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Social Media Impacts Business Success

10 Reasons Why Social Media Impacts Business Success

The role of social media on the success of your business is imperative. In a highly competitive world, businesses have to get along with the latest trends and technologies to foster their growth.

How Social Media Impacts Business Success?

Why Social Media Impacts Business Success

If they don’t adapt themselves with the latest trends of social media then they can’t survive and their popularity and sales will start diminishing with time.

Therefore, every small to medium sized sector must employ the latest trend to boost brand awareness, increase sale and leads or to flourish on the online landscape.

If you are a business owner who is running a boutique and needs an in-depth guide that why social media can become a major success factor then read on the entire article and walk through the steps outlined to be a successful businessman.

1. To humanize the Brand:

Do you know, half of the adults do not make a purchasing decision unless they research the relevant product on social media.

Therefore, to humanize the brand and show the authenticity you must have a strong social presence. It helps you to connect with the existing and potential customers more professionally.

2. Increase brand awareness:

Trillions of people use the social network and to have your brand recognized you must promote it on social networks, it helps you to get more brand awareness since half of the population of the world is on social media.

When the brand builds reputation and awareness then the next step is obvious – increased leads and sales.

3. Increase website traffic:

One of the topmost benefits from the social network is that it helps you drive more and more traffic to your website or blog.

Businesses share their blogs, press release and other valuable content to the social network that can ultimately redirect them to your blog. Increased traffic is synonymous with more leads and sales for the business.

4. Go viral:

We know that people like to comment and share the posts they find interested, and that help business in gaining more exposure.

When the content is uniquely engaging and especially attention-grabbing it takes very less time for it to

How to Reset WordPress Site?

How to Reset your WordPress Website with a Plugin?

You have a WordPress installation for testing purposes or you want to rebuild your WordPress site from the scratch you might consider how you can reset your site to the first default settings.

How to Reset your WordPress Website?

How to Reset WordPress Site?

Resetting your WordPress site can be useful if you are testing new themes, plugins or you are changing your personal blog to a business service.

Here, a resetting is necessary to see your website how it was when you first installed it. It is like factory resetting your smartphone.

Deleting your WordPress installation and re-installing can take your valuable time. Don’t worry, there is an easier solution, Yes, a one-click solution is available: hitting the reset button.

If you are a newbie to WordPress, you might search for this reset button. If you are an experienced WordPress, you already know that there is no WordPress Reset Button available by default.

Now you need to use WP Reset, a Plugin that lets you reset your database back to its defaults without any efforts. The Plugin is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory and you can download that for absolutely free.

Things to Check before Resetting your WordPress

eClinical Software Products

How to Get your desired Features in eClinical Software Products?

Medical trials are important for both hospitals and the betterment of humanity. These medical trials give researchers a way to find treatment for severe diseases that have plagued humans for long.

Get your desired Features in eClinical Software Products

eClinical Software Products

For a medical trial, many patients submit their name. It is difficult to manage so many names and data manually or on a simple system.

Also, staff including physicians may look to extract this data when they require it. Thus, to solve the issue of storing data related to the medical trial registry and so on, eClinical systems came into existence.

The current eClinical software products have various cool features like electronic data capturing and so on. But every hospital and physician may look for different features on the eClinical software that they use.

They know better what features might help them best to take care of their patients. That is why it is imperative that when the hospital is on the look-out for an eClinical software, they ask the staff about the feature they want in the app.

In this blog, we will explore what an eClinical app is and how can you get the desired features in that app.


Choose a Good Topic for a Research Paper

Tips To Choose a Good Topic for a Research Paper

Writing research papers is a crucial part of every college program. It is through these papers that professors evaluate the readiness of their students and also give them an opportunity to apply skills learned in class.

How to Choose a Good Topic for a Research Paper?

Choose a Good Topic for a Research Paper

It is not an easy task and many students struggle through the entire task. To enjoy an easy research paper writing experience, you need to select a good topic. Selecting a good topic for your paper is the most important decision you will make in the preparation stages.

This article explores ways to choose the best topic such as working with dissertation writing services, brainstorming for ideas, reading samples among others. Keep reading to find out more.


virtual assistant market research

Virtual Assistant Market Research and Future Opportunities

With the growing usage of outsourced assistance and mobile workforce, the virtual assistant market is expanding at a fast pace.

As per virtual assistant market research, the demand is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38 percent. The total value of the virtual assistant market is estimated to reach $ 17.13 billion by the year 2023.

Virtual Assistant Market Research

virtual assistant market research

The major usage of intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) is in industries such as telecommunication, banking, and retail. Hospital, healthcare, education, and other professional services have also started using virtual assistants.

The major benefits of using virtual assistants are cost reduction, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Apple to Launch its AR Glasses in Early 2020

Tech conglomerate Apple has unveiled its plan to launch company’s much-awaited augmented reality headsets.

Apple to Launch its AR Glasses Soon

As per the reports, Apple may roll out its AR glasses as early as the last quarter of this year and may put it on actual sale by the first half of 2020.

It’s been a long time since Apple is working on the AR headsets. As far as functionalities go, the device will likely to work like the Apple Watch.  The device would be dependent on iPhone device and will offer a deported display to showcase information right in front of the user’s eyes.

If reports are to be believed, Apple can sell these AR glasses as an accessory for the iPhone. Apple’s AR glasses will be brainless unless connected with an iPhone.

Although they have their own screen, connected iPhone would be the core unit where users will carry out functions. Processing activities will also be carried out on iPhone.

Since the glasses don’t have on-boarding processing unit, built-in GPS, mobile data or wi-fi connection, it’s being expected that they might be lightweight and comfortable.  Apple may reportedly bring sensors and displays into the AR headset to make it more aware of the surroundings.

Alongside, Apply is also reportedly working on to rebuild its Apple Maps using real-world data through the use of LiDAR sensors and as many as eight cameras that have been attached to the roof of a car.

To recall, Apple released an ARKit along with its iOS 11 sometime back. The SDK helped developers to design games and apps using AR.

Things Dentists Need to Know About Their Websites

If you’re a dentist and you have a website, you may have let someone else manage it for you. There’s only so much you can do, right? However, you do need to keep an eye on how your website is doing.

Here are a few basic things you could do to give your website a personal touch. Even though others are managing it perfectly for you, only you would know what kind of content to set as a dentist.

Your website reflects your practice:

 When people look at your website they are actually looking for glimpses into your practice. If your website is optimized so is your clientele. Potential patients now look for online reviews and reputation before investing in health care.

Dan Milton from believes that one of the most important parts of a dental website is making it user-friendly and including concise, attention-grabbing content. Creating engaging content on your website gives a personalized touch to it, making your patients feel more at home.

Studies have shown that personalized websites get much more engagement than websites with corporate tones.

Customization makes people feel at home:

 A basic skill that every doctor must possess is making their patients feel at home. Visiting a doctor is always very daunting.

If the doctors soothe the patient’s nerves, they have a 200% chance of getting that patient to make more visits. As a dentist, you can do this even on your website. Include content that lets the patient know that you care about them. Add graphics that make the patient feel reassured.

Organic marketing is a gradual process:

The most ethical and cost-effective way of marketing online is organic marketing. This may be slow but has great results in the long run. It does not require much investment either and boosts your ranking on search engines more than your competitors if done right.

Own your website:

You may feel that leasing websites from developers is more efficient because you don’t have to put in much time and energy, but this is not such a good idea. Own your website so you may change and modify it any time you want.

It is slightly more costly but worth it. A website is an important property and makes sure you have full ownership of it in case you need to self-run it. It would be a very intimidating task to re-make your website should you have a fall-out with your developer.

Mobile optimization is a must:

 Most websites are designed for the web. But with the growing number of users who operate only from their phones, it is very important that your website runs just as well on mobiles too. Schedules are changing and most people have their schedules packed.

They prefer to operate everything from their mobiles on the go. If your website isn’t running well on mobiles you may lose a considerable number of patients

Be Unique:

Many dentist websites have the same template, especially those managed by developers. Give your website a personal touch and add content that is relevant both to you and your clientele.

For example, if you are organizing any drives or have special amenities, you can advertise on your website. Being exclusive will make people more connected to you and you’ll have loyal clients.

Have a dynamic website:

Most dentists make a website and don’t pay much attention to it. It is important to keep updating your website so people can see all the latest going on in the world of dentistry. Regularly


7 Best Free Responsive Joomla Templates

When you are going to build a website, design, color and content positioning matters a lot to attract more visitors on your website.  I have selected these Best Free Responsive Joomla Templates randomly which I love the most while searching for free responsive joomla templates.

And to give a perfect and attractive look to your website, you need a good template or theme for your website design. A template or a theme give a pleasant and elegant look to your website which helps you to convert your visitors into your customers.

These are the key points you need to keep in your mind while you are selecting a Free Joomla Template from any Joomla market. And it applies for all platform. So, now in this post, I am going to share the 7 Free Responsive Joomla Template that can give your website an elegant and pleasant look.

Best Free Responsive Joomla Templates: How to Choose?

When you are using Joomla, it is very simple to customize your business website. Especially when you are using a Joomla template to design your website. Today many Joomla development companies launched a lot of Free and premium joomla template which helps you to setup your online empire. But do you know, if you are using a free Joomla template then you can be in danger.

There are the possibilities to have the virus on the template or any malicious scripts in the free template. But don’t worry, in this article, I am going to share some useful tips to choose the perfect free Joomla template which can give an elegant look and awesome functionality

Follow these tips when you are going to select a free Joomla template for your personal or commercial website. I am sure, these tips will also help you if you are choosing a premium Joomla template.

1. Check if it’s niche related:

The first question, you have to ask yourself that is the template is related to your niche or not. If you have a music company and you are using a fashion design. It will not fulfil your expectation. You just need to select a music related Joomla theme so you can get the proper functionality. It will also reduce your workload if you choose a theme related to your business.

2. Check its functionalities:

Yes, functionality matter a lot when you are setting up your online empire.  When you are selecting a template for your website, first decide what functionality in your website you are required. If you are selling something online, then check the template that is it support online shopping, or what are their payment methods this is using. Check all these points, and select wisely.

3. Check Its Mobile Friendliness

After the Google’s latest algorithm mobilegaddon, it is necessary to have a mobile friendly website.  As you know most of the internet user using android smartphones to surf the internet.  So if you will not have a mobile responsive website, then no one will be interested in staying on your website. So select a template wisely and consider this point as the important point for choosing a perfect Joomla or WordPress theme.

4. Check if it’s SEO Friendly

Without SEO or search engine optimization you cannot assume your business success. Every business needs organic traffic for their success. So it is necessary to have an SEO friendly website. To make an SEO friendly website, first you need to choose an SEO friendly Joomla template.  Check the theme that is it supporting all SEO tags, scripts and all.

Understand theme’s T&C

Mostly the free template provider makes hard terms and conditions. So read them very carefully. Sometimes author asks for a lot of backlinks from your website. So you don’t need to go to that template. Just skip it and move to another template. There are many free joomla template provider who is offering templates on very flexible term and conditions. So go with them.

Moto Z4 Play Hinted with in-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Waiting for some cool smartphones to set 2019 on a joyride? Motorola has big news to break. The company has gearing up for launching its next flagship Moto Z4 Play earlier this year.

The renders reported from the Android Authority via known tipsters show that Moto Z4 Play won’t ditch the legacy of Moto Mods and will be launched to fit in their set parameters.

If it’s seen from the front, the Moto Z4 Play appears to be a bezel-less device from all sides with a small waterdrop-shaped notch on top. At the back of the phone, we can see a single camera setup sitting behind circular frame.

The Motorola batwing logo sits beneath it. The bottom end of the phone carries the connecting pins for the Moto Mods.

The renders suggest that Moto Z4 Play might be coming with a waterdrop notch. It may be similar to one that OnePlus 6T and the Essential Phone have.


Moreover, leaked images suggest that the phone will be without rear fingerprint sensor. It’s rumored that the Moto Z4 Play could feature an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Have a look at the images teased and you will see a 3.5mm headphone available with the Moto Z4 Play. We guess that Moto Z4 Play may see the light in the summer of 2019 or in the next few months.

Xiaomi MI 9 with Snapdragon 8150 SOC

Meet Xiaomi MI 9, First Snapdragon 8150 SOC Powered Smartphone

Chinese handset maker Xiaomi is all set to hit the Chinese phone segment with Xiaomi MI 9 sometime in the first half of 2019 with a massive feature list possible.

Xiaomi MI 9 with Snapdragon 8150 SOC

Xiaomi MI 9 with Snapdragon 8150 SOC

There are reports coming that suggest the Xiaomi MI 9 may arrive with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 SoC. In addition, it’s also being said that the phone Xiaomi MI 9 may have a triple-camera setup at the back. One of which will be a 48 MP Sony IMX586 image sensor.

Moreover, the phone is said to be coming with the Snapdragon 8150 in 6GB, 8GB and 10 GB RAM variants. Other renders made around the phone also revealed that phone may also feature an in-display fingerprint sensor, support for wireless charging and dust and moisture protection.

Please note that these the news related to the leaked specifications, the estimated timeline of launch, or the expected chipset haven’t been substantiated yet by Xiaomi. Stay tuned for more on the release.


(contd.:things to consider while hiring a website designer)

7 Things to Consider While Hiring a Website Designer

One of the best ways to enhance your business in today’s competitive world by making a great website. A good website contains all the information you want to promote. A web designer is a professional who can help you better in designing your website and manages your site while it is on the web.

Things to Consider While Hiring a Website Designer

(contd.:things to consider while hiring a website designer)

Creating a website for your business is a complex process and the quality depends on the choice you make when it comes to hire a web designer. Website designer should have known about the latest designing technologies and can create a great website platform. The web design service he offers should match your requirements.

Building a website is not an easy task. You need to register your own domain; buy a web address and then you need to design your website. The first two tasks are quite easy and simple but the trickiest part is designing a website.

The most important aspect is how your website attracts customers for your business. For this, you require to choose either hiring an economical, expensive or freelance website designer.  If you really want something unique and attractive, you need to hire the best website designer.

How can you hire someone who can create the perfect site for you? Don’t worry. Here are the seven essentials that you should keep in mind while hiring a website designer.


The experience of the website designer is the primary thing to check. The website designer should have knowledge about various web designing and have the proper experience. It includes HTML,WordPress, Drupal etc.  If you want to know the designer you can simply consider checking the person portfolio. (contd.:things to consider while hiring a website designer)

A portfolio can give you a clear picture of the projects that the designer has handled in the past. You can easily check his skills of the designer through his portfolio gallery. A good website designer should have good knowledge about e-commerce web designing. The person should have knowledge about e-commerce hosting in case your business deals with online transactions. Once you are satisfied with the portfolio, you can conduct a proper background check.