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Top 7 Best Child Tracking Apps

Top 7 Best Child Tracking Apps : Updated List 2019

Knowing and securing your child’s environment is the biggest task for every parent today. With so much of uncertainty today in our surrounding that we just don’t what ill may happen to our loved ones.

Hence it becomes very important to keep an eye on our children. However, it is not physically possible to be around our children 24/7. But we can make sure about it the other way around through personal GPS trackers or smartphones.

7 Best Child Tracking Apps

Yes, the Smartphones are not that bad after all. We all know what one can do with the advancements of Smartphones we are having in today’s age. Similarly tracking a smartphone has also become relatively easy.

There is nowadays dozen of ways to track a phone. Be it with the use of GPS or websites or paid applications. Tracking a smartphone has been simpler and efficient. Today it is not only limited to tracking, but more and more features have been added for the convenience of the customer.

Features such as monitoring call logs, keeping browsing records, and many more features have been introduced. They are not just applications; once they are installed they become a crucial part of the family. With the armory of the features that they have, they offer an unmatched security.

So let us take a look at some of the Top 7 Best Child Tracking Apps that are best in doing the task.

1. Find My Friends : Best Child Tracking App

It’s one of the top 7 best child tracking apps that helps you track your child’s phone efficiently is find my friends. Just like the previous one, the application requires 4.0.3. and upper android versions. It locates the real-time location of your child.

It is very useful in tracking your child and keeping an eye on him/her. The application has received sound reviews from the users. Hence, download this application now to keep a track on your child.


  • Locates your child on a map
  • An efficient group communicator
  • Allows the parents to talk with their child

The application is available on Android for free.

2. SpyBubble : Child Tracking Apps with GPS

SpyBubble is tracking software which offers some distinct features which are compatible with many different smartphone devices. The software can monitor calls, messages, photos, locations and other activity of your child.

It is an easy to use app and performs many functions apart from tracking calls. The app also records and messages of your child so that you can know what your child is up to. The app also allows monitoring photos and videos of your child’s phone. it is an exceptional application that provides overall security for your child.


  • Call recording:
  • Photo and video monitoring
  • GPS location tracking

You can get SpyBubble for $50 one-time fee. This makes it cheaper for the people who are planning to use the software for a longer term whereas expensive for the ones who are planning to have it on a shorter term.


Ways to Improve Your Sleep

5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Duration & Quality

The importance of sleep can never be overemphasized for anyone of any age group. Whether it is your work life or personal life, lack of proper sleep can interfere with all aspects of your life.

Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Ways to Improve Your Sleep

If you are not getting adequate amount of sleep, find it difficult to fall asleep for long enough, or have poor quality sleep, you should take certain steps to address these issues.

The following guide should help you address a wide range of sleep problems:

1. Maintain a Fixed Sleep Schedule

The body’s natural circadian rhythm works in conjunction with sunrise and sunset. If you maintain a fixed sleep schedule around dusk and dawn, your sleep quality can improve in the long-term.

  • According to a study people having irregular sleep patterns and those who slept late on the weekends suffered from poor sleep quality.
  • If you follow irregular sleep patterns, it can change your circadian rhythm. It also affects melatonin levels, which is responsible for sending sleep signals to the brain.

So one of the most important steps you should take is to get into the habit of sleep and waking up at the same time. Trying this for a few weeks should set your circadian clock right.

2. Invest in High Quality Mattresses

Next, you should invest in the best memory foam mattress. There are so many ways in which you can benefit from sleeping in some high-quality mattresses:

  • Perfect Sleeping Position: Memory foam mattresses are resilient and accommodate different sleeping positions by adjusting to the body contours and distributing body weight evenly.
  • Motion Absorption: These mattresses absorb most of the motion and minimize motion transfer, giving you disturbance-free sleep.
  • Pressure Relief: These foams can disperse your body weight in a uniform manner across the surface. This provides adequate pressure relief and restful sleep.

There are many more advantages of having a quality memory foam mattress. It also means lesser chances of neck and back pain.

3. Create Optimal Sleeping Conditions

This requires you to optimize many factors related to your sleeping environment. The key features involved include:

  • Temperature
  • Lights
  • Noise
  • Arrangement of furniture

Many studies show that external noise can cause poor sleep, which results in various health problems. You can create optimal sleeping environment by minimizing noise and lighting from various devices. The temperature should also be set to ensure that you can enjoy comfortable sleep. It is also important to make the bedroom a relaxing, quiet, and clean place.

4. Increased Bright Light Exposure at Daytime

One way to keep your body’s circadian rhythm working properly is to get more bright light exposure during daytime and reduced light exposure after dusk.

Bright light, such as sunlight, during daytime helps improve your energy levels during daytime and sleep duration and quality at night.

  • Proper light exposure affects your body, brain and hormones
  • It helps you stay awake and also informs your mind and body when it is time to sleep
  • Studies show that daytime bright light exposure improved the duration and quality of sleep in those suffering from insomnia

5. Avoid Stimulants like Caffeine after

react skillset

Why React Skill Set Makes You a Good Front end Developer?

Frontend development has never found so much visibility in the job market and popularity in the developer community, as it has since the digital boom of the last decade.

Software, products, apps, and services are no longer restricted to specific business users that are meant to serve a particular functionality.

Why React Skill Set is Important

Keen to expand people-to-people contact: Taiwan Ambassador

The annual bilateral trade between India and Taiwan is expected triple to over $20 billion from the present $7 billion over the next few years. In the recent past, the island nation has not only played a key role in helping India develop its smartphone manufacturing capability but is also working to establish an ICT and electronics cluster in Bengaluru.

Blogging Republic caught up with Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India Representative Ambassador, Chung-Kwang Tien to exclusively discuss a wide range of issues from promotion of gaming hardware to smart machinery.

Q: Why is the promotion of gaming important to Taiwan?

Gaming is no longer a leisure activity it’s becoming a career. It will eventually become a sporting event that will be larger than Super Bowl, PGA Golf Tour or IPL! The multiplayer Dota 2 has at any one time 1.2 million people playing online.

The prize money has increased from $10 million to $20 million. Even for professional gaming, it has reached $60 million. Therefore, gaming is no longer about entertainment as used to be the case with Pac-Man or Super Mario.

It’s now about sound skills and requires good facilities. These are some of the reasons why we want to promote gaming hardware through Taiwan Excellence among youngsters here.

Q: What prompted you to majorly focus

5 Ways Therapists Can Help You Manage Your Mental Health

If you are going through mental stress, remember that you are the key person who would lead the recovery plan. Undoubtedly, your therapist can give you advice, encouragement, recommendations and care, but it’s you who will ensure if your recovery plan is going right.

A therapist can help you to take immediate steps required to regain stability and get on with life. Here are some important steps a therapist from always recommends to the patients to speed up recovery:

1: Pay Attention to Body and Mind:

We have always assumed mental stress an ailment associated with your head. However, it’s established fact that even some physical ailments as well instigate mental stress symptoms.

In some cases, even emotional fatigue at some extent cause mental stress. Therapists warn that instances of thyroid disorders, heart problems, and even vitamin deficiencies can create these symptoms.

Therefore, if you discover that despite a good physical health you still feel distressed, talk to a mental health expert.

2: Take Care of Your Body:

It’s a famous quote: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. If you really care about recovering from mental anxiety, take regular meals. If you are on caffeine, limit the intake. Take sound sleep and start taking regular morning walks.

Don’t forget to take a shower and walk out in clean clothes every day. The idea is quite simple: start respecting yourself as an individual. Remember that you’re always someone worth treating well.


An Essential Guide to Choose the Right Solenoid

Choosing the right solenoid can be a daunting task, although it doesn’t have to be if you know where to look for advice and the best products.

Since solenoids come in a variety of configurations that use different parts it can be hard to figure out exactly what you’re looking for.

Guide to Choose the Right Solenoid

Additionally, making a comparison of force curves as well as specification sheets take a lot of time.

With all of this in mind, it’s a good idea to seek professional help from an expert knowledgeable in solenoid technology. However, to get you started, read through this comprehensive guide better understand what you really need.

Finding the right rotary solenoids can be based on five traits, which include function, stroke length and force, duty cycle, size, and voltage. To begin with, you need to analyze these five traits and find out which ones are pre-determined in your application’s requirements list and note them down.

Knowing more of these traits can be quite helpful in your solenoid selection process. However, you don’t have to have all of them to find what you need.

There are so many other parameters to consider, and you’ll realize that some require unique design and manufacturing. Using this guide to narrow down the list can help you determine the best plan for modification.

In case any requirement doesn’t fall in the range of standard options, skip it in the meantime to focus on the closest possible need for adjustment. So what should you be looking at for your solenoid purchase? Let’s get right to it.


Are you looking for a push or pull? This is where you begin narrowing down the candidate list by half. If you need a spring return, the push or pull is what you’ll be looking for. However, consider your expected spring return force, which we are going to discuss next.


Therapist’s View On Mental Health Recovery

There are multiple signs that help you find a person with abnormal mental stress. Such persons show off intense feelings and have problems in interacting with others. They are the people who are touchy about experiencing trauma, such as abuse or the death of a child.

Therapists always believed that mental health self-care begins with expert consultation and the right medication.

No ailment can be recovered without proper medication, and mental health as well isn’t an exception. If a patient is following his/ her medication chart religiously, he can easily recover from the stress.

For early recovery, here are few principles that you should stick to:


Don’t skip your medicine plan as it’s made by your therapist after sound analysis of your health parameters.  Do not ever go off prescribed medication without telling your consulting therapist. If making changes in the medication or therapy schedule, talk to your therapist. Make changes gradually and pay attention to its warning signs.

While you are on medication, make sure you’re taking care of your health. It’s essential to keep your mind and body in sync. Regular exercise and healthy food are essential for your health. Therapists say that exercise improves mental health as it reduces anxiety, depression, and negative mood.

The Pros and Cons of Playing PC Games

The Pros and Cons of Long Hours of Playing PC Games

A little child practicing a musical instrument for five hours a day is considered a prodigy, but why is a kid zoned in on a video game for the same amount of time every day considered poorly adjusted?

The Pros and Cons of Playing PC Games

The Pros and Cons of Playing PC Games

Since the early days of video games, there have been many myths about playing them being a terrible hobby to have. Aside from allegedly making you violent, video games are seen as a huge waste of time.

But a lot has happened since then, and today, video games have become not just a hobby but also a livelihood for some people. Even science has delved into the video-game phenomenon and found that there are, in fact, very good reasons you should be playing.

To see both sides of the issue, this article seeks to lay out both the benefits and disadvantages of playing video games.


According to Limelight, gamers spend an average of six hours per week playing video games. More serious and avid gamers spend more than that, some even up to 10 hours a day, especially those who make a living out of it.

Constant, consistent gaming helps many gamers socialize and, most importantly, achieve the following benefits.

Cognitive Training

Playing video games trains gamers to think on their feet, make quick decisions, and navigate complicated systems and spaces. Gamers are highly exposed to stimuli that prompt them to solve puzzles individually or simultaneously in order to achieve a goal.

The integration of real-life facts may also encourage a gamer to take interest in certain subject matters.

Best 7 Free Magento 2 Extension

7 Best Free Magento 2 Extensions for Developers

Flexibility, alluring design, better UX, sturdiness, security are a few reasons for the gaining popularity of Magento 2.

But this is not it; whether you are an end-user or a store owner or a developer, I am sure you will have your own different reasons to fall in love with this emerging eCommerce platform.

For example, for an end-user, Magento offers perks like personalizing touch where shopper’s behavior, their browsing history can be tracked and based on that, store owners are able to offer the right product.

Why Magento 2?

Best 7 Free Magento 2 Extension

With personalization, the shopping cart can close more deals and end up encouraging shoppers to buy more, increase business ROI in no time. Other than personalization, advance search, streamlined checkout shouldn’t be ignored.

For store owners, Usability is considered with powerful tools at backend ease the use, automation, and management of order, sales, shipping, inventory, and reporting. The backend of Magento 2 enhances user experiences for backend users.

It may quite interest you to know that Magento 2 has awesome features such as drag-and-drop visual merchandising to optimize SEO and SMO parameters with modular approaches. Also, the responsive design allows store owners to offer seamless user experiences across the screens.

As of now for developers, it is an open-source platform that lets professionals leverage templates, extensions, modules, widgets, documentation, training, and consulting services, etc.

With a variety of databases, and with the introduction of Big Data with NoSQL-like databases, integrating third-party tools has become a bit challenging, but with Magento 2, everything is hassle-free. The PHP based open-source Magento 2 offers compatibility with the latest version of PHP and its frameworks, including Zend.

It works fine with significant databases, including MySQL, Oracle, and Hadoop, if required. It has also been proven that Magento 2 gives 20% more speed/performance compared to the previous version.

Featuring JavaScript library as default, Magento 2 avoids jQuery & Prototype conflicts while developing innovative features and functionality.

7 Best Free Magento 2 Extensions

Above all, Magento 2 is secure than previous versions because it has removed the skin folder from the root directory, so it has only 5 folders in root directory against 9 in the previous version.

Thus, it has made it tough to steal or hack codes directly from the root directory for mischievous elements on the web.

Best 7 Free Magento 2 Extension to Consider

1. Brand

Managing numerous manufacturers and selling their items through an online store can be insanely tricky, especially in today’s competitive market.

This extension in particular lets store owners displays brand logos on their website effectively using blocks, templates, layouts, and widgets, thereby gaining user trust and credibility.

In the present scenario, clients first check the brand and then purchase the item. Getting brands and producers highlighted in your store according to your necessities- the extension is the perfect fit. Its key features include:

  • Empower different brand’s properties
  • Display brands effectively using blocks, templates, and layout
  • Widget to include the brand’s posting quicker
  • Multi-store support

2. One Page/Step Checkout

Another exciting Magento 2 extension that reduces your checkout steps into one compact procedure shouldn’t be ignored. Irrespective of the users or devices, the extension makes your checkout responsive and straightforward.

In addition to this, it auto-detects customer accounts so that they do not require to sign in again. Trust me, preventing cart abandonments works wonders.

3. Product Label

This extension for Magento 2 aids in creating attractive labels and allows one to add them to your homepage, category, product, wishlist, search result, and other custom pages.

It may quite interest you to know that extension allows you to add labels with enticing offers for products that are new, freshly stoked or offered at discount rates. Which means you can inform your customers about all the upcoming or ongoing offers much in prior. Its core features include:

  • Open-source
  • Free lifetime extension updates
  • Bug fixes and quick support
  • User-friendly and flexible configuration
  • Customized Labels with Text, Color, Style, and Shape

4. Mass Email Customers

Emails still exist in the most relevant and reliable category. So there is nothing wrong in connecting and facilitating repeat businesses by sending emails. All you need is a reliable Magento 2 extension such as Mass email customer. It gives you the ability to upload emails to all your customers in one click.

5. Testimonials

Trusted by the network featuring great surveys and upbeat clients, testimonial is such an extension that permits to demonstrate testimonials on the frontend of your Magento 2 store, with a slider mode. Its key features include:

  • User-friendly design
  • Add testimonials to your site
  • Widget tool
  • Incorporates audits by new guests without login
  • Track and check the entire testimonials’ procedure.
  • Use widgets to include the testimonials’ posting quicker.