Apple Watch Series 4 review : Massive Beyond Imagination

Since its announcement, Apple lovers were eagerly waiting for the launch for Apple watch series. The device is indeed a worth buying addition to the Apple ecosystem. The Apple Watch Series 4 is sensibly packed with a slew of improvements including a bigger display, faster processor, and better sensors.

Apple Watch Series 4 review

Apple Watch Series 4 review

Despite sky-high priced, the device has plenty of awesome features on-board that Apple promised.

Apple Watch Series 4: Display

The series brings on-board a new improved display. You can immediately distinguish sharp edges, shrinking bezels and rounding off corners to match the curve of the case. Regardless of the size of watch you purchase, the series bewilders you with 30 percent more display area than other Apple Watches. (contd.: Apple Watch Series 4 review)

With every model, the latest display goes larger and more zoomed-in. Maps are found displaying information in more detail.  Message links are easy to open and messages can be read right from the watch. The essence is that with larger display, tap targets are easier to hit and interface is easier to read.

Apple Watch Series 4: Sensors

Thankfully, with Apple Watch Series 4, Apple has announced some serious upgrades in terms of sensors. These upgraded sensors have turned the series into a devil on road as they helped plenty of watch’s features running flawlessly.

Notably, the accelerometer and gyroscope are more sensitive and powerful. Equipped to support more dynamic range, they can detect forces up to 32g, double the 16g of earlier watches, and motion data is sampled up to 8 times faster.

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With sensor upgrades in place, the new motion/gyro sensors can now accidental falls. In case of an emergency, the watch will pop up a warning. You can make an emergency call to get a quick help. If you don’t do anything for about a minute after pop up, the Watch begins a 15-second countdown while tapping you on the wrist.

As soon the countdown ends, the watch automatically contacts emergency services and sends them a message to your emergency contacts with your location.

A new optical heart rate sensor is also added. It’s more sensitive and energy efficient and easily detects abnormally low heart rate to the existing high heart rate warning. The sensor warns of irregular heart rate as well.

 Apple Watch Series 4: Battery

As always, Apple Watch Series 4 is powered by a magnificent battery life.  The battery life on the Series 4 is excellent that lasts you up to 18 hours,

A user shared his live battery experience with us. He took his 40mm Series 4 (Wi-Fi + GPS) off the charger at 9 a.m. The battery drained out fully only 32 hours later. (contd.: Apple Watch Series 4 review)

Tracking outdoor fitness activity and streaming music from your Watch runs down the battery faster. But, Apple Watch Series 4 gives 32-hour promise. And the larger Watches usually typically last a little longer.

Apple Watch Series 4: Minor Upgrades

Besides, Apple Watch Series 4 comes packed with few minor changes as well. You can notice a change in the shape of the case. Each of the two sizes has grown 2mm taller. That means, the size of the small model has increased from 38mm to 40mm and the large from 42mm to 44mm. Though, you will hardly notice the difference on your wrist since the corners of the watch are now more rounded and the watch is slightly thinner.

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The watch carries the existing watch bands that were available in previous versions of the Apple watches.  They work fine with the Apple Watch Series 4. The 38mm bands fit on the new 40mm and the 42mm bands fit on the new 44mm.

Apple Watch Series 4 review

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