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Huawei Honor 7X Goes on Sale

Huawei Honor 7X Goes on Sale on December 7 via Amazon

Huawei’s much anticipated and the most awaited phone Honor 7X finally gets its arrival date. The company has announced that the phone will be available in India from 7 December and is an Amazon exclusive.

Huawei Honor 7X Goes on Sale

Huawei Honor 7X Goes on Sale

Ahead of the final unveiling, the company has started taking pre-registrations for the phone from the users. Buyers who are pre-registering for the phone will get 1,000 prizes that may include some fancy paid holidays, smartphones, power banks and more. Final list of the winners will be announced on 8 January with the prizes being awarded on 5 February.

The phone Huawei Honor 7X is similar to Huawei’s Honor 9i in looks and feel. The only difference between two is that 7X won’t come with a dual selfie camera setup.

Besides, the phone Huawei Honor 7X would feature a 5.93-inch full HD+ display with an octa-core Kirin 659 inside. The phone will reportedly have 4 GB RAM and will be available in 32/64/128 GB internal storage variants that can be expanded using Micro SD card.

Going further, the phone flaunts a 16 MP+ 2MP camera setup on the rear and an 8 MP sensor for selfies. This dual SIM phone houses a 3,340mAh battery and offers support for 4G networks aside from the standard connectivity options.  The phone is expected to be launched in gold, Aurora Blue and black color variants.

Huawei Honor 7X Goes on Sale

New Snapchat Ad Tools

Snapchat Brings Promoted Stories and AR Tools to Boost Ad Revenue

In a bid to boost its ads revenue that has been falling drastically from some time, Snapchat is rolling out two new ad options to its platform. Snapchat ad tools, as Snapchat believes,  are a significant re-vamp of their self-serve ads platform.

New Snapchat Ad Tools: Sponsored Stories, AR Ads

Snapchat AD Tools


Just as they sound, promoted or sponsored stories will appear on the Stories screen for users with a label ‘Sponsored’ above the preview pane. They may contain up to ten photos and videos and will be promoted to each user’s Stories screen in a given country.

Unlike Snap ads, sponsored stories will provide a more immersive, dedicated ad format. The format may attract big brands looking to broaden their campaign message to Snap’s massive enthusiastic audience base.

Another ad option that Snapchat is readying is AR Trial Ads. These Augmented Reality ads will enable users to place 3D products onto real world scenes.

Similar to Snapchat’s responsive World Lenses, AR ads as well will enable users to re-size the images, change the colors and then pin them to a spot. They can then move around image to get an idea what the item looks like in that environment.  Stay tuned to know more on this.

Data Vulnerability Quiz

How healthy is your IT environment? Data Vulnerability Quiz

When it comes to tech buzz, there’s nowhere more electric than the cyber security field. With the amount of gadgets, apps, and mobile devices, the amount of doors open to interested hackers or malicious parties that want to get a hold of your sensitive information and sell it to the highest bidder is higher than ever.

Telegram 5.4 Update

Telegram 5.4 Update Brings iPhone X Support and Saved Messages

Cross platform messaging app Telegram has updated its latest version aka Telegram 5.4 with a slew of new features and notable changes. With the version update already triggered, Telegram 5.4 will now allow users to group multiple pictures and videos they want to send into albums.

Telegram 5.4 Update: iPhone X Support and More

To be noted, the number of pictures and videos that can be grouped in albums can’t exceed 10 and can be arranged in the chat as thumbnails. The recipient however will receive a single notification for the album instead of ten for each item.

Telegram 5.4 update

As the Telegram 5.4 Update is live now,  Telegram Users would also be able to choose the order in which the photos are sent since each photo in the album is now numbered.

Another significant feature that update has brought up is ‘saved messages’. The feature will allow Telegram users to save important massages in cloud by simply forwarding the message into Saved Messages folder.

In case you want to read the saved messages from its origin, tap the “go to” button next to it and it will take you to the right place in the chat where it was originally posted. You can find Saved Messages chat at the top of the list in the sharing and forwarding menus.

With the update, Telegram has upgraded its global search algorithm used for finding public channels, groups, and bots. Now users can search for these search items by titles and to get the results sorted as most popular ones displayed first.

Last, but not the least, the cross-platform messenger now supports the iPhone X, and the Settings screen, along with the context menu in chats have been slightly redesigned.

How Does an Anti-virus Software Work

How Does an Anti-virus Software Work?

Anti-virus software is an essential on Windows computers in the times of burgeoning cyber attacks. For protecting computers, an antivirus program is uses as an integral part of multi-layered security strategy.

How an Anti-virus Software Works?

Constant attacks of vulnerabilities for browsers, plug-ins, and the operating system make it important to keep your computer safe using antivirus software..

Soon You Can Tweet with 280 Characters, Says Twitter

In a bid to increase the user engagement, Twitter would soon make its 280-character tweet a reality.

Twitter, in a briefing, said that the company tested 280-character tweets in September and found that users spent less time editing their tweets and were less likely to abandon them.

Twitter further said that the users, who tweet in languages including Japanese, Korean and Chinese and don’t face cramming issues, will continue to have a limit of 140 characters.

The company however didn’t frame up a timeline when the 280 character tweets would go live for the users.

‘Pokemon Go’ Developer Acquires Social Animation Startup Evertoon

Niantic games, the company that developed insidiously popular game Pokemon Go, has acquired social animation startup ‘Evertoon’. The startup is in the business of creating animation with customized avatars.

Maker of Pokemon Go Acquires Evertoon

Niantic games became the household name after they released Pokemon Go last summer. However, the game has witnessed sharp decline in active user community. This could be the reason why Evertoon is being taken to war room to create strategies for reviving the game.

While announcing the acquisition, Niantic games’ boss John Hanke said:

“Today I am excited to announce that

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel Providers Get Handy Features

Travel service providers who generate bookings via social network are now getting more teeth. The social network has added a host of new innovative features to enable provider generate more travel bookings and grow sales.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel Get New Features

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel


Facebook Dynamic Ads for travel that company launched back in 2016 is now equipped with three new ways to generate bookings for travel providers. Now travelers would be able to promote hotels and flights; able to go with broad audience targeting to reach more travelers; and can customize ads with more creative options.

The social network wrote in a blog post that it expanded dynamic ads for travel. Now businesses can promote relevant flights to users based on their browsing histories or can upsell travelers based on flights they recently booked.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel


Facebook Dynamic Ads

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Goes Live for Every One, With Limitations

WhatsApp’s most anticipated feature ‘Delete for Everyone’ is now available to all WhatsApp users in India. To get the feature, you’re not required to update the WhatsApp version you’re using.

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Goes Live

To recall, the WhatsApp Delete for Everyone allows users to recall a message (delete the message) both from sender’s and recipient’s end.  The feature comes handy in situations when you send a text and later regret. It’s also helpful when a message accidentally reaches to someone it was indented to.

However, the WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature works only if the message has been deleted within 7 minutes of sending it. If you try to delete a message after 7 minutes window offered, the option ‘delete for everyone’ won’t appear.  In that case you only will be able to delete the message from your chat Window.

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone

How WhatsApp Delete

Xiaomi Special Mi 5X Red Edition

Xiaomi Launched Special Mi 5X Red Edition, Exclusive to Chinese Markets

Xiaomi, the renowned Chinese smartphone maker has announced a special red edition of its flagship Mi 5X device. This exclusive edition would only be limited for the buyers in its home country China.

Xiaomi Special Mi 5X Red Edition for China

Like the normal variants, the phone carries that same price tag of CNY 1,499, which is roughly Rs 14,200. The phone will go on sale starting November 1 in both online and offline mode.  With red being the new color added to the list, the Mi 5X is now available in Gold, Black, Rose Gold and Red colors.

Xiaomi Special Mi 5X Red Edition

Xiaomi Special Mi 5X Red Edition

Now Send Money via Paypal Right from the Facebook Messenger

After Skype, Facebook’s messenger is the next app through which users can now send money to their friends and family. So far, Facebook-PayPal integration was limited to payments for shopping and buying merchandize online. Now, the feature is upgraded for fund transfer to other persons right from the messenger.

The feature, however, is being tested and available to select markets. PayPal and FB messenger have made it possible by adding PayPal Money Services as a funding source for P2P (peer-to-peer) payments in Messenger.

If you’re using Facebook messenger, you’ll now be able to send and request money using your registered PayPal account.   As stated, the feature is currently up for users in the United States. The service might take up a few weeks for a staged roll-out to make service available for everyone.