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Xiaomi MI 9 with Snapdragon 8150 SOC

Meet Xiaomi MI 9, First Snapdragon 8150 SOC Powered Smartphone

Chinese handset maker Xiaomi is all set to hit the Chinese phone segment with Xiaomi MI 9 sometime in the first half of 2019 with a massive feature list possible.

Xiaomi MI 9 with Snapdragon 8150 SOC

Xiaomi MI 9 with Snapdragon 8150 SOC

There are reports coming that suggest the Xiaomi MI 9 may arrive with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 SoC. In addition, it’s also being said that the phone Xiaomi MI 9 may have a triple-camera setup at the back. One of which will be a 48 MP Sony IMX586 image sensor.

Moreover, the phone is said to be coming with the Snapdragon 8150 in 6GB, 8GB and 10 GB RAM variants. Other renders made around the phone also revealed that phone may also feature an in-display fingerprint sensor, support for wireless charging and dust and moisture protection.

Please note that these the news related to the leaked specifications, the estimated timeline of launch, or the expected chipset haven’t been substantiated yet by Xiaomi. Stay tuned for more on the release.


Top 6 WordPress Related Post Plugins

Top 6 WordPress Related Post Plugins to Engage your Visitors

Do you spend too much of your time and effort trying to catch more visitors for your WordPress site? But despite all the hard work, a large chunk of those visitors bounce-away without any hope to return.

This is why, apart from only getting visitors to your site, you need to ensure you are doing everything possible that will keep them engaged once they get there. Brands like Amazon and Netflix have figured it out for themselves.

They believe that one of the best ways to engage your website visitors is through the use of quality content recommendations.

“On WordPress, that translates to listing up posts designed on content that you know your visitor is already interested in.

Which if done well, will keep your visitors engaged, allowing you more time to win a lead, get an email address, or just create a new loyal fan of your WordPress site.” says the panel of WordPress Developer London Experts.

Top 6 WordPress Related Post Plugins

Top 6 WordPress Related Post Plugins

Now, not all related-post-plugins are the same, which is why you need to ensure that you are picking the right one. To help do just that, WordPress Experts have outlined top six related-post-plugins for your WordPress site.

But what are related posts anyway?

Why WordPress Related Post Plugins are so Useful?

Displaying related posts on your website is a smart way to keep your visitors engaged and coming for more. Related posts direct readers to content that’s most relevant to what they are already interested in. WordPress Related Posts Plugin works as an effective weapon in winning the battle against high website bounce rates.

Today, related posts section is typically added to each news post, blog entry, documentation article or similar piece of content to keep the readers engaged. Within these different sections, readers can find links to additional content that is related to that specific entry. (contd.: Top 6 WordPress Related Post Plugins)

For instance, if a blog post were about gardening tips, the related posts section will generate recommendations I.e. gardening tools, caring for your plants, outdoor decoration ideas, and how-to guides on how to select the right seeds for your garden, etc.

Although there are many benefits of installing a WordPress related posts plugin on your website, here’s a list of top five benefits you can enjoy:

Improved search engine rankings: Related posts allow you to generate more internal links, which provides search engine bots with more information. All of which gives a significant boost to your site’s SEO.

Better ways to use your old content: You can reshare your old content and win a whole new audience for that.

Provides a boost to your online authority: Related posts plugins are a great way to show off your knowledge and depth in the particular field. This works in establishing your brand’s authority online.

Improves reader engagement: A reader is more likely to engage with your website if he/she finds quality content, they are interested in, right when they need it. WordPress related post plugins help you do just that.

Increases revenue: If you feature advertisements on your blog/website to generate revenue (such as through Google AdSense), related posts can give your ads more exposure and increase your income.

What is a Taxonomy?

In order for a related posts plugin to work perfectly on your site, it needs to rank content that is relevant to the interests of the reader. This requires the use of taxonomies.

Taxonomy in WordPress is one of those things that everyone uses, but they just don’t know that they are using it. WordPress taxonomies are used to group posts and custom post types together. They are used in two popular types on WordPress:

  1. Categories: These are broad groupings for the content of different subjects available on your site. For instance, let’s assume that you run a blog on lifestyle, your content can be grouped in categories I.e. Fashion, Living, Shopping etc. (contd.: Top 6 WordPress Related Post Plugins)
  2. Tags: Similar to categories but are more specific. They describe the topic of a particular post. You can include as many tags to a post as you wish. For example, if you write a blog on a movie, your tags can include the genre of the file, name of cast members, location the movie was shot at, and any other keywords that a reader might search for.

These taxonomies offer an easy and effective way to list your related posts. However, you can also choose from other options. WordPress enables you to create custom taxonomies, that makes it even easier for you to group and organize your content.

For example, if you run a blog related to news updates, you can create a custom taxonomy that grouped together all articles related to a specific topic/news. And if your blog has got multiple contributors, you could create a custom taxonomy to group posts coming from the same author.

You can then tweak the setting of your related posts plugin to factor in both custom and default taxonomies. This makes recommendations even more relevant to your site visitors.

Understanding how the plugin works

Your WordPress plugin adopts either of the two approaches to locate relevant content for your site visitors. Understanding how your plugin works is crucial for serving the right content to your audience.

Apart from using different algorithms for determining the ‘related content’ the difference in approach of WordPress plugins can be summarized as follows:

Approach 1:

Some related-post-plugins will use your own server/database to generate the list of related content.

Approach 2:

While other plugins will outsource the recommendations to their own servers/database to recommend the related posts.

The difference matters because:

Finding related-post-content is purely database intensive, specifically for larger sites with a massive volume of content. So, if a related-post plugin is using your server to rank up recommendations, it’s not only going to use your server’s resources but also degrade your site’s performance.

While on the contrary, if a related-post plugin does its processing on a separate server, it helps in eliminating the above issue. (contd.: Top 6 WordPress Related Post Plugins)

With that distinction in mind, let’s delve into the kingdom of related post plugins.

1. Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin

For all blogs and websites featuring plenty of images and embedded videos, this flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use plugin is a perfect choice.

The best thing about Related Posts Thumbnails is its simple and easy-to-use UX for determining how content is related.

You can choose the relatedness of the posts depending on categories, tags, a combination of both or custom filters.

It comes with flexible styling options that allow you to adjust fonts, border and background colors. In fact, you can also select how old content can be before it is removed from the recommendations. This allows you to keep your related posts section up-to-date.

Key features:

  • Includes a related-posts sidebar widget,
  • Completely FREE and is available on,
  • Choose between block and list display options,
  • Video thumbnail display options,
  • Allows you to customize except lengths.



(contd.:things to consider while hiring a website designer)

7 Things to Consider While Hiring a Website Designer

One of the best ways to enhance your business in today’s competitive world by making a great website. A good website contains all the information you want to promote. A web designer is a professional who can help you better in designing your website and manages your site while it is on the web.

Things to Consider While Hiring a Website Designer

(contd.:things to consider while hiring a website designer)

Creating a website for your business is a complex process and the quality depends on the choice you make when it comes to hire a web designer. Website designer should have known about the latest designing technologies and can create a great website platform.

Building a website is not an easy task. You need to register your own domain; buy a web address and then you need to design your website. The first two tasks are quite easy and simple but the trickiest part is designing a website.

The most important aspect is how your website attracts customers for your business. For this, you require to choose either hiring an economical, expensive or freelance website designer.  If you really want something unique and attractive, you need to hire the best website designer.

How can you hire someone who can create the perfect site for you? Don’t worry. Here are the seven essentials that you should keep in mind while hiring a website designer.


The experience of the website designer is the primary thing to check. The website designer should have knowledge about various web designing and have the proper experience. It includes HTML,WordPress, Drupal etc.  If you want to know the designer you can simply consider checking the person portfolio. (contd.:things to consider while hiring a website designer)

A portfolio can give you a clear picture of the projects that the designer has handled in the past. You can easily check his skills of the designer through his portfolio gallery. A good website designer should have good knowledge about e-commerce web designing. The person should have knowledge about e-commerce hosting in case your business deals with online transactions. Once you are satisfied with the portfolio, you can conduct a proper background check.


Google Curved Mobile Search Results Interface

AMP Stories Start Appearing in Google Feeds on Android

After Snapchat and Instagram, Google starts rolling out its AMP based Stories feature to its Google feeds on Android platform. To recall, AMP news feeds are already available in Google Search.

AMP Stories in Google Feeds

AMP Stories Start Appearing in Google Feeds

AMP Stories is a rich and faster way of delivering news and information. The AMP arrangement allows delivery of Portrait images, videos, and infographics in a fit-to-screen format. These stories are accessed and navigated by just tapping to the right of the screen.

The feed appears in the Google feed in form of a portrait story card. The story card is a full-screen tall image labeled as a “Featured visual story.  When tapped, it opens the standard Chrome Custom Tab for an AMP story.

Publishers involved in the

WhatsApp Update Version 2.16.264

WhatsApp for iOS Brings Notification Status and More

Facebook owned WhatsApp has updated its iOS app with a slew of new innovative features. The update has been rolled out for the iOS devices running on iOS 8.0 operating system or above.

WhatsApp for iOS Brings Latest Updates 

Lets dive deeper into these new WhatsApp feature for iOS:

WhatsApp Suspicious Link Detection feature:


After hitting Android, the feature is now available for iOS users as well. The feature, as name implies gives users ability to detect Suspicious Links sent in messages. WhatsApp marks a link in the message suspicious if it found that link dubious. Moreover, the user is alerted with a message if he tries to open the link. Alongside the feature, WhatsApp has also released a new FAQ related to the Suspicious Links feature.

WhatsApp Notification Extensions:

WhatsApp for iOS Brings Latest Updates 


This is another unique feature that iOS users get with the latest WhatsApp update. The feature is exclusive to the users having iOS 10 and newer. Using the Notification Extension feature, users can preview the photos and GIFs in notifications and download the media directly from notification. To enable the media preview to work, it’s required to swipe down on the notification.

WhatsApp Status

tar gz

What is Tar.gz File? How to Open it on different Operating systems

This file system is also called as a tarball. It’s a group of files wrapped up in one single file to ensure easy and convenient storage. When you store files in this format, you needn’t to keep track of whole folder of files. Instead, you only need to keep track of one. When Tar files are created, they are compressed and saved with tar.gz file extension.

How Do I Open a Tar gz File on Linux and MacOS?

In case you’re using macOS or Linux, you can run a single command to run the .Tar files. In the example, we assume tarfile is the name of your file:

tar -xzf tarfile

The command is available with few pre-defined

5 steps to Choose the MilesWeb Shared Hosting for Your Website

The shared hosting is one of most popular web hosting solutions. Therefore, selecting the right shared hosting plan to fulfil your requirement can be a tough job. Due to heavy competition, it is obvious that you will get confused between the providers. However, selecting a wrong provider will lead to failure and loss in the business. To overcome this issue, I will highlight 5 steps that will help you to search the best shared hosting provider.

MilesWeb Shared Hosting for Your Website

1) Know your requirement:-

Shared hosting is the ideal solution for students, bloggers and hobby websites,etc. Before selecting the right hosting plan you are required to understand your website needs. There are “n” numbers of questions which you need to ask yourself such as what kind of resources your website will need? How many users you are expecting for a day?

What type of website you are planning to develop? etc. If these questions are new to you, starting with the small plan like shared hosting is the best option. Moreover, If you want to host unlimited websites, upgrading to unlimited hosting plan can be the easiest option that you have in the future. So, why to buy expensive hosting plan that is not needed for the website.

2) Compare

User Review – Recoveryfix MBOX Converter Free

MBOX file format is supported by most of the email clients, and so I was saving all my files in this format only. But to fulfill certain requirements, my company switched to Windows Live Mail and then I came to know that MBOX file format is not supported by all the email clients.

Recoveryfix MBOX Converter Review

I wanted a quick conversion of all the MBOX files but was not in favor of paying any amount. To this, one of my colleagues recommended site link. The very first thing that attracted me that it was free of cost and then I read about its working and features on the official web page of Recovery website.

About Recoveryfix MBOX Converter Free

Recoveryfix MBOX Converter is a freeware that is by far the best available option to convert MBOX files to EML format. It is quick and easy to install tool that is filled with smart features that are easy to adopt and use.


Google Drive For Android Gets Drag And Drop Support

Virtru Join Hands with Google to Offer Encryption Services to Google Drive

Virtru,the global leaders in email encryption service for both enterprises and consumers will bring its Trusted Data Format based encryption technology to Google Drive. Recently, the search engine giant announced the collaboration.

Virtru to Offer Encryption Services to Google Drive

After collaboration, Virtru will ensure that files are encrypted before upload on Google drive or Gmail. That means, now your files will remain safe and protected even when they are shared outside of the Google ecosystem.

Under Virtru services, encryption keys provided will be under full control of users. And admins can access policies by document, folder and team drive. Now, Virtru is offering its full encryption support to Google G Suite as Google’s data protection partner.

The company has deployed a dedicated team of engineers at Google’s place who will work with Google. Virtru’s CEO John Ackerly noted that GDPR and company’s latest data privacy regime is helping it gain traction in many businesses. He added that the company is growing its presence manifold by opening new offices to support its 8,000 strong client base.

Reasons Why You Need Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is also known as online backup, which is a strategy whereby a copy of data is sent to an offsite server through a network. A third-party service provider usually hosts the server. There are various methods by which you can have your data backed up to cloud.

Why You Need Cloud Backup?

One is by writing data directly to cloud backup service providers, through a backup service provider and by copying data from one cloud to another. What is the cost of employing cloud data back up? Well, you will be charged according to the number, capacity and the bandwidth of users.

To have an online data backup, you will need some applications and software such as ottomatik that will help you schedule for the processes. Home offices mostly used the data backup but time has seen it being incorporated by small, midsize businesses.

Most organizations are walking away from the traditional data backup methods and embracing online backup due to the benefits that it comes with. With this trend, there is a likelihood that the old age methods of data backup will soon be phased out.

Advantages of cloud backup

1. Reduced costs

With cloud back up, you will save yourself the hassle of having to purchase new drives when you have more data to back up. Note that your business is bound to grow, and as it raises the amount of data you will be handling also increases significantly hence the need for more backup space.

Cloud back up will not require you to make regular purchases and go back to your pockets to pay for the costs that come with running the backups.

2. Integration

7 Benefits You Will Have When Going International With Your Startup

In today’s highly competitive world having a local business can be pretty unrewarding. It can be a constant struggle to keep your neck out of the water. Everybody knows that, but people are still afraid to take the risk and expand. Let’s face it – if you want to develop a business that will be able to survive today you need to have a sense of adventure. That’s the core of every entrepreneurial spirit. And part of every adventure is discovering new lands (in our case, markets).

Go International With Your Startup

Most of the people will tell you to take it slowly. That first you need to embed your startup with American customers (which sometimes takes years) before you start branching out to Europe and eventually Asia. Don’t take their advice. There was a time that would have been a logical thing to do, but not anymore. It is a fact that the whole world is soon to be one big market, and everybody is speaking the language of money. Which means that, if you know how to generate revenue with your home-based clientele you’ll know how to do it internationally.

That’s why it’s important for a young business to go international as