Apple Tag Device Tracker to Be Launched Soon

Tech giant Apple is planning to launch its long awaited tracker device Apple Tag.  The device, would be rival to Tile can be attached to items in order to track their physical location over Bluetooth or via crowdsourcing.

Apple Tag Device Trackers – Key Features

The device will come built with Find My app that combines ‘Find My iPhone’ with ‘Find My Friends services’ into one single package. It was being speculated over several months down the line that Apple is working on a Tile-like personal item tracker with the Find My app already tucked.

The tech conglomerate hasn’t made any words on availability and pricing of Apple Tag. Following are a few details about the device that we know so far:

Apple Tag Design

Several months back 9to5Mac spotted the design of the proposed Apple Tag Tracker device. As you it’s visible in the image, Apple Tag is going to be a circular device with an Apple logo sitting in the centre. Since Tile’s trackers are also square-shaped, there are chances that Apple may differentiate itself from Tile in terms of design.

Find My App Integration

Apple Tag Device Trackers

The device will undoubtedly be integrated with Apple’s iOS. It will help Apples users to access and control Apple Tag via the new Find My app in their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. As soon user launches the devices, a new “Items” tab in pops up in the Find My app. Now user can track its location.

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The screenshot taken from MacRumors shows the “Items” tab. The tab tells users to keep track of their everyday items. The text reads- “Tag your everyday items with B389 and never lose them again.”

 Item Tracking

Apple Tag Device Tracker

The tracker can be attached belongings such as your purse or car keys. The tracker automatically connects to your iCloud account by proximity to an iPhone.  When the distance between you and your iPhone increase as you move away from the phone, the tracker sends a notification. If you have attached the tracker to your keys and starts walking away, tracker sends an alert.

It’s rumored that Apple’s new trackers may feature an ultra-wideband or “UWB” technology. The technology will also be used in Apple’s three iPhone 11 models. Technically, a wideband is a low-energy, short-range radio technology that’s primarily used for wireless data transmission.

The best part is that even in absence of internet, a UWB-equipped Apple Tag keep sending signals. Any other iOS device can receive the signal and then forward it to Apple in encrypted mode. Apple utilizes crowdsourcing through Find My app to find your Apple Tag.

Lost Mode:

Apple Tag Device Tracker also features a Last Mode. It stores user’s contact information on the device. This information can be made available to other Apple users. In case a phone is lost, user is alerted.

Augmented reality:

Apple’s new Find My app utilizes Apple’s ARKit platform that comprises amazing AR features. Apple’s iOS 13 comes packed with an asset for a 3D red balloon which locates a lost item after scanning a room with their iPhone.

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Another 2D orange balloon image tells users to “walk around several feet and move your iPhone up and down until a balloon comes into view”.

Removable battery

It’s also speculated that Apple Tag Device Tracker would feature a removable battery. You can unscrew the back of the item and remove the battery. If due to low battery device is about to shut, it sends a final location before it goes off.

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