Apple is Working on Sleep Tracking for Apple Watch Series 6

If rumors are to be believed, tech giant Apple is rumored to be working on sleep tracking technology for its Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6 Sleep Tracking

Apple Watch Series 6 Sleep Tracking

Bloomberg reported the news in this regard. It was being anticipated ever since the company acquired Beddit, a company that makes a sleep tracking sensor strip. Now, the feature is all set to hit the Apple smartwatches.

The tech giant is testing the sleep tracking feature with select group of users across secret locations. It may take at least one year or so for the company to fully roll out the feature.

Notably, the sleep tracking feature is available to the App Watch through third party apps. This means Apple Watch doesn’t offer native support to the feature. It’s interesting to know that Apple’s competitors offering the feature to its users.

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For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active offers four stages of sleep tracking for example and Fitbit’s latest fitness trackers like the Charge 3 also comes packed with the sleep tricking feature.

Devices with sleep tracking feature must have a battery that lasts longer or offers at least fast charging support. If all goes well, the Apple Watch Series 5 may hit the shelves around September 2019 with Apple Watch Series 6.  Stay tuned for more on this.

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