.

However, according to renowned marketing experts, before beginning to advertise your products, it is essential that you get to know the “why,” “who,” “when” and “how” of your target customer base.

Answering these questions is an important part of selecting a target audience:

· The “why” helps you know why clients need your products or services.
· The “who” focuses on the simple demographics of your potential customers like their gender, level of education and age. Besides, it may also add a little information related to your product or service.
· Thirdly, the “when” narrows down which seasons or times your services or products will be in demand.
· Lastly, the “how” answers how they will find your business on the internet.

Collect Information to Generate Customer or Client Profiles

Gathering the right data offers you a greater chance of creating the right customer or client profile. Simply put, the right customer or client profile always echoes the actions of the market segment you are targeting.

You can use online questionnaires, Google analytics and customer surveys to collect data. In addition to helping you develop the right client profiles, the correct data will facilitate a closer


Best 8 SEO Tools for Small Businesses

Best 8 SEO Tools for Small Businesses in 2019

Whether your business involves dealing with ten people or you are a team of two people, you need to make it professional and successful.

You need to employ the best SEO strategies and to use the most effective SEO tools to keep your business running.

Best 8 SEO Tools for Small Businesses

Best 8 SEO Tools

With 2019 just around the corner, you need to arm yourself with the best SEO tools for your business.

This will help you to market and enhance your brand visibility in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Below are the best 8 SEO tools for small business that you can explore in 2019.

1. Google

Google is one of the most effective SEO tools for a small business. It is also a dominant search engine used across the globe by businesses and consumers alike. When it comes to SEO, Google has a significant impact when it changes its algorithms.

The search engine and analytics tool help you to measure the performance of your website.

The analytics tool is free and is ideal for a wide range of small businesses. Most importantly, Google offers different analytics tools including:

Analytics from Google is highly functional and it offers an in-depth analysis of how your website is performing. It analyzes page views, organic reach and the content of your website

Page speed insight is also a highly efficient tool that measures the speed of your website. It also offers suggestions on how to improve the loading speed of your page on mobile and on a desktop.

Keep in mind the speed at which your website loads often determines the amount of traffic you receive. With good traffic, you also improve your search engine ranking.

Search console is a reliable tool from Google and it evaluates the quality of your website. As a result, you can identify why the website is not performing well.

Once you have discovered the underlying issues, it becomes easy to work on strategies that help you to enhance the visibility of your website.

Trends’ is as well as an efficient tool that analyzes how users behave on your website. This is very crucial in comparing the performance of your page with that of your competitors.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is equally a high-quality tool that helps you to research more on your competitors. It does research in amazing ways and it allows you to establish what and where you are going wrong in your search engine optimization campaign.

SEMrush measures the most efficient keywords monitor your PPC, paid traffic, web content and back-links.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an SEO tool that has continued to grow in popularity over the past years. It is excellent for small businesses and SEO managers as it offers an insight into the performance of your competitors.

The tool analyzes all your competitor activities, therefore, allowing you to make wise and informed decisions.

The tool also measures your keywords, content, crawls through your website for errors and efficiently checks on your back-links. Being an advanced tool, you can also track your website with Ahrefs.

4. Moz Pro

If you need a tool that will help you learn more about your SEO resources in 2019, Moz Pro is the most ideal. It analyzes a wide range of features including keywords and it tries to identify the mistakes you make on the page.

The tool also analyzes your URLs and manages the keywords for you. With Moz Pro, you can easily track your rankings and find keywords that are highly targeted.


Pinterest Marketing Predictions for 2018

Pinterest Launches Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Pin based social network has been working hard to make pins more viable by adding more features.

Pinterest Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Now, Pinterest pins will be more convenient for shoppers as they will carry the links of the retailers that will let navigate users to the retailer’s product page.

Pinterest Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Moreover, these newly introduced product pins also include current pricing and indicate the status of product availability in the stock. To indicate that product is in stock, a shopping tag icon is given there which users can tap on to make an immediate purchase or explore more about the product.

With the feature in place, the company wants that users can buy anything they see in pins on the platform. The platform now enables users to discover new products in the new shopping recommendations section. The section can be found beneath the Style and Home pins.

Pinterest Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

These shopping shortcuts are pretty useful for the users who visit the platform for shopping. With the new shopping shortcut, buyers can shop right from the home feed by holding down on any Home and Style pin and tapping the shopping tag. Now a feed appears displaying related product pins that are currently in-stock.


Why a Company Needs A GRC Team?

Why Your Company Needs A GRC Team?

Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) are three concepts that keep businesses stable and out of trouble. Each idea is related to the other, and a successful business needs to follow all three to remain successful.

Why a Company Needs A GRC Team?

Why a Company Needs A GRC Team?

Learn more about the GRC system and why hiring experts to maintain it is recommended.


Governance is the act of governing a company or organization through rules and regulations. In a country, a government is needed to manage the trade of goods, maintain public safety, protect citizens’ rights, etc. In every business, governance is needed to ensure that good, sound decisions are made in the best interests of an employer and employees. (contd.: Why a Company Needs A GRC Team?)

A governance system consists of a hierarchy with senior leaders on top and entry-level workers on the bottom. Every person at every level has a list of duties to perform. A GRC team ensures that everyone is following the rules of his or her position and working for the good of the company.

Risk Management

Risk management involves identifying, reducing and preventing the risks of doing business. When many people go into business, they don’t understand the full risks if something goes wrong, so they increase their chances of being unsuccessful.

Risk managers create detailed outlines of problems that could occur at every level of business. An example is increasing the budget for one department, such as accounting, as it decreases funds for the other departments like marketing or construction.

Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO

There is a whole different ballgame when it comes to digital marketing and it’s free. Wait, what!? Yes, you heard me. It’s free! It’s called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

If you’ve been living under a rock and this acronym doesn’t ring even the minutest sound of a bell, then let’s touch base with what it is, how it works and how it can catapult your business to success, come hell or high water.

Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO?

Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO

Image Credit: DA BLOG

Let’s say you just started your first e-commerce business and you’re running around like a headless chicken because you don’t know where to start advertising.

Considering the huge slice of budget needed in paid television or newspaper advertisements, you feel like you’re stuck in a limbo and don’t know what to do.

Well, there’s no need to scratch your head anymore because with the help of SEO or organic searches, as what it’s also popularly called, you can let the world see your products or services online! It works by first choosing the best seo firm that’ll rank your ads on the first page in Google, so whenever users search keywords related to your business, your ad pops up and will have a higher probability of getting conversions, it means, getting customers! And the best part is, wait for it… You don’t have to pay every time a user clicks on your ad, unlike PPC! It’s important to look before you leap when choosing a marketing strategy so let me give you 10 reasons why your business should invest in SEO:

1)   People All Around the World Can Finally See Your Company!

 It’s important that the best SEO firm you choose sticks to the best SEO practices. If they do, your website will appear in the first top 10 list in search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

So whether your end goal is to gain more customers or educate more people about your service, rest assured SEO will increase the possibility of reaching that goal.

2)   Advertising to the Right People

When you invest in SEO, you can be assured that it’s reaching the right target audience because these users are already interested in your product or service in the first place.

All you need to do is to make sure the proper keywords are used so you can rank. See, not a dime wasted!

3)   It’s Cost-Effective

SEO is, beyond the shadow of your darkest doubts, the cheapest advertising strategy above all else! Unlike PPC, you don’t have to pay every time a user clicks on your ad, not only do you increase quality traffic but you also relate them to conversions, it’s the best of both worlds!

4)   Your Company Will Have Higher Credibility

Think of it this way, if you try to search for something online, would you assume that the companies ranked on the second page have more credibility than those in the first page? If you answered yes, then there’s obviously something wrong with you.

But of course not! If your company appears on the


Google Search Console Beta

Google Search Console Beta Ports New Features from Older Version

Google Search Console, previously Google Webmaster Tools ports a slew of more important Google Search Console Beta features from its older version.

Google Search Console Beta New Features

Users using the new version of the Google Search Console will have new abilities to practice with the tool. These features include the ability to manage users and permissions, add sites and validate ownership and view the mobile usability report.

Google took Twitter to announce that these Google Search Console Beta features would soon be a part of the new beta version of the Google Search Console. They said that following features are the part of the new version of Google Search Console. See the GIF attached about the features.

  • Manage users and